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Desert Sun Scottish Folds

We breed registered Scottish Folds, all colors, long and short hair. Our kittens are raised without cages and handled and loved each day. We are a small cattery and are very proud of our cats.Our Scottish Folds and the British Shorthairs are from a Calif. Breeder who is closing. We Breed only fold to straight and guarantee our kittens health.

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Bestears We breed TICA registered Scottish Folds, long and short hair. Our kittens are raised without cages and handled and loved each day. We are a small cattery and are very proud of our cats.Our Scottish Folds and the British Shorthair are from a Canada and Russia. We Breed only fold to straight and guarantee our kittens health.

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Celtic Folds Cattery

Celtic Folds Cattery Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs - Champion bloodlines, adorable kittens, award winning website!

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a cat in your flat - sweetiest kitties of blue color, home raised, health guarantee (Ukraine)
Adorafolds - "Adorable" short and long hair Folds raised in my In Home Cattery.FeLV,FIV&PKD Neg. Contract req. (Massachusetts)
Allevamento Ainardi - Allevamento british shorthair e scottish fold di colore blu-lilac-chocolate-cinnamon-fawn-bicolor- (Italy)
Amber Snow Cattery Scottish Folds - Small cattery in Charleston breeding loving kitties (and show)! (South Carolina)
Bellus Felis * LT - Website presenting scottish fold/straight breed in Lithuania, the cattery "Bellus Felis" (Lithuania)
Bestears - Bestears - Scottish Fold, TICA (Washington)
Brifold - We are the only breeder of Scottish Fold in Scotland our cats come from their origin routes (Scotland)
British shorthair cattery BRIT ELIT (Belarus WCF) - We glad to show you our luxury kitten from high tituled parents (lilac, blue, shinshilla, silver shaded, point, smoke) (Belarus)
CaBRI - Only legally recognized british breed club in France. Feel free to visit for more info.
Casajai Cats - Registered Breeder od quality British Shorthai and Scottish Fold Cats (Australia)
CATSOFOZ Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens - We have supreme grand champion Scottish Fold cats/kittens. Please visit our site for more details. (California)
Cattery Elsharoo - scottish fold cattery (Belgium)
Cattery Folds of Jem - Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs/ British Longhairs (Singapore)
Cattery Lavangi's - British Shorthair Cattery with lovely black golden shaded cats, also silver shaded, cinnamon, points (Netherlands)
Cattery Sun-City - Cattery of breed Scottish Fold colors solid, silver, bi-color, gold. (Russia)
Celtic Folds Cattery - Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs - Champion bloodlines, adorable kittens, award winning website! (Louisiana)
Chatterie Sweet Burgandy's - British shorthair/longhair anf scottish/highland fold cattery (France)
ClanTabbies - The basic aim of our cattery is to breed healthy and beautiful kittens, meeting the breed standards. (Russia)
Coupari Scottish Folds - Breeding Quality Scottish Folds since 1999 for pet & show.CFA National winning lines. (Tennessee)
Desert Sun Scottish Folds (Arizona)
Dolce Gatto Scottish Fold Cattery - Welcome to my cattery “Dolce Gatto”. Scottish Fold-the most amazing cat! (Ukraine)
Excatibur Folds - Silver and White Scottish Folds (Washington)
Fold In Love - We breeding Scottish Fold and Highland Fold cats. Cattery "FOLD IN LOVE" is a TICA registered. (Finland)
Furry Friends - Scottish fold, scottish fold longhair, taby and solid (Ukraine)
Givani Cattery - Givani Cattery - Siamese & Oriental Cats (Ukraine)
Glamour Eyes - British Shorthairs and Scottish Fold in colors cinnamon, fawn, self, tabby, colourpoints. (Hungary)
Glamourdivine - Glamour kittens Scottish Fold, bear cubs Exotic SH. The nursery is in Chile, is registered in TICA. (Chile)
Glencairn Cats - Breeding British Shorthairs For Health, Temperament & Type. Specialising in Silver Tabby (Australia)
Holyfold (Tennessee)
Jollycat Cattery - scottish fold, scottish fold longhair, (Russia)
kerrilee scottish folds - Canadian Breeder of Scottish Folds (Canada - Ontario)
Kitilicious Cattery - Scottish Folds (Arizona)
Kuguarlend Cattery - You will find in cattery Kuguarlend for yourselves plush Scottish fold kittens, playful and funny (Russia)
La Chatterie de Gaël - We breed registered British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats. Over 15 years experience as a breeder. (Canada - Quebec)
Lanvabon - Scottish fold, scottish fold longhair. More coloure:bi-colour,classic tabby, silver. (Russia)
Lecrislin - Established in 1982, nationally winning lines. (Illinois)
Legato Cattery - British Shorthair, British Longhair, Scottish Fold and American Curl. (Brazil)
Leonycat cattery - Leonycat scottish fold and straight cattery in Israel. We breed quality cats unique lines and colors (Israel)
Lil'BlueRose - Small NH Cattery. CFA/CFF. (New Hampshire)
MacGilli - Bucklebury Cattery-Beautiful cobby British Shorthair kittens, blue only. Health guarantee. (California)
MACRORY Scottish Folds - Traditional colors with white, golden/silver shaded, pointed colors (Estonia)
Mafdet Mint Cattery - I and my cats living in Odessa on South Ukraine at the band of Black Sea. (Ukraine)
Male Flamepoint Kitten - Scottish Fold & Himalayan kittens with the Best Personalities & looks! (Ohio)
Margo and Janica's Folds - We breed tabby and white folds and are registered through CFA (Washington)
Mis-en-Pli Selkirk Rex - We breed Selkirk Rex Shorthair and Longhair in the color black, blue, lilac, choc and colourpoint. (Belgium)
MonBonAmi - Scottish fold Scottish straight taby and solid (Russia)
Montessori Cats - Balinese, Scottish Fold & Himalayan Cats to Share Your Life With. (Florida)
Moon Cat - Cattery scottish fold and highland fold blue and black colors (Russia)
Munchkinfolds cattery - MunchkinFolds Cattery is a no cage hobby cattery, That take pride is raising Scottish kilt kittens (Canada - Ontario) - Lilac Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens - Pure Breed CFA Certified (California)
N.T.S. Farm - Cattery in Thailand (Thailand)
Owhl Scottish Folds,Brits and Cornish Rex - Homeraised beautiful personable kittens for pet or show out of NW, IW, RW lines. All colors/coat (Michigan)
PARAMOUNT cattery - Bengal & Serengeti cats. Kittens for breeding and for home. International shipping is available! (Ukraine)
Pegkens Scottish Fold - Veterinarian raised kittens in our home, never caged. Champion lines classic, spotted tabbies in red, cream, brown, patched with lots of white. (California)
Purrceptive Scottish Fold - Grand Champion pedigreed kittens in blue and lilac. Healthy & friendly and raised with lots of love. (California)
Purshantys Cattery - Breeding wonderful healthy British Short Hair, Scottish Fold, Ragdoll ,and Devon Rex (Australia)
Rainbow Teddys Cattery - Britis Shorthai&Sottish Fold, blue, lilac, fawn, cinnamon, chocolate self, bicolor and point cats (Hungary)
Rejinald cattery - Homeraised kittens, RARE COLORS, from imported blood lines. Registered in TICA (USA) (Colorado)
Remporter Scottish and British Cattery - A small bt successful show and breeding cattery located near Adelaide in South Australia. (Australia)
Rolich - British Shorthair and Scottish Fold kittens from a breeder in Canada (Canada - Quebec)
Rollingcat Cattery - We are small cat breeder located in Hong Kong, breeding scottish fold now and will breed BRI later (Hong Kong)
Rum Gully Cats - CFA Award Winning British Shorthairs. National & Regional Winners. Blue, white, blue and white. Also Scottish Folds. (South Carolina)
Scottish fold and British cats, kittens, wirehaire - Photogallery of my pets, kittens for sale, puppies for sale (Russia)
Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Cats - Scottish Fold and Britisch Shorthair Cats (Germany)
Scottish Folds - CFA Scottish Folds, We are a small loving cattery in the beautiful hills of southern Oregon. (Oregon)
Soft Tigers Cattery - British and Scottish fold in shorthair and longhair, all colours in solids, bicolour and colourpoint (Brazil) - Three Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale. These cats are beautiful with great markings. (Washington)
Starrpawz Scottish Folds! - A Fold web site featuring the highest scoring male fold in CFA history! GOT MILK? (New York)
Sunrisefold - PKD negative cattery of Excellence with CFA and Outstanding Cattery with TICA (Florida)
SunSmoke Scottish Folds and Gold/Silver British Sh - Healthy, happy, quality Folds from championship lines. Silver & gold chinchilla British Shorthairs. (Texas)
SuperFold - Scottish Fold Cattery.ñolors: tabby,ticked,silver,color-point,gold,bi-color,cinnamon. (Russia) - We are very friendly ! Everybody welcome! (Russia)
Thissel Down Scottish Folds (California)
Tinja's Scottish Fold and Britisch Shorthair - Breeder of Scottish Fold and British Shorthair cats in colourpoint,cinnamon and fawn,blue,silver (Germany)
UrFo cattery - Scottish fold all colors, long and short hair. Please visit website for photos and information. (Russia)
Welcome to TASDJ*PL -CULTIVATING OF RACIAL CATS - Located in Poland; site in Polish, English,France and German. Also works with cats Scottish Folds,Br (Poland)
Zarville - British Shorthair & Scottish Fold Chinchilla /Golden & Colourpoint (Switzerland)



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