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Absolute Abyssinians – Loving & outgoing kittens raised in my cage-free home with emphasis on health and disposition. (Louisiana)
Abytopia Abyssinian kittens – Picturepurrfect – Find your perfect Abyssinian kitten soulmate here – ruddy, red, blue and fawn, loving and sociable. (California)
Cattery von der Loreley – We are breeding beautiful Abyssinans and Bengals with loveley character (Germany)
Cougars Den – We offer wonderful TICA registered Abys babies as family companions from our family to yours (Texas)
Eszencia Abyssinians – Breeder of Purebred Abyssinian Ruddy and Sorrel Cats (Nova Scotia)
Litterally Abys – We are a small Cattery breeding healthy pets for you to enjoy. (Georgia)
PureAbby Cattery – Breeder of Non-Dilute Abyssinian Cats. Long line of Grand Champions (Ontario)
Sindycat – Our cattery of rare breeds breeds Abyssinians, Devon Rex, Toygers, Chauzy (Russia)
Sirotina – Cattery of cats exotic breeds Nefertee, we are breeding Abyssinian breed, Devon rex and Egyptian mau (Russia)
Soft Paws Haven – We breed happy, healthy and friendly kittens that adhere to the standard of perfection per breed. (Arizona)
UnKamen Abyssinians – Affectionate Abyssinian kittens raised in a home environment committed to health, temperament, and beauty. (New York)
Ury’s Legend Abyssinians – Belgian cattery breeding ruddy and red Abyssinians (Belgium) (Belgium)
Witchfyre – A small hobby cattery of the Siberian Cat including the Neva Masquerade & the British Longhair Cat. (United Kingdom)
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