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Deluxe listings are in order of their start date to reward loyalty – especially those that have been with us for many years! If you are looking for a specific deluxe listing, click the name below to jump directly to that deluxe listing. Please look below the deluxe listings for our free listings in alphabetical order.

Columbia River Bengals

Our priority is to provide you with a Beautiful, Healthy, Sociable, Happy Family Member. We are raising an amazing variety of Bengal Colors…Stunning Rossetted and Spotted Kittens from great Bloodlines available all year round.
All our kittens are TICA registered, Vacinated, and come with a written health guarantee. Shipping is avalable.

Phone: 509-438-7201

[Deluxe Listing Started 3/18/2010] [Deluxe Listing Updated 12/21/2022]

Artistique Cattery

CFA Exotic Shorthair kittens available. All PKD negative and health guaranteed. Colors are Bi-Color, Solids and Tabbies in Red, Cream, Torties, Calicos, Blue Creams, Black, Brown Tabby and Blue. Kittens are raised underfoot as soon as they are using the litter boxes. We are located in Marysville North of Seattle.


[Deluxe Listing Started 12/1/2010] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/29/2023]

Sky Mountain Siberian Cats

We are a small hobby cattery conveniently located half-way between Seattle and Canada. Our cattery and cats are TICA registered and come from Champion lines in Russia. We import high quality Siberians with fabulous temperaments. Our cats are shown to make sure they are up to the breed standard. They in turn have produced beautiful, healthy kittens with gorgeous coats and loving, playful personalities. We are FeLV and FIV negative. We breed for a variety of colors to suit everyone’s tastes. Please visit our website and Facebook page for more information and photos.


[Deluxe Listing Started 10/28/2014] [Deluxe Listing Updated 2/13/2024]

Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs

We are a small hobby cattery located in the Pacific Northwest raising Pixie Bob cats since 2004. We are working with very old and established lines with many Grand Champions, Supreme Grand Champions, International Winners and even Lifetime Achievement Award winners to give our Pixie Bob kittens not just spectacular looks, but also impressive health, longevity and temperaments. We are TICA as well as ACFA registered and show in both associations. We pride ourselves in raising stunning, affectionate, loving, and loyal kittens that your family will cherish for a lifetime.


[Deluxe Listing Started 12/9/2017] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/29/2023]

Lela Persian and Exotic shorthair

PKD negative closed cattery .We have Persian Himalayan and Exotic shorthair raised and pampered. TICA Registered.


[Deluxe Listing Started 5/29/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/25/2023]

Riverside Rags

Riverside Rags is a TICA® and CFA® registered cattery located in the Pacific Northwest. Our Ragdolls are raised in a loving environment and socialized with young children. Our cats are tested and guaranteed negative for HCM, PKD, FeLV, FIV along with an entire panel of Upper Respiratory Diseases.

Upon adoption, they are litter-boxed trained, have received their first shots and come with a 3-year health guarantee. An unprecedented 10-year guarantee is also available upon request.

Riverside Rags is the only cattery at present to receive both the Outstanding Cattery award and Cattery of Excellence award from TICA and CFA.

Phone: (509) 987-5386

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/30/2022] [Deluxe Listing Updated 12/30/2022]

Russian Blue kitten for sale

Our gorgeous Russian Blue Cats are members of our family, and we love and care for them so much that we’ve dedicated our life to breeding outstanding Russian Blue Cats for cat lovers throughout the United States and world.

Our focus is on improving the health, appearance, and temperament of the Russian Blue breed. Ideally, the eyes would be either round or teardrop shaped, and they would have a gentle, trusting expression.


[Deluxe Listing Started 6/28/2023] [Deluxe Listing Updated 6/28/2023]


Welcome to Kitty Land, where we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect feline companion for your family. Whether you’re looking for a gentle and faithful Maine Coon, Scottish or British kitten, or an independent and exotic kitten, we’ve got you covered


[Deluxe Listing Started 6/28/2023] [Deluxe Listing Updated 6/28/2023]

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Angel of Siberia – We are a home based cattery and we are breeding Traditional Siberians and Neva Masquerade (Siberian Cat)
Artistique Cattery (Exotic Shorthair) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Azorez Cattery – Azorez Cattery is small cattery breeding show quality Siamese and Orientals for 20+yrs and has been registered with CFA and TICA since 1979. (Oriental Shorthair, Siamese)
BaliChaton Traditional Balinese – We breed the very Traditional Balinese in just the 2 most traditional colors, sealpoint and bluepoint. (Balinese)
B-Dazzling Lynx – Registered, Bred for quality and true traits (Highland Lynx)
Beauty Tracks Cattery ~ British shorhairs – Purebred British Shorthair kittens. We breed beautiful, healthy and socialized Brits (British Shorthair)
Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins – Breeding curly LaPerms and Munchkins / Skookums in the Seattle / Tacoma area. They are loved, prayed for, and blessed from the day they are born. (Munchkin, LaPerm)
Blest by God Siberians – Born in Russia, brought home to WA. Lovely, prayed over, Siberians. TICA Breeder, Champion pedigrees (Siberian Cat)
British Dynasty – We are a small cattery located in Seattle area.We are TICA members and specialize on classic blue and lilac colors. (British Shorthair)
Cascade Kaperkats – We care enough to breed the very best (Pixie-Bob)
Ciders Haven – Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and (Persian, Exotic Shorthair)
Columbia River Bengals – We breed for beautiful and healthy silver, brown and snow kittens in southeastern Washington (Bengal) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Epsilon Bengal Cats – Epsilon Bengals, Fine quality Bengal kittens (Bengal)
ExcatiburFolds – TICA Supreme Grand Champions, Quadruple Grand Champions, Regional Winners, International Breed Winners, Genetically tested, HCM ultrasound screened. (Scottish Fold) – Scottish Fold kittens with a great pedigree with Champions bloodlines! The parents are WCF registered. Price is 1000-2000$(depends on kitten) (Scottish Fold)
Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs – Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs – The Bobcat Wannabe (Pixie-Bob) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Frosty Forest Siberians – We are a small hobby cattery located in the Puget Sound area of the state of Washington. (Siberian Cat)
GenCalico British Shorthair Cattery – We are breeding best quality British Shorthair Kittens bicolor, tricolor, and the famous one Calico (British Shorthair)
Glorious Siberians – Healthy, happy and enjoyable Siberian kittens raised in our home to yours. (Siberian Cat)
Kittyland – Welcome to Kitty Land, where we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect feline companion for your family. (Maine Coon, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Lela Persian and Exotic shorthair – PKD negative closed cattery .We have Persian Himalayan and Exotic shorthair raised and pampered (Persian, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Masterpiece Ragdolls – We are TICA-registered Masterpiece Ragdolls. All kittens are bred from studied pedigree, and are from HCM negative (N/N) parentage. (Ragdoll)
Moubani Cats – Low-allergen & hand-raised Siberian cats. Our cats are registered with TICA (Siberian Cat)
PureEleganceRagdolls – Montana State Ragdoll breeder (Ragdoll)
Purrfectkeeperz – Traditional Doll face CFA Persian, Himalayan & Ragamuffin kittens in unusual color combinations. (Persian)
RagdollSEA – Healthy, gorgeous, sweet well adjusted kittens raised as part of our family. Health guarantee. (Ragdoll)
Registered Bengals / Bengaltime – Our imported lines from Russia offer genetic diversity. (Bengal)
Riverside Rags – Purebred Ragdoll Kittens from our in-home TICA® and CFA® certified Cattery of Excellence (Ragdoll) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Royal Sphynx Cattery – Family sphynx cattery, Hcm, fiv-felv negative cattery. We offer health guarantee with every kitten. (Sphynx)
Russian Blue kitten for sale – We have Excellent breeding with affection for our Russian Blue kittens (Russian Blue, Munchkin, Sphynx) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Shaded Sky Siberians – Breeder of Traditional Colored Siberian Cats (Siberian Cat)
Siberian Queen – Beautiful friendly Siberian Kittens. We have been blessed with 5 males. They are fun, kid-friendly, and cuddly. (Siberian Cat)
Silvertales Cattery – British Shorthair/ Longhair Kittens of White/ Silver-Shaded Colors with Blue, Aqua, and Emerald Eyes (British Shorthair)
Sky Mountain Siberian Cats – We are a small hobby cattery with Champion lines from Russia, located between Seattle and Canada. (Siberian Cat) br> ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Tavani Paws – Scottish Folds, TICA Regional Winners, Quadruple Grand Champions, Grand Champions, Health tested & Health guarantee (Scottish Fold)
Templeparlor – Beautiful colors, Sweet expressions, Top Quality Parents imported from Russian lineage: Vita Nova (Exotic Shorthair, Persian)
Tikka Sky Bengals – Gorgeous rosetted Bengal kittens available. (Bengal)
Traipse Bengals – Top Championship Breeder – USDA licensed! Focusing on Health, Temperament, Pattern and Structure for almost all Bengal Colors & Styles (Bengal)
Vistula – European bred, low allergen pedigree Siberians and Nava Masquerade kittens. (Siberian Cat)
Whidbeycats – Doll faced Persians raised with love. (Persian, RagaMuffin)
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