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Mystic Jewels


At Mysticjewels we strive to raise not just pets but family members. It is very important to us to breed for health, conformation and personality. We screen all of our breeders for HCM annually.

Our kittens are raised in our home with love & affection. We are active in CFA & TICA where we like to have fun, support and educate the public about the Sphynx Breed. I have been working with the Sphynx breed going on 15 years.


[Deluxe Listing Started 1/27/2011] [Deluxe Listing Updated 12/21/2022]

Breeders (All Breeds!)


Colorado Breeders By Breed:

(If a breed isn’t listed, no listings have been submitted for that breed in this location yet)

Bambino (1)
Bengal (9)
Chausies (1)
Elfcat (1)
Exotic Shorthair (3)
Himalayan (1)
Japanese Bobtail (1)
Minuet / Napoleon (1)
Oriental Shorthair (1)
Persian (7)
Ragdoll (2)
Savannah (2)
Serval (1)
Siamese (2)
Siberian Cat (4)
Sphynx (3)
Turkish Angora (1)
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