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Charodey Siberian Cats

Charodey Siberian Cats

We are a small cattery located in Denver, Colorado.
Our cats are imported directly from Russia from Champion Blood lines and are registered in TICA and CFA.
Home raised sweet and sociable kittens will steal your heart at moment you see them. We have kittens of any color you can possibly think of. Include: Smoke, Silver, Red, Silver and Black Classic, Brown Tabbies and Color Points. Please feel free to visit our website to see quality and colors of our kittens.

Natalya Tardif

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/2/2006] [Deluxe Listing Updated 2/20/2023]

Mystic Jewels

Mystic Jewels

At Mysticjewels we strive to raise not just pets but family members. It is very important to us to breed for health, conformation and personality. We screen all of our breeders for HCM annually.

Our kittens are raised in our home with love & affection. We are active in CFA & TICA where we like to have fun, support and educate the public about the Sphynx Breed. I have been working with the Sphynx breed going on 15 years.


[Deluxe Listing Started 1/27/2011] [Deluxe Listing Updated 12/21/2022]

Rocky Mountain Persians, Himalayans & Exotics

Rocky Mountain Persians, Himalayans & Exotics

We are a small family operated cageless Persian, Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cattery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Our love is on the beautiful Persian, Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cat. Please visit our website for more details about us. We have developed a website that we hope is not only fun, functional but educational. We hope you enjoy your visit and searching for your next Persian, Himalayan or Exotic cat or kitten.

Please feel free to contact us at our email or by phone at: (970) 214-8285.


[Deluxe Listing Started 5/21/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/22/2023]

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Bare Skin Sphynx – We raise bald, beautiful, naked, hairless Sphynx cats in our home. They are never caged. (Sphynx)
Boutique Kittens – Our Persian & Himalayan kittens for sale are an exquisite representation of their breed. (Persian, Himalayan)
Buckaroo Bengals – Small, in home, TICA registered, Bengal Cattery in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (Bengal)
Celtic Katz (Bengal)
Charodey Siberian Cats – We are a small cattery located in Denver, Colorado. (Siberian Cat) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Dianysus Cattery – Siamese & Oriental SH kittens for sale (Oriental Shorthair, Siamese)
Exotic Mood Cattery – Exotic Shorthair cattery located in Denver, Colorado. Our kittens are CFA registered and they come with Pedigree. The Exotic Shorthair breed has (Exotic Shorthair, Persian)
Holmestead Ragdolls – Holmestead Ragdolls is located in Colorado. We have beautiful registered Ragdolls from Supreme Grand Champion lines. (Ragdoll)
Kiddlyn Japanese Bobtails – Kiddlyn Japanese Bobtails since 1985. LH’s and SH’s in all colors with odd and blue eyes.Guaranteed. (Japanese Bobtail)
Lunakatz Bengals – Producing high quality purebred Bengal cats (Bengal)
Mile High Siberians – Founded in 2001, all our purebred Siberian kittens are born and raised in our home. (Siberian Cat)
Mystic Jewels – Where Bald is beautiful. (Sphynx) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
NoCo Siberians – We are a home based cattery in Northern Colorado raising hypo-allergenic Siberian kittens for sale – (Siberian Cat)
Oak Village Persians and Exotics (Persian, Exotic Shorthair)
Posh Persian – Posh Persian is a small, family owned cattery, CFA award winning Persians, PKD Tested Negative, (Persian)
Ragdolls Colorado – COLORADO\'S TOP RAGDOLL BREEDER Thanks for your interest in Colorado\'s best ragdolls. We take pride in the care of our cats & kittens. (Ragdoll, Turkish Angora, Siamese)
RaraBelle Bengals – TICA registered, in-home cattery selling bengal kittens (Bengal)
Rocky Mountain Persians, Himalayans & Exotics – We are a small family operated cageless Persian, Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cattery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. (Persian, Exotic Shorthair) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Sandrock Sphynx – We are a sphynx cattery located in Colorado. (Sphynx, Elfcat, Bambino)
SilverMeows – Persian Pure Bred CFA registered cattery of the finest persian kittens to good homes (Persian)
The Bengals Pride – We are engaged in professional breeding of elite and unique Bengal cats. Our sweet Bengal kittens are playful, healthy and exotically gorgeous. (Bengal)
Tiny Lions Napoleons – Tiny Lions Napoleons, home of the third generation Napoleons/Minuets (Minuet / Napoleon)
Treasured Kittens – We are a small in home cattery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. (Persian)
Tribes Exotics (Bengal, Chausies)
Ziganka Siberians – We here at Ziganka cattery in Eastern Colorado, we do our very best to provide you with the upmost lovable top quality siberian kitten possible! (Siberian Cat)