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Abesh - Small cattery, with Social and lovely maine coons, we are breeding all colours
Aricoone-cats - We are a small Maine Coon Cattery in Belgium near Brussels
Baie des Amours - A family breeding of Birmans. We breed Seal, BLue, Chococlate, Lilac in pets, breed &show quality
Birman Dreams of ICEFIRE - Deep blue eyes, dollfaces, strong bodies & the sweetest character - fall in love with our kitties :)
Bucked Naked - Sphynx cattery
Calaquendi Dolls
Calaquendi Ragdolls - Ragdoll Cattery in Belgium.
Catsheavens - Welcome to my website
Cattery Chinouk's - small cattery near Antwerp
Cattery Cinn's Cin's - We are specialisted in the colors cinnamon ,fawn,chocolate,bicors britisch shorthair & selkirk rex
Cattery Curls Fantasy & Cattery El Donna Evita - Wy breed all colors also colorpoints
Cattery d'Amore - Belgian Breeder of British shorthair Silver tabby's , classic colors and colorpoint
Cattery De Vredestad - British shorthair &British Longhair
cattery delissimo - Brits korthaar cattery in de kleuren blauw, crème en black shaded silver
Cattery Elsharoo - scottish fold cattery
Cattery Jewel Bengals - Small spotted/rosetted Bengal cattery near Antwerp.
Cattery Joysa Cats - Cattery Joysa Cats is a small Cattery specialesed in Orientals and Maine Coons!
Cattery La Fortuna - British shorthair and British longhair cattery
Cattery Mazal-Tov - CFA registered Siamese cattery in Belgium. We breed all colours.
Cattery Michelangelo - Small cattery breeding in Blue and Lilac. All cats are tested every year for HCM and PKD
Cattery Rinacci - British Shorthair cats in Cinnamon , blue , Lilac & Chocolate
Cattery Silverstars - We are a Belguim breeder off british shorthair in silvertabby spotted,blotched,uni,bi colors!!
cattery Starlicious - British Longhair (Highlander) & Selkirk Rex cattery.
Cattery Van Callisto - Healthy and type full Siamese and Oriental Shorthair .Cattery located in the middle of Belgium
Cattery van 't Rozenrijk - A little family breeding of birmans in the colors seal-, chocolate-, blue-, en lilac-point
Cattery Van Uytvange - A Cattery located in Belgium in the colors: blue, lilac and shaded silver.
Catteryindira - Family sphynx cattery in speciale colours lilac/ chocolate point and mink HCM , Felv/Fiv tested - Health, beauty and character. In purrrrrfect balance. HCM and PKD tested, Small passionate cattery.
Cesar's Place - Small Sphynx and Devon rex cattery - we test for HCM/PKD/ FIV and FELV
Chatterie de la Drève des Arches - I'm breeding Birmans in the following colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac (soild and tabby)
Chatterie des Sianous C‚lins - Familial breeding of siamese and oriental cats in Belgium.
Chatterie d'Iquitos
Chatterie du LÉman Bleu - Elevage familial de sacrÉs de birmanie toutes couleurs.
Du Mystère Du Yucatan - Petit
E.T. Sphynx Cattery - Quality small cattery in Belgium, exclusively dedicated to the naked cats.
Heavenly Stars - british shorthair
Isis Sphynx - Small Sphynx cattery, HCM/Fiv/Felv tested
Ispahan Myth Cattery - Breeder of quality exotic shorthair. CFA registred.
Katjan's Dream Corner - We are a small Maine Coon Cattery from Belgium - cattery Napha-Naramit - First Belgian Korat cat site. Lot's of photos, videos and information about this rare breed.
Les Tsars de Foncourt - our family cattery of Siberian and Neva Masquerade
Magic Coonie - We are a small maine coon cattery in Belgium. Sometimes we have babies.
Mis-en-Pli Selkirk Rex - We breed Selkirk Rex Shorthair and Longhair in the color black, blue, lilac, choc and colourpoint.
MoonCascade Persians & Himalayans - MoonCascade Persians & Himalayans
Of Mistery Angel - small cattery breeding all colours , all cats are hcm n/n
Once Upon a Time - NEW !!! Breeding oriental shorthiars in bi-colour !!!
Paramountcy Dolls - A new Ragdoll site
Sphynx Jewels - We are a quality Sphynx Cattery in Belgium. Our sphynx are also tested against Chlamydia.
Stars from Norway
sundust cats - British short-and longhair: silver shaded, chinchilla, golden shaded, golden shell, blue-golden.
Tay's Cherry Moon British Shorthairs and Scottish - Please note that we do not breed anymore! This site is merely a 'looking back' on our years of breeding. There are no cats nor kittens available.
Temple des Pharaons - Small Breeder of quality Cornish Rex in Belgium.
Ter Groenendael - persian & exotic,special colour chocolate & lilac self,smoke & tabby
The Dorsai - Dorsai kittens come mostly in silver and smoke, with the occasional red.
The Precious Dolls - Ragdolls in all colours, tortie, red, also lilac and chocoloate.
Toscaninni's Persians - Breeder of Persians in Bi-color, Bi-color-tabby and Van.
Ury's Legend Abyssinians - Belgian cattery breeding ruddy and red Abyssinians (Belgium)
Vanilla frost - British short and longhair
Voila Anubis - Top quality Sphynx in all colours, out crossed original lines, HCM, Felv/Fiv tested cattery.
Von Tupac-Heim
Wilddiamond Cattery - Small bengal breeder in belgium out great bloodlines



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