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Notes for breeder sites: Only reputable breeders are invited to list their web sites in the breeder directory. I reserve the right to not list or remove any site which I find questionable in any way.

We have 3 advertising options:
1) Free Listing
2) Deluxe Listing
3) Featured Deluxe Listing

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Free Listing

** Free **

The basic *free* listing will display the name of your site along with a link to your site.

In exchange for this free service, I would appreciate a reciprocal link back to kittySites.Com on your site. You can either use a text link to or pick up our banner at our Linking to KittySites.Com page.

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Deluxe Listing

($15 for each additional breed or directory)

This option is for those who want more than a basic “free” listing.

A deluxe listing includes one photo, up to 100-word description, and contact information. Deluxe listings will be given preferential placement on the pages before the free listings. They will be placed in the order they are purchased.

For breeder sites, your listing will be placed on your Location page and one Breed page. Additional breeds can be added for $15/year.

For non-breeder sites, your listing can be placed in additional directories for an additional $15/year per directory. Your site must ‘fit’ into each directory.

To take advantage of the additional breed/directory option, all breeds/directories must use the same website URL and website Name. (You can have different descriptions and photos for each breed/directory.) If you have different site names/URLs for each breed/directory, they are considered individual listings and the price will be $30/year for each of them.

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Featured Deluxe Listing

Starting @ $24.99/month

We also offer a *featured* deluxe option to expand your deluxe listing. With the *featured* option, your deluxe listing can also be placed on our breed summary pages (Example: Persian Breed Summary Page) for $24.99 a month ($39.99/month for two breeds). No more than 4 featured deluxe listings will be placed on the breed summary pages so this is a great way to stand out.

Discounts will be given to those paying for more than 6 months in advance:
One breed featured deluxe listing rates:
1 Month: $24.99
3 Months: $69 ($23/month – savings of $5.97)
6 Months: $132 ($22/month – savings of $17.94)
12 Months: $240 ($20/month – savings of $59.88)

Two breed featured deluxe listing rates:
1 Month: $39.99
6 Months: $210 ($35/month – savings of $29.94)
12 Months: $372 ($31/month – savings of $107.88)

If you do not already have a regular deluxe listing, please click here to sign up for a deluxe listing!

To make a payment (make sure to check your breed summary page for availability first!!), click the link below:
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Another featured option is to be placed on our home page. These are very premier advertising locations and the price is $99.99 a month for the top spot and slightly lower for the 2nd and 3rd spots.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payments for services can be made by check or money order in US funds or
using your credit card or checking account online at PayPal.