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Solyaris Sphynx Cattery

Solyaris Sphynx Cattery Welcome to Solyaris Cattery!
Our cattery is located in Russia.
Solyaris registered in TICA, CFA, WCA.
On our website you'll see elite representatives of cat world - Canadian Sphynx.
Cattery "Solyaris" offers kittens of the Canadian sphynx different color Odd Eyed and as others color point and mink and traditional.
From manufacturers blood lines Russia, France, Israel, Thailand and Belgium...
Our kittens are fully vaccinated and micro chipped before leaving our home.
Our kittens live in different countries Malta, Thailand, England, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, USA and others countries.
Written health guarantee: FIP, FeCV, FIV, FeLV and HCM.
Worldwide shipping!

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/4/2008]

Merloni Sphynx Cattery

Merloni Sphynx Cattery Best wishes from Merloni Sphynx Cattery!
We located in Russia and offer kittens from parents of the best blood lines of Europe, USA and Canada. In our cattery we have kittens of rare and traditional colors, show and breed quality. All our breeding sphynx cats scanned for HCM and tested on FeLV/FIV/FIP. Each kitten has micro chip, registration papers (pedigree and owner certificate), veterinary health certificate and contract.
Our kittens live in different countries. We can offer the worldwide shipping to any point of the world.

Irina Uryvskaya
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/14/2010]


AUREUS-VOLGA Cattery AUREUS-Volga Cattery is located in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Main studs - WCH Korsar Adamant, Russia's Best Kurilian Bobtail 2009-10 & WCH Ankor-Korsar - Russia's Absolute Best Kurilian Bobtail-2011. Cats selectively chosen to contribute their unique qualities to our breeding program! Cats bred for health, type and temperament, always raised as members of family. We are dedicated to breeding healthy and happy Kurilian Bobtails that make affectionate companions and exceptional competitors at show ring. Our Bobtails live as part of the family. This ensures their calm attitude and loyalty to people whom we bring them up to utterly trust.

Ilya Oslopovskikh, +7 9053492441
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/26/2011]

Amore Mew

Amore Mew We r a small WCA registred home Sphynx cattery! We breed kittens of a colorpoints, traditional & a rare colors(chocolate, lilac) All pet's of our cattery are annual testing & vaccinated from various infectious diseases! NO cell content & cruelty, they live with us, as a full members of our family, sleep in our beds & on our pillows, have well-balanced cheerful character, good health & a healthy psyche!

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/3/2012]

Cattery Formula Uspekha*rus

Cattery Formula Uspekha*rus Cattery FORMULA USPEKHA*RUS has been breeding of large, well-dressed Siberian (Neva Masquerade) cats. All our cats have bright blue eyes and wonderful character. They are good friends with kids and other animals. Our kittens are already living and win in exhibitions in Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Latvia.

We are located in Russia, Moscow region, Balashikha
Phone: +7 916 2935090
Skype: nevacoon59
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/10/2012]

So Lovely Sphynx Cattery

So Lovely Sphynx Cattery Welcome to So Lovely Sphynx Cattery! We are Registered cattery located in Russia, Moscow. In our cattery we have kittens of rare (blue, chocolate, lilac, mink and point) and traditional colors, for show and breeding.
All our kittens are grown with love, with our other cats, our dog and our children. Have a lovely character, typical of the breed.
All our adult cats are free from FeLV, FIV, FIP and HCM.
We give a written guarantee of the health of our kittens.
Our animals live in different countries.
We carry out delivery of kittens to any corner of the world.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/6/2013]

Sphynx Cattery Baby Joy

Cattery Sphynx Bambino and Elf Baby Joy offers cats for breeding)))) Our cats live with us as family members)))) We love them !!!

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/2/2014]

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Acanit - We are engaged professionally in cultivation of cats of breed a Maine Coon, carefully we care about
AISALIN cattery
Allegiance Love Maine Coon cattery - We are a small home cattery from Russia, Moskow.
Amore Mew - We r a small WCA registred home Sphynx cattery!
AUREUS-VOLGA Cattery - Kurilian Bobtails' Cattery Aureus-Volga
BABY MOON bambino cattery - Welcome to the first Bambino cattery in Russia
Best Coon - We are a small cattery in Russia, Moscow (FIFe). Welcome!
Brio Sphynx Cattery - Mono-Sphynx cattery closed in Russia
Cattery Formula Uspekha*rus - Siberian color point kittens for sale
Cattery LV* Fantasy RUSsia - monobreed cattery Russian blue cats in Russia, Kaliningrad.
ClanTabbies - The basic aim of our cattery is to breed healthy and beautiful kittens, meeting the breed standards.
DreamCoon - Welcome to the cattery maine coon DreamCoon in Russia. We always have white and black kittens.
Du Soleil - Shorthair and Longhair British Rare Colours Colourpoint Cattery offers wonderful kittens right now!!
Hawkmoon Maine Coons - Home raised, healthy, affectionate Maine Coon kittens in Moscow region
Iberis cattery - munchkins cattery in Russia
IL' de MARY - Brittish Shorthair "Silver shaded" and "Chinchilla cats"! Welcome to our site!
Jewel Cattery - I specialize in the breeding of Persian, Exotic, Scottish-fold, British SH, Donskoy Sphynx, Peterbald
Katrin's - British shorthair, longhair and selkirk rex.
Krasa Egypta Sphynx - Largest nurseWritten health guarantee. FeLV and FIV negative. Most colors including Mink and Pointed
Kuguarlend Cattery - You will find in cattery Kuguarlend for yourselves plush Scottish fold kittens, playful and funny
Lanvabon - Scottish fold, scottish fold longhair. More coloure:bi-colour,classic tabby, silver.
Lynx Place cattery - Maine coon kittens for sale curious, gentle, clever with extreme big ears long tail. Photos pedigree
maine-coon cattery Shercoon - We are a small Maine-Coon cattery from Russia
Merloni Sphynx Cattery - Best wishes from Merloni Sphynx Cattery!
Moon Cat - Cattery scottish fold and highland fold blue and black colors
Moon Pet Sphynx Cattery - We are doing our kitten delivery by courier service in the cabin. Our cats and kittens have a registration FIFe
NevasLegend - The small cattery of Siberian cats located in Moscow. TICA registered.
Persian & Exotic cat cattery IRLINS - The cattery is engaged in cultivation of Persian and exotics, marble and bicolor colors.
Rossity Cattery Siberian Cats. - Site about Rossity Cattery Siberian Cats with a more of beautiful
selkirk rex - selkirk-rex&selkirk-straight shorthair and longhair bicolour, colour-point, ticked tabby, BRI
Showbrits - Shorthair and Longhair British Rare Colours Colourpoint Cattery offers wonderful kittens right now!!
Siberian (Neva Masquerade) cattery "Velikii Ohotnik" - Breeders of Neva Masquerade (Siberian colorpoint) cats in Moscow, Russia. Our cats and our kittens, look how they grow!
Smart - Here you can get acquainted with worthy representatives this exclusive breed in all senses the CANAD
Smart Cattery - Sphynx & Bambino show quality
So Lovely Sphynx Cattery - So Lovely Sphynx
Solyaris Sphynx Cattery - On our web-site you'll see elite representatives of cat world - Canadian Sphynx!
Sphynx Cattery Baby Joy - Cattery Sphynx Bambino and Elf Baby Joy - Spicy Bread cattery kittens growing high class, in excellent breed type and with good health. All ou
SuperFold - Scottish Fold Cattery.ñolors: tabby,ticked,silver,color-point,gold,bi-color,cinnamon. - We are very friendly ! Everybody welcome!
Sweet Luck Exotic&Persians - Exotic & Persians tabby , silver tabby, bi-color ,smoke
Sybarit Exotics - Tabby and solid Exotics with outstanding pedigrees
Talialida Sphynx Cattery - Talialida is a small sphynx cattery located in Kaluga, Russia, registered in TICA and FIFe.
Taurus Cattery of Siberians - Siberian cats of traditional colours (black, silver, golden tabby & others, no colourpoints)
Uralochka, the Ural Rex Cattery in Moscow
UrFo cattery - Scottish fold all colors, long and short hair. Please visit website for photos and information.
VandVis Sphynx cattery - HCM & PKD tested Sphynx cattery located in Russia
Veresk Line Cattery - Siberian cats and Siberian kittens, information about the Siberian breed
Vitas Little Cattery - Persian and Exotic Sh Cattery. Bloodlines Steeplechase, Tehy, Catillak,Purfurvid ,etc.
Volgskaya Krasa - Cattery of Siberians "Volgskaya Krasa"



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