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Ashlin Zots

Ashlin Zots Exotic Shorthair and Persian Furkids. Located in the Seattle area. Raised as part of the family and socially ready to join your family. Pet, show, breeder.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 12/3/2004] We are a small cattery located in Seattle. We are TICA members and specialize on classic blue,lilac and very rear silver and golden shaded colors. Our cats are well socialised and close to people, they are a part of our family and non-caged cats. Guaranteed health on written contract and vactination.We respect the breed and our goal is developing the best quality of british shorthair cats and make the best companion for loving family.To get more information please visit our web site.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 3/21/2007]

Mt. Baker Exotics

Mt. Baker Exotics Pet, Breeder, Show. PKD Negative. Small cageless cattery located in Bellingham, WA. Kittens are raised underfoot with children and dogs.

We breed for health and quality, not quantity.

Colors, All colors of Tabbies and Bi-colors.

Email or call 360/393-2668.
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[Deluxe Listing Started 6/4/2007]

Kaperkats Pixiebobs

Kaperkats Pixiebobs Since one picture is worth a thousand words.. .we shouldn't have to say much more. Here at Kaperkats, the quality is grown in. We pre-train all of our kittens to never use claws on skin and only use a sharpening post to sharpen their claws.never your furniture. We also teach them to come when called and start their "leash training". We will teach you how to teach your pixie bob most any "dog type" trick in short order. Once you have been owned by a Pixiebob, you will never be without one the rest of your life!!! AND ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH....

Kay Doyle
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[Deluxe Listing Started 8/28/2007]

BaliChaton Traditional Balinese

BaliChaton Traditional Balinese We breed the very Traditional Balinese in just the 2 most traditional colors, sealpoint and bluepoint.
We often have kittens but check availablity.
(As of 5/4/12: I have 5 kittens more now that are to have deposits taken on them NOW!)

We do ship them and they are all registered by CFA.
These are cats that are of the highest quality from long old lines. We have been breeding for 25+ years. If you like the easy to care for long coats you will love the Balinese.
They are excellent pets for children and other animal and just generally if you like cats, you'll love the Balinese

Write to Mary or call #425-357-9048
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/29/2008]

Columbia River Bengals

Our priority is to provide you with a Beautiful, Healthy, Sociable, Happy Family Member. We are raising an amazing variety of Bengal Colors...Stunning Rossetted and Spotted Kittens from great Bloodlines available all year round. All our kittens are TICA registered, Vacinated, and come with a written health guarantee. Shipping is avalable.

Phone: 509-438-7201
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 3/18/2010]


Bestears We breed TICA registered Scottish Folds, long and short hair. Our kittens are raised without cages and handled and loved each day. We are a small cattery and are very proud of our cats.Our Scottish Folds and the British Shorthair are from a Canada and Russia. We Breed only fold to straight and guarantee our kittens health.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 11/3/2010]

Artistique Cattery

Artistique Cattery CFA Exotic Shorthair kittens available. All PKD negative and health guaranteed. Colors are Bi-Color, Solids and Tabbies in Red, Cream, Torties, Calicos, Blue Creams, Black, Brown Tabby and Blue. Kittens are raised underfoot as soon as they are using the litter boxes. We are located in Marysville North of Seattle.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 12/1/2010]

SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery

SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery offers kittens with pedigree for adoption. We are located in Seattle, Washington area. SilverBrook Cattery is registered with TICA. We currently show our cats in TICA shows throughout the Northwest region.

Our goal is to breed healthy, top-quality, well-socialized British Shorthair kittens with excellent temperament. All our British Shorthair cats lead a happy and healthy life.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 4/19/2012]

Beauty Tracks Cattery ~ British shorhairs

Beauty Tracks Cattery is a small hobby cattery located in Washington state. Our cats and kittens are raised with our family and are integrated as part of daily lives. Each kitten is sold with a health guarantee and is registered with TICA. Championship blood lines.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/29/2012]

Ciders Haven

Ciders Haven Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and exotics as my breeders. I have a small Cattery. My Persians and exotics are raised in my home, and all of my babies are raised with a lot of love and attention. I have a huge passion for these wonderful creatures and love them dearly. They all are given a lot of love and attention right from birth, and are raised in a clean healthy environment. My goal is to produce Persian and exotic kittens kittens with a very sweet personality, and with round or tear drop eyes with a sweet open expression that I love so much.

(206) 719-1134
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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2013]

Truly Siberians

Truly Siberians Siberian kittens raised in small home environment with love and care.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/15/2014]

Frosty Forest Siberians

Frosty Forest Siberians We are a small hobby cattery located in the Puget Sound area of the state of Washington. We take pride in our cattery, cats and kittens. Our cats come from Champion lines and are registered with TICA. Our cats are our pets, and their off-springs are 'our kitties'Ě. They have lots of human interaction with adults as well as our two children. Before they join their new families, they have a veterinary health exam and their first shots, and they come with a health guarantee. Please visit our website to read more about our cats and kittens and about the Siberian breed.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/12/2014]

Sky Mountain Siberian Cats

Sky Mountain Siberian Cats We are a small hobby cattery conveniently located half-way between Seattle and Canada. Our cattery and cats are TICA registered and come from Champion lines in Russia. We import high quality Siberians with fabulous temperaments. Our cats are shown to make sure they are up to the breed standard. They in turn have produced beautiful, healthy kittens with gorgeous coats and loving, playful personalities. We are FeLV and FIV negative. We breed for a variety of colors to suit everyone's tastes. Please visit our website and Facebook page for more information and photos.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/28/2014]

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Absolutely Bengals - Extremely beautiful, simply breathtaking bengals available. Super family best friends!
Angelight Ragdolls - Small in-home cattery. Gorgeous purebred kittens raised with love. Health guarantee.TICA/CFA reg.
Ankhamun Sphynx - We are a small cattery near Seattle, focusing on quality and health rather than quantity.
Artistique Cattery
Ashlin Zots - CFA Reg. DNA PKD Neg. Exotic Shorthairs. We are located in the Northwest Region. B-Colors, Tabbies
BaliChaton Traditional Balinese - We breed the very Traditional Balinese in just the 2 most traditional colors, sealpoint and bluepoint.
Beauty Tracks Cattery ~ British shorhairs - Purebred British Shorthair kittens. We breed beautiful, healthy and socialized Brits
Bestears - Bestears - Scottish Fold, TICA
Cellini Cattery - Cellini Cattery is a CFA registered Cattery that provided top quality Himalayan kitten. - We are a small cattery located in Seattle area.We are TICA members and specialize on classic blue and lilac colors.
Chula Cats Exotics
Ciders Haven - Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and
Columbia River Bengals - We breed for beautiful and healthy silver, brown and snow kittens in southeastern Washington
Dreamquest Bengals - Visit our website for the kitten of you dreams. We believe in quality not quantity.
Edelpaws - Himalayan kittens, CFA registered, Socialized, friendly, litter trained, 1st vaccines, vet checked.
Epsilon Bengal Cats - Fine quality Bengal cats from the Northwest's oldest Bengal Cattery
Excatibur Folds - Silver and White Scottish Folds
EZ2LUV Silver Persians - Small in home cattery, specializing exclusively in Chinchilla & Shaded SILVER Persians.
Faerietail Manx
Forest Hunter Pixie Bobs - Forest Hunter is a small TICA registered cattery located in the Pacific Northwest, the birth place of the Pixie Bob.
Frosty Forest Siberians - We are a small hobby cattery located in the Puget Sound area of the state of Washington.
InksSpots Cats - Breeder of Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese
Iridescent Exotics and Persians
Kaperkats Pixiebobs - We care enough to breed the very best
Katko Cattery (Quality that Shows)
Kelloggs Cattery - Health Guarantee - Grand Champion, Regional & National Winning Lines. Classic Silver Tabby
Kotchera and Siberkot Siberians - Small Hobby Breeder in Salem, Oregon
LeeJo's and Evergreen Pixie Bobs
LegendTales Pixie-Bobs - TICA Outstanding cattery - Come visit any time and experience the difference!
Lil' Jahari - CFA reg. PKD neg. Small family cattery. Handraised in our home. So sweet and sooo loved!!!
Lindemere Exotics - Quality Exotics from PKD negative parents. Located just south of Seattle in Renton, WA.
Longfellow Ragdolls - Lovingly raising Ragdoll kittens since 1995. TICA/CFA registered, Championship Lineage.
Margo and Janica's Folds - We breed tabby and white folds and are registered through CFA
Morado Exotics - Beautiful healthy Exotic Shorthairs/Longhairs with awesome purrsonalities and exceptional pedigrees!
Movieland Devon Rex - We have Devon Rex cats and kittens in all colors with big ears and great coats. No cages used.
Mt. Baker Exotics - Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs
Mustang Bombays - The miniature Black Panther of the cat world, lap-loving purring machines.
Nemera Bengals - Beautiful & loving Bengals kittens in brown, snow, & blue spotted located in Washington State, USA
Nimrod Norwegian Forest Cats - A small cattery producing sturdy, charming and heavy coated kittens with excellent breed type.
Nudistcamp - Sphynx Cattery - Beautiful Sphynx Kittens - all colors, including odd eyes, points, minks, solids and bi-colors.
Parti Wai Persians - Bi-Color Persians, excellant quality, breeding from Region Winners and Distinquished Merits parents. We also sell lovely pets.
Perizms Persians - I breed solid, particolor and bicolor persians. We now have kittens available for adoption.
Phyxius Persians - CFA Registered -Specialing in Solid &Tabby Persians
purrdcutehimalayans - we raise healthy doll faced himalayans that are great family pets or breeders in our home.
PurrfectKeeperz - Traditional Dollface Persian & Himalayan kittens in unusual bi-colors & pointed with white patterns
purrfectpaws cattery - breeding loving show and pet quality munchkins and napoleons in washington state
RagdollSEA - Healthy, gorgeous, sweet well adjusted kittens raised as part of our family. Health guarantee.
Ristokat Himalayans & Persians - Small CFA cattery working with top lines of Himalayans & Persians. Most colors, specializing in lynx points and tabbies.
Siberian cats from White Nights cattery - We are a small hobby cattery in the heart of Washington state. Our lines are imported from Russia, and have champion pedigrees.
Silver Creek Persians - We breed pure white persians specializing in odd eyes, and occasionally Silvers.
SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery - SilverBrook Cattery - British Shorthair cat breeder located in Seattle, Washington.
Silverpause Cattery
Simply Savannah - Cattery producing F1, F2, F3 and F5 Savannah Cats. All kittens are raised in our home.
Sky Mountain Siberian Cats - We are a small hobby cattery with Champion lines from Russia, located between Seattle and Canada. - Three Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale. These cats are beautiful with great markings.
Storybook Devon Rex - We show and breed to CFA standards, happy healthy fun-loving Devon kittens!
Symphony Cats - Loveable, Huggable Ragamuffins with variety of colors and patterns
Templeparlor - Beautiful colors, Sweet expressions, Top Quality Parents imported from Russian lineage: Vita Nova
ToughandMighty Bengals - ToughandMighty Bengals is a TICA, TIBCS registered, vet inspected small in home cattery.
Traipse Bengals - Championship Breeder and TICA/TIBCS Outstanding Cattery! Focusing on an extremely wide variety of Brown Spotted Bengals.
True Siberian Kittens - Siberian kittens raised in loving home. Ready to be adopted.
Truly Siberians - Siberian kittens raised in small home environment with love and care.
Vialets Russian Blues - Raising truely spoiled Russian Blues and Russian Whites
Whidbey Bengals - TICA registered cattery located on beautiful Whidbey Island
White Nights cattery - All our cats are imported from Russia and have excellent pedigrees.
Wisspurrs Himalayans - CFA registered cattery specializing in Blue Eyed White Himalayans. Excellent pedigrees.
Wong - Not yet breeding Persian nor Himalayan. Soon they will have beautiful kittens. CFA registered



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