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Genotype Cats – Ragdoll Cats


Genotype Cats - Ragdoll Cats

We are an in-home breeder of purebred, TICA registered, ragdoll cats. Our cats and kittens are raised underfoot, along with my golden retrievers, which helps to shape these kittens into the most social, confident, dog-friendly, playful, and loving kitties possible. Our lines are genetically diverse and originated from many incredible internationally based catteries whom we’ve imported breeders from. We screen our breeders for genetic issues and do not have any breeders with the genetics to produce kittens with HCM or PKD. The kittens are current on combination vaccines and dewormings, already spayed/neutered, and microchipped at the time they head home.

Email is always the best way to reach me as I prefer to keep detailed record of our correspondence in a way we can both refer back to as need be!


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Ragdoll (3)
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