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Desert Beam Catz


Desert Beam Catz

We are a CFA certified , PKD neg, FELV/FIV neg cattery. We breed our Persian and Exotic short hair cats to the standard and work to provide a healthy and happy kitten for our pet owners.



[Deluxe Listing Started 11/6/2018] [Deluxe Listing Updated 2/20/2023]

Breeders (All Breeds!)


Arizona Breeders By Breed:

(If a breed isn’t listed, no listings have been submitted for that breed in this location yet)

Abyssinian (1)
Balinese (1)
Bambino (1)
Bengal (1)
Burmilla (1)
Cornish Rex (1)
Devon Rex (1)
Exotic Shorthair (2)
Himalayan (1)
Japanese Bobtail (1)

Maine Coon (1)
Persian (4)
Savannah (1)
Scottish Fold (1)
Siamese (1)
Siberian Cat (3)
Sphynx (2)
Turkish Van (1)

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