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Forever Kittens Cattery


Forever Kittens Cattery

Highlanders Raised in our homes as pets. Look like a wild cat, cuddle like a house cat. Curled Ears, Short tail, Poly feet.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 9/5/2017] [Deluxe Listing Updated 9/22/2021]

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American Bobtail (1)
Bengal (1)
Exotic Shorthair (5)
Highlander (1)
Himalayan (1)
Japanese Bobtail (1)
Maine Coon (1)
Minuet / Napoleon (2)

Munchkin (2)
Persian (5)
RagaMuffin (1)
Savannah (1)
Siberian Cat (3)
Sphynx (2)

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