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Savannah Pride


Savannah Pride

We are a small in home TICA registered Savannah cattery based in central Indiana. We have generations F1-F6 periodically through out the year. We would love to help you find your perfect new pet that will toss your world upside down!! Please feel free to contact us with questions or continue on to our website to view pictures and details.


[Deluxe Listing Started 4/30/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 4/30/2019]

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American Bobtail (1)
Bengal (2)
Exotic Shorthair (4)
Highlander (1)
Himalayan (1)
Japanese Bobtail (1)
Maine Coon (1)
Minuet / Napoleon (1)

Munchkin (1)
Persian (4)
RagaMuffin (2)
Savannah (2)
Siberian Cat (2)
Sphynx (2)

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