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Home of Current CFA Grand Champion and Regional Winning Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians. DNA PKD negative Cattery. NO caged animals, come and visit. 100% guaranteed health and Condition. CFA registered.

E-mail: chelcecats@ameritech.net
Website: http://www.chelcecats.net

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/4/2007] [Deluxe Listing Updated 4/18/2019]

Breeders (All Breeds!)


Michigan Breeders By Breed:

(If a breed isn’t listed, no listings have been submitted for that breed in this location yet)

Abyssinian (1)
Balinese (1)
Bengal (4)
British Shorthair (2)
Cornish Rex (1)
Exotic Shorthair (4)
Himalayan (2)
Maine Coon (5)
Ocicat (1)
Persian (10)

Ragdoll (2)
Scottish Fold (1)
Siamese (2)
Siberian Cat (6)
Sphynx (1)
Turkish Angora (1)
Turkish Van (1)
White Turkish Van (1)

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