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Deedlebugs Siberians


Deedlebugs Siberians

We are a home breeder, raising Siberian kittens in Minnesota. Siberian cats are kind in nature, intelligent and love to be near you. They are content to have a paw touching you or perhaps sleep on your desk while you work. You will find that Siberian cats are gentle, loving and playful, regardless of their age. Our goal is to breed low allergen Siberians with loving temperaments. In order to provide the healthiest kittens possible, we breed lines without known risks of genetic disease. We raise our kittens in our home, giving them daily attention.

E-mail: deedlebugs@yahoo.com
Website: http://deedlebugsiberians.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/4/2012] [Deluxe Listing Updated 6/17/2018]

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