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Jazzmania Ragdoll Cattery


Jazzmania Ragdoll Cattery

Located between Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to breeding beautiful, loving and healthy ragdoll babies since 1996. Raised underfoot in our home, each kitten leaves with a health guarantee by contract, vet-checked, fully vaccinated, dewormed and “speutered.” Simply provide a loving home and be prepared to experience the joys of being adored by your very own ragdoll!

Affiliated with TICA, RFCI, and RI

Traditional colors and patterns are available as well as torties, lynxes, flames and creams.

For more information, please contact: Joyce Houser
Lancaster, PA

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/24/2005] [Deluxe Listing Updated 7/27/2018]

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Bambino (2)
Bengal (3)
Birman (1)
British Shorthair (1)
Chausies (1)
Exotic Shorthair (3)
Himalayan (8)
Maine Coon (6)
Munchkin (1)

Norwegian Forest Cat (1)
Persian (13)
RagaMuffin (2)
Ragdoll (5)
Scottish Fold (1)
Siamese (2)
Siberian Cat (7)
Sphynx (4)

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