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Deluxe listings are in order of their start date to reward loyalty - especially those that have been with us for many years! If you are looking for a specific deluxe listing, click the name below to jump directly to that deluxe listing. Please look below the deluxe listings for our free listings in alphabetical order.

[5 Star Rags] [A Kit Kat Haven] [A Love4paws] [Above All Ragdolls] [AdorableDolls Ragdolls] [Bareenough Sphynx Cattery] [Barsadolls Ragdolls] [Bella Mia Cattery] [Bella Remembered] [Chisholmtrail Cattery] [Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics] [Dreamfinder Ocicats] [HollywoodSphynx] [Lil Marvels Siberian Cattery] [MagicalPurr] [No Hair There Sphynx] [PuraVida European Burmese] [Scantily Clad Sphynx Cattery] [Shadowoak Persians] [Siberian Cats California] [Silver Estate Silver Persians] [Spotlight Savannahs] [Sugar Paws] [TheRealms Bengals] [Thissel Down Scottish Folds] [Tresor Cats] [Two Comrade Siberians]

AdorableDolls Ragdolls

AdorableDolls Ragdolls At AdorableDolls Ragdolls we are dedicated to breeding gorgeous, healthy, lovable, 'melt in your arms' Ragdolls that are a joyful addition to any family.Our kittens are born and raised inside our home, where every kitten gets individual love and attention each day. They have silky soft coats, excellent personalities, incredible blue eyes, beautiful patterns and a nice Ragdoll size.

Patterns: Bicolor, Mitted, Colorpoint, Lynx

Colors: Seal, Blue.

We are located in Hollister, California (In the Silicon Valley / Bay Area)
To add an AdorableDoll Ragdoll to your family call: 831-637-7229
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/23/2003]

Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics

Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics Rare & Beautiful Chinchilla and Shaded Silver & Golden Persians and Exotics. All kittens live in a completly CAGE-LESS environment which allows them to develope their very playful and social personalities. Health is guaranteed, all shots and vet checked. Spay/neuter contract. Please visit our website to view our beloved kittens and cats.

Ardell Sims
Dazzle M Persians & Exotics
916 991-6530
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/8/2004]

TheRealms Bengals

TheRealms Bengals We produce top quality kittens from SGC lines. Our specialty is rosetted silvers and silver snows, we also produce wonderful Brown rosetted Bengals. Generally we have more rosetted than marble patterns, but on occassion we do have marbles available. Our cats are from wonderfully healthy lines. Our breeding males and females are tested frequently for genetic diseases. All kittens are sold by contract, and will come with a health guarantee, vet examination, and age appropriate vaccinations. We generally have Kittens available year round. TheRealms is located in So. Calif.

Lydia Wright
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/14/2005]

Barsadolls Ragdolls

Barsadolls Ragdolls Beautiful Loving Ragdoll kittens. Happily raised in a loving home with a small dog. TICA registered. Champion Lines. Health Guarantee. Altered before going to their new home. Age appropriate vaccinations and vet checked.

Marilyn Barsaleau
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/3/2007]


HollywoodSphynx Welcome to HollywoodSphynx!!! If you are looking for a loving companion to share your life with look no further. However, I must warn you. If you can't handle a warm and wonderful creature that wants nothing more then to be in your lap (or in your face in most cases) then you might want another breed. With that said feel free to come by and check out our site. You'll be glad you did. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again from all my naked babies here at HollywoodSphynx.

Jerry L. Dean II
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/28/2008]

Lil Marvels Siberian Cattery

Lil Marvels Siberian Cattery We are a small breeder located in Los Angeles, CA, raising Siberian Forest Cats in a loving home, free of cages and full of toys! We chose Siberians for their intellect, intense curiosity, sociability, and hypo-allergenic qualities. Come visit our site and see if our Siberians are right for you!

Patrick and Summer Moffitt
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/9/2008]


MagicalPurr Once you Go BARE, You'll never go HAIR!
Welcome to Magicalpurr Sphynx Cattery.
Our cattery is located in Clovis California. We are CFA & TICA registed.
Check out our website to see more of these MAGICAL cats.

Catherine Musgrave
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/27/2008]

Above All Ragdolls

Above All Ragdolls Ragdoll Kittens in Sacramento,Ca Area. Available Now. TICA,CFA Registered. Members of RFCI,RFW,RI. Raised with family not caged. Written health guarantee. Adults DNA Tested for health. Traditional and non traditional colors. Mitted and Bicolors. Spayed/Neutered with shots. Call us to visit.

Cliff and Mary Riddell
209-763-5351 Home
415-586-1970 Cell
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/13/2008]

Bella Remembered

Bella Remembered Bella Remembered Sphynx is a small cattery located in Central California. We are dedicated to bring others the joy we have found in the Sphynx Breed. CFA & TICA Registered. Please visit our website for available kittens or contact us via email.

Kittens Available!

Donna Barnes
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/17/2009]

Two Comrade Siberians

Two Comrade Siberians We are a small cattery that strives for healthy, sweet Siberians. We work with carefully chosen lines with good health and temprament. We show our cats in TICA, and belong to and are very active with helping find the genes for HCM in our Siberian breed ( and are always learning so we keep up to date on all that concerns our sweet kitties. Each kitten a Work of Love, Unique and we stive to have the best quality to share with you. Kittens are spayed and neutered, with shots, before going home at 14 weeks. We Ship Worldwide

Cindy (760)244-6495
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/24/2009]

No Hair There Sphynx

No Hair There Sphynx Once You Go Bare - You'll Always Want No Hair There !

A very unique pet. An in your face, on your lap, follow you around, greet you at the door kitty cat! No Hair There, on your clothes, your furniture, your guests, or food. Health guarantee. HCM scanned. Blue Eyes, Odd Eyes.

Terri Reindl
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/21/2009]

Bareenough Sphynx Cattery

Bareenough Sphynx Cattery Small Cattery located in Southern California. Specializing in well socialized Sphynx kittens that will charm there way into your heart. All kittens Vet checked, up to date on shots, litter box trained and Breeders HCM cleared. CFA and TICA registered. Blue eyed, gold eyed and green eyed kittens. Also offering F3 and F4 kittens. Sphynx are very loving and require lots of attention -- feel free to look at my website and enjoy the cute kitten pics : )

Jayne Harrower
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/10/2010]

A Kit Kat Haven

A Kit Kat Haven WE raise show, breeder & pet quality himalayans and tabbies in all colors including chocolate/lilacs. Specializing in Lynx point himalayans. Located in Southern California.

Halfway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles in beautiful Camarillo, California
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/7/2010]

Siberian Cats California

Siberian Cats California We are a home-based cattery specializing in the California market. We raise cats that are healthy, ecellent in type and who are true human companions. Our kittens are hypoallergenic and we can prove it! All adults are allergen tested and we keep only the lowest. Two-year genetic guarantee. Colors - Traditional Siberians - tabbies and classics (black/silver, red, cream and brown) torties and torbies. Color point Siberians - (seal, seal lynx, blue and flame).

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/26/2011]

Shadowoak Persians

Shadowoak Persians We have been raising Persians for over 25 years. We love to show the Persians, they are so beautiful and gentle to work with. The Persians make wonderful pets and will become a special member of your family.

We specialize in Vans and BiColors.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/17/2011]

Tresor Cats

Tresor Cats Breeder of high quality Apple-head Siamese & Balinese cats. Kittens are CFA &/or CFF registered. Health guarantees are given in writing (2 or 4 year terms). Kittens are raised underfoot, great care is given to properly socialize and prepare each kitten for new homes. I produce Seal point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, and Lilac Points. Contact me today for your next fur baby.

Contact: Annabel Cailles of Tresor Cats at 707.429.3346.
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 3/1/2011]

Bella Mia Cattery

Bella Mia Cattery We are a small, in-home cattery specializing in bicolor Exotics and Persians. We breed for beauty and personality. Our kittens are raised at home with our children. We are CFA, TICA, and ACFA registered. Our cats are FeLV, FIV, and PKD negative.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/13/2011]

A Love4paws

A Love4paws Small in home cattery specializing in colorpoints, all colors, including chocolates and lilacs. Our cats and kittens are bred from Grand Champion lines. Our kittens have the run of our home and are raised with lots of love. PKD negative.

Margaret Lombardi
(949) 233-9853
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/8/2011]

Thissel Down Scottish Folds

Thissel Down Scottish Folds Home/Breeder of the Current season's CFA Best of Breed Scottish Fold, Shorthair Division and CFA Regional Winner. "Bred for Quality --- Owned with Pride!" Beautiful Folded-Ear and Straight-Ear Scottish Folds lovingly bred from prestigious show pedigrees. Pet, Breeder, Show. PKD, FeLV, FIV Negative and HCM screened. Health Guarantee. Please visit website for photos and information.

Jane Norris
707-823-5320, Evenings PST
San Francisco Area
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/8/2011]

Spotlight Savannahs

Spotlight Savannahs At Spotlight Savannahs, we specialize in home-raised Savannah kittens that we are proud to put our name and reputation behind. We breed to achieve large, happy, and healthy pet and show quality Savannahs. Our kittens are home-raised with plenty of socialization from other cats, children and even dogs. We are TICA registered and pride ourselves in producing the sweetest natured "wild" looking furry family members. We also specialize in building and maintaining a strong and lasting buyer-breeder relationship, because if you're going to purchase one of our furry "family", then that makes you family, too. We ship throughout the United States, so please check for kitten availability on our website.

Melody Waara
(850) 377-7198
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/9/2011]

Silver Estate Silver Persians

Silver Estate Silver Persians Breeding Chinchilla Silver Persians since 1986 with CFA Grand Champion & National Winnings. My cats are my family & not caged. I take pride at having kittens that go home to you with great loving personalities and used of being hugged and kissed daily. Health Guaranteed & PKD DNA Negative. Kittens as spay/neuter only and updated shots. Please visit my website and see my family.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/21/2011]

PuraVida European Burmese

PuraVida European Burmese We test our breeding cats using all available genetic tests. Our cats are FeLV, FIV, and ringworm free. All kittens are guaranteed in a written contract and are spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes. Come by for a visit.

Please contact us via email or phone (530-368-0432).
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/4/2012]

Dreamfinder Ocicats

Dreamfinder Ocicats We are a small TICA and CFA registered cattery dedicated to breeding beautiful, healthy, amazing from Champion lines. Our kittens are all raised under foot in our home and are well socialized by our children. We are conveniently located near Sacramento, California; however, we can ship world wide.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/4/2012]

Sugar Paws

Sugar Paws Sugar Paws is a very small home-based cattery. We have all colors including the exquisite colors of Chocolate and lilac. We are fungus free, FeLV/FIV & DNA tested PKD-negative. Our cat's health is top priority and we offer a full health guarantee. All kittens come with vaccination records & welcome kitten kit. Kittens are raised in our home in a clean environment and are well socialized from birth. Shipping available. Please visit our website to see our wonderful cats and kittens to see if we have your dream baby.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/4/2012]

Chisholmtrail Cattery

Chisholmtrail Cattery We are a TICA and CFA cattery. We specialize in high quality silvers of all colors. Cats come from championship lines, are guaranteed healthy and have been well socialized. We have kittens and retired adults of pet, breeder and show quality. Our cats have fabulous personalities. We are located in So CA. Will ship world wide.

Alexandra Chisholm, 760-788-0562
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/28/2013]

5 Star Rags

5 Star Rags We are a small cattery located in Hollister California. We are dedicated to raising healthy, beautiful, very sweet Ragdolls. Our kitties are part of our family and have free run of the house. All cats and kittens are TICA registered and come with a 2 year health guarantee. Patterns: Bicolor, Mitted, Colorpoint Colors: Seal ans blue

Karen Walsh
Hollister Calif
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/15/2013]

Scantily Clad Sphynx Cattery

Scantily Clad Sphynx Cattery WE HAVE KITTENS AVAILABLE!!!

Scantily Clad Sphynx is a small in-home cattery located in Northern California. I have been involved with the Sphynx breed for over a decade. All of our cats are scanned yearly for HCM, genetically tested for blood type and PKD. My cats are screened for FLV/FIV/parasites and ringworm. I offer a 3 year Health Guarantee, and a life time of support for your Scantily Clad kitten. All of my cats are my beloved pets, they share the bed with me at night and all of my kittens are raised under foot with an enormous amount of socialization with both cats and dogs.

Shauntay Burris
Cell # 707-953-3307
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/15/2014]

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New 5 Star Rags - We are a small cattery located in Hollister California. We are dedicated to raising healthy, beautiful, very sweet Ragdolls.
Updated A Kit Kat Haven - Himalayan and Tabby Persians
Updated A Love4paws
Updated Above All Ragdolls - Reputable Ragdoll Breeder of 14 years. TICA, CFA Registered. Adults DNA Tested. Raised with Family
Absolute Angels Cattery - Working with Bell Book n Bengal & Deserts Meow, providing top quailty Bengal & Chausie Kittens
Abytopia Abyssinian kittens - Picturepurrfect - Find your perfect Abyssinian kitten soulmate here - ruddy, red, blue and fawn, loving and sociable.
Updated AdorableDolls Ragdolls - At AdorableDolls Ragdolls we are dedicated to breeding gorgeous, healthy, lovable, 'melt in your arms' Ragdolls
Agency Pixie Bobs & Savannahs - World's Best International/Regional Wins, Supreme Grand Champions. Health/personality guarantee.
Amantra Bengals
American Mohave Bobs - Mohave Bob/Highland Lynx/Desert Lynx are exotic looking bobtailed cats with unique ears/feet/coat.
AmorusAngels Ragdolls - Ragdoll Breeder
Angelique Birmans - TICA registered Birman kittens available in West LA. Truly home-raised, bred from European lines.
Avalon Savannah Cats and Kittens - Pictures and information about Savannah cats and kittens from this Tica registered cattery.
Bangles Bengals
Updated Bareenough Sphynx Cattery - Sphynx kittens
Updated Barsadolls Ragdolls
BeautyDolls - Ragdoll cats located in Southern California. Ragdoll Kittens-champion bloodlines. TICA registered
Bell Book N Bengal - Beautiful Bengal and Chausies. Exotic, wild-looking, bundles of LOVE, FUN, and DEVOTION!
Updated Bella Mia Cattery
Updated Bella Remembered
Bon Marche - Traditional burmese in all colors.
Brats Kats Cattery - Maine coon cats , we have most colors
Bridalveil Ragdolls - Extreme blue eyed, bunny soft bundles of fur raised in our home with our children and our dog.
Burma Charm Traditional Burmese - Burmese kittens with health guarantee
Calirags Ragdolls of California - Lovable Ragdolls. Bred for health and outstanding temperament. TICA/CFA reg. Championship Lines
CATSOFOZ Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens - We have supreme grand champion Scottish Fold cats/kittens. Please visit our site for more details.
Updated cattablanca Sphynx - Cattablanca Sphynx breeding bald wrinkeled babie's for health and Quality.Champion lines. All colors possible including Pointed.
Chisholm Trail Catter - We specialize in silvers of all colors with great contrast. Written health guarantee. Will ship.
New Chisholmtrail Cattery - Chisholtrail Cattery produces very social friendly ocicats from show championship lines.
Cleokat Persians - Specializing in CFA tabby, solod and bi-colors-bred for beauty and sweetness
Clowntown American Shorthairs - Sepcializing in shaded silver. Also breeding Siamese. CFA Grand Champion lines.
Crystalgems Cattery - CFA registered 10 year old Manx cattery
Dare2B-Bare! - CFA Sphynx Kittens Available to Loving Homes
Dawnstar Bengals - Bengals are interactive cats with a certain presence all their own.
Updated Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics - Rare & Beautiful Chinchilla and Shaded Silver and Golden Persians and Exotics. Health guarantee
Dreamdolls - Ragdoll Cattery
Updated Dreamfinder Ocicats - We raise champion Ocicats underfoot. Specialize in silvers of all colors. Shipping available.
Ekambar Bengals - We are devoted to the well being and development of the Bengal cat breed.
Updated ElfinKurl Devon Rex - Quality Devon Rex babies in all colors CFA/TICA registered raised underfoot, health guarantee
Elusive Blue - We breed most colors of the British Shorthair cat. CFA and TICA Reg. Written Health Guarentee.
Elvessa's Tonkinese
New Enchantacats - Maine Coon & Ragdolls of superior quality in looks, temperament and health.
Epuffany Persians - Southern Ca. Bi-Color, Himalayan, Solid & Particolor, and trying for Chocolates in those colors.
Etude Somalis and Abyssinians - Beautiful friendly Somalis, specializing in Silver. Raised underfoot. Registered, health screened.
Featherland Cattery
Felinart Himalayan Persians - PKD-negative cattery. CFA and TICA registered. Regional Winner lines.
Fin Bheara Abyssinians - Beautiful, friendly and healthy Aby kittens in all four colors, to select homes. Raised with love.
Foothill Felines Bengals & Savannahs - Gorgeous Bengals & Savannahs lovingly raised in our home; available for pets, breeding & show. TICA, ACFA, TIBCS, SVCC.
FurlessPurrs - We are a small cattery that breeds show quality TICA and CFA registered Sphynxs.
Updated HollywoodSphynx - If you are looking for a loving companion to share your life with look no further.
Hushabyerags - Hushabyerags Cattery is registered with TICA, CFA and RFW.
ikitty Cattery - ^..^==^..^PERSIAN C.F.A Champion Lines Lynks Point, Flaime Point, Blue Cream, Red Chocolate Tabby
Indigo Rags - Friendly, cuddly kittens that meet you at the door and follow you around the house.
Is Your Gym Too Crowded? - Bengal cats enjoy exercise wheel.
Jade River Exotics and Persians - CFA registered cattery raising Exotics and Persians in Silver and Gold.
Janipurr Japanese Bobtails - Breeder of Japanese Bobtails since 1990.
JellieBeans Persians - Beautiful C.F.A. Persian Cats Bi-Colors, solid colors , White (Blue eyed,copper eyed,odd eyed)
Jerzys Ragdolls Cattery - Serving Southern California
Jua Ini - Spotted Savannah kittens. Affectionate & intelligent, lovingly raised in our home. Dog friendly.
JungleKatz Bengals - Breeding healthy kittens with great temperaments and cutting edge exotic type.
JungleVine Bengals - Show quality, wild looking bengals from F4 & F5 breeders striving for white bellied exotic looks.
Kat Attack Orientals, Colorpoints & Siamese - CFA Oriental, Colorpoint Shorthair and Siamese
Kat Attack Siamese, Orientals and Colorpoints
Kiddlyn Japanese Bobtails
Kirembo Savannahs
Kittens for sale - Premier Persian cat breeder. Persian kittens for sale. Teacup kittens for sale. Kittens for sale.
Kitty-Kraze - CFA Persians & Himalayans. Raised with TLC. All babies come with health guarantee.(California)
KitznKatz Bengals
Krystalantik's Birman cats - Small Breeding with European line
Updated KyatBirmans
Updated Lil Marvels Siberian Cattery - We are a small breeder located in Los Angeles, CA, raising hypo-allergenic Siberian Cats.
Lilac Farms Custom Cattery - CFA Persians. Closed Cattery/Cage-less. PKD, FeLV, FIV, Ringworm Neg. Lilac, Choc, Tabby & Lynx pts
LovLions - Lovlions Persians Exceeding Expectations,
MacGilli - Exceptional Scottish fold kittens C.F.A. and T.I.C.A. Many colors Health guaranteed.
Updated MagicalPurr - Once you Go BARE, You'll never go HAIR!
Melodygarden American Shorthairs - Add: specializing in shaded silver kittens
Mini-Purrs - We specialize in toy & teacup Persians, Exotics, & Munchkins in a variety of colors & expressions.
Updated - Persians and Himalayan kittens for sale Champ.Parents Guaranteed - Lilac Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens - Pure Breed CFA Certified
Mythicbells Persians - Goldens, Silvers, Bi-Colors. San Francisco Bay Area. CFA, cageless, health guarantee
N.V.P. Napa Valley Persians
Naamah Bengals - Naamah Bengals, breeding Brown, Silver and Snow in Spotted and Marbled! Kittens Available all year!
Updated No Hair There Sphynx - Once You Go Bare - You'll Always Want No Hair There !
NordicSun American Wirehairs - The American Wirehair has a "kinky" "bouncy" coat. All the hairs including the whiskers are crimped. TICA, CFA registered. TI
Nude Ventures Sphynx Cattery - Nude Ventures Sphynx Cattery ~ Home of quality Mink and pointed kittens with stunning blue eyes.
Nudist Colony - Welcome to our Nudist Colony, where the cats are "Creepy and Awesome all at the same time." - Orange County's Premier Breeder of Hairless Sphynx Kittens
Pam's Persians - Bi-color longhair and exotic shorthair persians, specializing in high white and vans.
Parti Wai EX
Pasadena Polys - Colorpoint Polydactyls in Southern California
Paws à la Mode Himalayans and Persians - CFA SoCal cattery, breeding to the standard, w/ emphasis on health, temperment, & sweet expressions.
Pegkens Scottish Fold - Veterinarian raised kittens in our home, never caged. Champion lines classic, spotted tabbies in red, cream, brown, patched with lots of white.
Persians and Exotics - Persian and Exotic shorthair kittens, Sacramento, CA. Grand Champion lines
Phantom Angel Cattery
Pocket Leopards Bengals - Sacramento Bengal cat breeder specializing in brown and charcoal rosetted and spotted bengals.
New Pumaridge Siberian Cats - Small breeder TICA & CFA registered in So. California. Low Allergen, many colors, health guarantee
Updated PuraVida European Burmese - Happy, healthy European Burmese. They live the pure life at PuraVida.
Purfurvid Exotics & Persians - Purfurvid Cattery exclusively registers and shows in CFA and combines quality top winning and producing Exotic Shorthair and Persian lines.
Purrceptive British Shorthair - Purrceptive British Shorthair Kittens & Cats - British Shorthairs in lilac or blue.
Purrceptive British Shorthair Kittens & Cats - British Shorthairs in lilac, silver or white, for pet and show.
Purrceptive Scottish Fold - Grand Champion pedigreed kittens in blue and lilac. Healthy & friendly and raised with lots of love.
Quality Kittens - Quality kittens from our family to yours. Grand Champion sired. Lovingly raised underfoot
Ragbencher Ragdolls - We show and breed Ragdoll cats and kittens. They are big, beautiful and healthy. They come with a written Health guarantee.
Ragdoll Palace - We are small cattery located in San Francisco Bay area. We breed Ragdolls of seal and blue colors.
Ragmeister Ragdolls - Breeder of beautiful, purebred Ragdoll cats and kittens. 100% health guarantee.
Ragnarok Cattery
Rasta Ragdolls - Traditional & Rare Mink kittens avail. Vet checked, vaccines current & health guarantee & contract.
Updated Razl Dazl Doll Ragdolls - Small cattery priding ourselves in selective breeding of Ragdolls to produce healthy, loving, large kittens.
River City Rags Ragdoll Cattery - Located in Sacramento, Ca. We are dedicated to breeding healthy, lovable Ragdolls. Check out our p
Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls - Small closed home cattery, raising Ragdoll kittens underfoot, with lots of personal attention, in a loving, nurturing home environment.
RockNRoyal Rags - Ragdoll kittens
Royal Bengals - Royal Bengals-San Diego. Breeding Bengals with sweet dispositions, exotic looks, and superb health
Savannah Cat Dot Com
New Scantily Clad Sphynx Cattery - Scantily Clad Sphynx is a small in-home cattery located in Northern California.
Shadedknoll Silver Persians - Quality CFA lovingly raised chinchilla and shaded silver kittens and cats, California
Updated Shadowoak Persians - Shadowoak Persians
Shadows Traditional Siamese - Old Fashion Applehead Siamese Breeder. (Thai) Old Fashioned.
Updated Siamese KITTENS & Cats - Weak in the knees for SIAMESE?
Updated Siberian Cats California - We are a home-based cattery specializing in the California market.
Siberian Ice Blue Angels - We are a small cattery located in southern California and specialize in the rare and majestic colorp
Updated Silver Estate Silver Persians - Breeding Chinchilla Silver Persians for "25" Years!
SkeenVille Sphynx - Home of healthy, HCM Scanned, National/International and Regional winning cats.
Solana Ranch Bengals - "Quietly Breeding Quality Bengals" Formerly known as Bijou Bengals, Bengals with the wild cat look.
Sphynx kittens & stud service in southern californ - Kittens avilable now blue eyed carriers CFA/TICA reasonable prices will ship. sale /health contract
Sphynx Kittens OH-Natural cattery - Sphynx Hairless Kittens & Stud Servive will ship CFA/TICA
sphynx4you - Located in Southern California, near Disneyland. Visit my website for availability and information.
SpiceDolls RagDolls - We are a family owned cattery with our cats raised and loved as part of our family. We have a health guarantee with all of our kittens. TICA members.
Updated Spotlight Savannahs - At Spotlight Savannahs, we specialize in home-raised Savannah kittens that we are proud to put our name and reputation behind.
StarBengal - We are a small cattery located in San Diego, CA specializing in healthy, beautiful and extremely well socialized Bengal kittens and cats.
Sugar Paws - Sugar Paws is a very small home-based cattery. We have all colors including the exquisite colors of Chocolate and lilac.
Sugarplum Ragdolls
Tassajara Ocicats - Ocicat kittens and young adults. Grand Champion lines. Silvers and chocolates.
The Bald Kitty - We a small Cattery Located in Northern California 1 hour North of the NapaValley, in Lake County
The Persian Kittens - Persian Kittens from THE PERSIAN a Persian Cat Breeder of Champions & Loving Family Pets
TheRealms Bengals - We breed great well adjusted family companions and beautiful show cats!
Updated Thissel Down Scottish Folds
Traditional (Old Fashioned) Siamese
Traditional Balinese
Traditional Siberian Cats and Kittens. Siberian Me
Updated Tresor Cats - Traditional Siamese Kittens From Tresor Cats
Updated Two Comrade Siberians - Sweet, Siberian kittens are our Work of Love! World Champion Lines, Health Guaranteed, TICA Reg. <3
Validian Persian Cats - Validian Persians located in Southern California. Solids-Particolors-Bicolors-Vans.
West Coast Rags
Wild Rain Ocicats - Top Ocicats for over 19 years.
Windy Valley Persians - Located in Murrieta California specializing in solids, bi-colors,tabbies and smokes
Wolf Creek Ranch - Manx & Polydactyl Cats & Kitten - Naturally reared, raw fed, healthy, intelligent, purrmobile manx, polydactyl, and poly manx kittens.
Wyldthingz Savannah Cats - Home raised and socialized to children and other pets for the perfect companion for show, breed or pet.
Wyndcreste Silver Persians - Exquisite Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians raised with much love, care and attention.
Zeppo Abyssinians - CFA licensed cattery since 1988 breeding healthy, georgous kittens.



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