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[SnowyHaven Birmans]

SnowyHaven Birmans

SnowyHaven Birmans Purebred registered Birmans from CHAMPION lines raised in small hobby home cattery. Pets, Show and approved Breeder kittens available. Written Health Guarantee and sale contract. Temperaments are calm, affectionate and playful! Outstanding coat, markings and eye color! CFA and ACFA registries. Kitten colors; SEAL, CHOCOLATE, BLUE, LILAC and LYNX points. Occasional retired adults. Our BIRMAN kittens are worth the wait. Reservation deposit required.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 3/27/2012]

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Ahriman's - Small loving cattery in the South of Germany (Germany)
Angel Eyes Cattery - This is a cageless cattery where kittens are raised "underfoot" with loving care and affection. (Canada - Alberta)
Angelique Birmans - TICA registered Birman kittens available in West LA. Truly home-raised, bred from European lines. (California)
Annapolis - Breeder of Sacred Birmans , all colours, also in tabby and tortie ! (Poland)
Annapolis - Breeder of Sacred Birmans , all colours, also in tabby and tortie ! (Poland)
Annapolis - Breeder of Sacred Birmans , all colours, also in tabby and tortie ! (Poland)
Anugama (Germany)
Au Jardin Des Hesperides - Birman's breeding, colors seal, blue, chocolate, lilac in plain and tabby, all the cats live with us in the home. (France)
av Chimay (N) breeder of Birman cats - Breeder of Birman cats from Norway. (Norway)
Azuremist Cattery - We are a small cattery breeding beautiful birmans. Raised underfoot assuring sweet, well socialized kittens. (Canada - British Columbia)
Baie des Amours - A family breeding of Birmans. We breed Seal, BLue, Chococlate, Lilac in pets, breed &show quality (Belgium)
Behsiri's - We're a small cattery in the middle of Germany (Germany)
Birma von der Rosenterrasse - We lives in Bavaria and breed birmans in seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and all these colors in tabby. (Germany)
Birmaelfen - Hobbyzucht aus Deutschland / Berlin (Germany)
Birman - cattery Karamit Nova - Small cattery Sacred birmans from Czech republic (Czech Republic)
Birman Dreams of ICEFIRE - Deep blue eyes, dollfaces, strong bodies & the sweetest character - fall in love with our kitties :) (Belgium)
birman von der Recknitz - We are a very small cattery breeding German lines in Virginia Beach. (Virginia) (Greece) - Birman cat cattery in Greece,Thessaloniki.Birman kittens available in all colors and patterns (Greece)
Birmans & Siberians at Arakan - Our Birmans and Siberians with their beautiful temperament make wonderful additions to a family (Australia)
Birmans des Blasons Bleus - Small birman cattery based in Switzerland, You are kindly invited to visit our website. (Switzerland)
Birmaparadies 'von-Waltricae' - Our love - birmans ;o). (Switzerland)
Birmillion Birmans - Birman breeder based in Perth Western Australia breeding red,cream,seal,chocolate and lilac (Australia)
Blaxhaven Birmans - Breeding Birmans of Distinction and Companionship (Australia)
Braekitz Maine Coons - We are a small cattery in Scotland breeding for health & temperament. Kittens sometimes available. (United Kingdom)
Caluma - Birman, Sphynx, & European (Denmark)
Candoland - FIFE registered cattery of Sacred birman cats breeding beautiful seal, chocolate and blue point cats (Slovakia)
Carraig Birmans (Canada - New Brunswick)
Catastrophe/Lonerock Birmans - Beautiful Birman cats and kittens. (Wisconsin) - The Birman show cats of Tina Johnson. (United Kingdom)
Cattery Chanta-Moni (Netherlands)
Cattery Curls Fantasy & Cattery El Donna Evita - Wy breed all colors also colorpoints (Belgium)
Cattery da MaKaJa - Breeder of Sacred Birmans in The Netherlands. All our Birmans are tested for HCM, PKD, FeLV and FIV. (Netherlands)
Cattery de la Belle Cajun - Serious Cattery of Birman, any colors, preference for red, breeder since 20 years. also Munchkin cat (France)
Cattery Divine Diane - We are one of the first birman cattery in Quebec.Breeding since 20 years.Health is our priority (Canada - Quebec)
Cattery FraDenJo - Hobbybreeder of sacred birmans.Cats are tested and we are famous of having very socialized kittens. (Netherlands)
Cattery Kanteel - Since 1995, our cattery has had experience breeding of the Birman cat, we raise them with love (Netherlands)
Cattery Of Jekima - We are a hobby cattery of Birman Cats in the South of the Netherlands (Netherlands)
cattery SABBIADORE - We are a small cattery in the Netherlands with Bengal (silver ) and lovely Birman Cats (Netherlands)
Cattery Siasly - We are a small cattery from the netherlands and we breed sacred birmans in all collours. (Netherlands)
Cattery van Ranthambhore - Onze grote hobby, mooie Birmanen (Netherlands)
Cattery van 't Rozenrijk - A little family breeding of birmans in the colors seal-, chocolate-, blue-, en lilac-point (Belgium)
Chateau Bir Birmans - CFA registered cattery with beautiful Birmans of many colors. Kittens available to approved homes. (Kansas)
Chatterie de la Drève des Arches - I'm breeding Birmans in the following colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac (soild and tabby) (Belgium)
Chatterie de la Tour d'Argent - We breed Birmans in seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point and tabby. (Switzerland)
Chatterie Doux Velours - Nous sommes situÉe à Carleton-sur-mer dans la belle rÉgion de la Baie des Chaleurs au QuÉbec. (Canada - Quebec)
Chatterie du LÉman Bleu - Elevage familial de sacrÉs de birmanie toutes couleurs. (Belgium)
Churston Birmans - Kittens sometimes available from Show Winning Lines (United Kingdom)
Co Line - Raising beautiful seal, blue, choc, lilac and lynx pt birman kittens in a loving home. (Iowa)
Con Meo - the sacred birman - Nice breed of the sacred birman in seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and all in tabby/lynx. Danish FifÉ-approved cattery (Denmark)
Cyrielle's Hl.Birmakatzen - We breed birmans in seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and all these colors in tabby. (Germany)
D* LaMaLu (Germany)
Dark Alchemy Birmans - Come in our dark fairytale and discover the birman magic in the wonderful eyes of our birmans! (Italy)
de ParcOreille - We are a small cattery for more than 30 years. We live in the Pied Piper Town Hameln (near Hannover) (Germany)
Deambarino - We are a litte cattery located in Pickens near Greenville/SC (South Carolina)
Dianne's Lady Paws Birmans - Raised underfoot, Seals,blues,torties,lilacs. Located in Richmond, Virginia (Virginia)
Doux Velours - Sacré de Birmanie (Birman) (Canada - Quebec)
El Dorato Cattery - Birman Cat Breeder - Established 1979. Breeders of Seal and Blue Point Birmans. Specialising in perfect markings, strong boneing and clear coat (Australia)
Es war Einmal... the Sacred Cats of Burma - breed beautiful and sweet kittens in all colours from very healthy lines. (Italy)
Fantaristocat - Breeding Birman cats in Sardinia - Italy (Italy)
Feanor Birmans - Breeding quality Birman cats, specializing in the "Red Factor' i.e. Red and Tortie Point Birmans (Australia)
Goldlay Birmans, Burmese & Singapuras (United Kingdom)
Gramar Birmans - Gramar Birmans, breeding seal,blue,chocolate and lilac and tabby points (Australia)
Guided by the Moon - I'm a birman cat breeder in Helmond- the Netherlands (Netherlands)
Heilige Birmakatzenzucht Snowdonias Pride - We are a small Birman Cattery from Germany.We have one lilac point Stud and for females. (Germany)
Hillsbedz's Birman - Birman breeder, Cattery registered with CFA, actively show in CFA ring. (Malaysia)
Jaselie - Breeding beautifull birmans for temperament and quality (Australia)
Kanza Katz Birman Cats and Kittens - We raise adorable birman kittens in seal and blue point with lots of love. Available now. (Kansas)
Kin-narah - we breed birman in all colour. all cats live in the house as part of the family (Italy)
Kittah Mun-Ha Sweden - Breeder of Ragdolls and Birmans. Big healthy Ragdolls (Lilac male) and Silvertabby Birmans (Sweden)
Krystalantik's Birman cats - Small Breeding with European line (California)
ktema noir - family cattery with seal, blue, chocolate and lilac colors and point and tabby point
KyatBirmans (California)
Lariwa Grande - Small cattery located in Hessen - Germany, very close to Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstad (Germany)
Le Chat BottÉ - Birmans Cats, all colors (Brazil)
Les Fleurs de Lilas & Charmed - Birmans, all colors, bred in family (France)
Lil' Rascal Birman - CFA registered ,health guarantee.please come and look at our web site for more information (Pennsylvania)
Little Purr´s (Germany)
Miakoschka Siberians - Siberian cats are wonderful pets we breed for health and temperment all enquiries will be replied to (Australia)
MikaSu Birmans - Committed to raising healthy, well socialized Birmans. Home of International and Regional winners. (Canada - Alberta)
Musrafy Birmans & Siberians - Birman breeder in Oxfordshire,UK (United Kingdom)
Musrafy Siberians - Russian breeder of siberian cats located in Oxfordshire, UK (United Kingdom)
Myingyan Gems Birmans - Beautiful birman babies in a rainbow of colors bred both in Argentina and Florida, USA (Florida)
Navayana`s Heilige Birma - near of cologne (Germany)
Nocturnal's - we selected typed, lovely and beautiful birman's kittens growing at home with all our cares (Italy)
Pussetoe Birmans - Birmans are the 'purrfect companions! Birmans available in all colors! (Canada - Ontario)
Queen of snow, allevamento del gatto sacro di birm - Allevamento gatti Sacri di Birmania Queen of snow (Foto, consigli utili, cuccioli, malattie e cure) (Italy)
Rita's Birmans - Responsible cattery founded 1993; breedeing seal, blue, choc and lilac. We are a member of the FIFe and occasionally sell to breeders. Pet owners are (Germany)
Ritzykatz - Pictures of Birmans and kittens for sale. (Texas)
Russpurrz Birmans (Illinois)
S*PreciousBlue´s Birman - Birman breeder in harmony for fine and healty cats (Sweden)
Sacred Birmans Vom Wolkentempel - We are a small cattery in Germany, Frankfurt who breed the lovely Birman cats (Germany)
SafirEyes Birmans - SafirEyes is a small Birman Cattery in Raleigh/Durham NC. We breed Seal and Blue Point Birmans. (North Carolina)
Senoja Birmans & Maine Coons - We have a small cattery Birmans & Maine Coons 40 km from Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Shekinah Birmans - Beautiful Shekinah Birmans by Sharon Snellgrove New Zealand (New Zealand)
Sidi Saad's Heilige Birmas - We breed birmans in all colors. Our cattery is in the near from Basel. (Switzerland)
SiestaDream´s Birman and Siberian Cats - SiestaDream´s, breeders of Siberian and Birman cats in Spain. (Spain)
Silk Touch Birman Cattery - The first Birman cattery in Israel. (Israel)
Silkencats Birmans - Beautiful Birman kittens home raised with lots of TLC! Variety of colors possible. CFA registered. (North Carolina)
Silkfire Birmans - History and information on the Sacred Cat of Burma, kittens and retired friends occassionally available. (Virginia)
Skyvalley Birmans - Kittens sometimes available (United Kingdom)
SnowyHaven Birmans - Birman Kittens in seal, chocolate, blue, lilac and lynx colors, CFA and ACFA registries. (Minnesota)
Starcrystal Birmans - CFA seal, blue, choc., lilac and lynx Birmans. (Wisconsin)
Tyana Kirashan Cattery (Australia)
Van d'r Foezel - Birman's breeding, colors seal, blue, chocolate, lilac in plain and tabby, all the cats live with us (Netherlands)
von der eintracht (Germany)
WINNI*PL Caterry Sacred Birman Cats - WINNI*PL Caterry Sacred Birman Cats (Poland)
ZanaduBirmans - Birmans in 4 colors(occasionally others) Specializing in lilacs. Health is a priority. CFA reg'd (Canada - Ontario)
Zeyar Birmans - Breeding beautiful tempermented BIrmans, in blues, seals, lilacs and chocolates! (Australia)



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