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New York
LAZIBLUES Cattery Laziblues is a home based cattery, where love and affection for cats and kittens is no less important than principles of being a responsible member of the British Shorthair breeding community. All cats and kittens are part of the family - there are no cages, garages or basement facilities used for cats' living quarters. All kittens join new homes fully vaccinated, dewormed and of course health guaranteed by a contract. All inquiries and ANY questions are welcomed.

phone: (914)421-0505 or (917)747-6690.
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[Deluxe Listing Started 9/15/2004]

DandyBlue British Shorthair

New Jersey
DandyBlue British Shorthair We breed cats from Great Britain, US and European Grand Champions and National Winners lines. Our kittens are extremely well socialized, healthy and affectionate. Never caged, they are raised underfoot and in the lap. All kittens come with vaccinations and health guarantee.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 10/4/2004]

Washington We are a small cattery located in Seattle. We are TICA members and specialize on classic blue,lilac and very rear silver and golden shaded colors. Our cats are well socialised and close to people, they are a part of our family and non-caged cats. Guaranteed health on written contract and vactination.We respect the breed and our goal is developing the best quality of british shorthair cats and make the best companion for loving family.To get more information please visit our web site.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 3/21/2007]

SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery

SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery offers kittens with pedigree for adoption. We are located in Seattle, Washington area. SilverBrook Cattery is registered with TICA. We currently show our cats in TICA shows throughout the Northwest region.

Our goal is to breed healthy, top-quality, well-socialized British Shorthair kittens with excellent temperament. All our British Shorthair cats lead a happy and healthy life.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 4/19/2012]

Beauty Tracks Cattery ~ British shorhairs

Beauty Tracks Cattery is a small hobby cattery located in Washington state. Our cats and kittens are raised with our family and are integrated as part of daily lives. Each kitten is sold with a health guarantee and is registered with TICA. Championship blood lines.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/29/2012]

Celtic Folds Cattery

Celtic Folds Cattery Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs - Champion bloodlines, adorable kittens, award winning website!

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[Deluxe Listing Started 6/11/2014]

Kitty Hawk Cattery

Kitty Hawk Cattery I have a lilac female and chocolate point female along with a red male for breeding. Please visit my website for all up to date information on available kittens.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 1/10/2015]

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Alegría - We breed solid colours, including choc and lilac. With or without white.Lot of pics, info and links. (Norway)
Allevamento Ainardi - Allevamento british shorthair e scottish fold di colore blu-lilac-chocolate-cinnamon-fawn-bicolor- (Italy)
Ambritt British Shorthairs - Ambritt British Shorthairs. Breeding Quality Blue British for Show and family pets (Australia)
Antigerio, for healthy & Beautyfull kittens - for Lilac & Blue. Only HCM/PKD tested lines
Apatchicat - Quality British in bicolour, tricolour and self, Black, red, blue, cream, cinnamon, fawn. (United Kingdom)
AraBella BritZ - AraBella is a TICA Registered Cattery. We breed for Health and Personality as well as Beauty! (Louisiana)
Beauty Tracks Cattery ~ British shorhairs - Purebred British Shorthair kittens. We breed beautiful, healthy and socialized Brits (Washington)
BKH Silvertabbies vom Pantoleo - Smal but fine cattery of BSH specialiced in silver tabby (Wermelskirchen-Germany) (Germany)
BluBears Cattery - Show quality kittens from a 10 time Best of the best in show winner-Buller (Canada - New Brunswick)
Bluebell (United Kingdom)
Bluelords British Shorthair Cats - Breeding top quality British Shorthairs. Visit our website and you'll find more information about our cattery! (Germany)
bluewillowbrits - Small Cattery Specializing in British Shorthair Cats and Kittens - Located in Bellevue Nebraska (Nebraska)
Bosco British - Breeding blue, chocolate and lilac Pictures and breed information provided. New South Wales, Austra (Australia)
Brifold - We are the only breeder of Scottish Fold in Scotland our cats come from their origin routes (Scotland)
Britisch Kurzhaar vom Tegernsee - We have cattery in Germany in Bavaria near the city of Munich. We breed blue,creme, bicolor colours. (Germany)
British Bud'dhimana - British Shorthair - Longhair - Colors: Silver & Golden Shaded (France)
British Cats Cattery EstiBri*PL - We specialize in breeding: tabby COLOURPOINT, SILVER & GOLDEN POINT, SHADED, CHINCHILLA &CAMEO (Poland)
British Longhair and Shorthair vom Halterner See - We breed (in house) mainly British Longhair in silvertabby, blue, lilac, cream. West Germany (Germany)
British shorthair cattery BRIT ELIT (Belarus WCF) - We glad to show you our luxury kitten from high tituled parents (lilac, blue, shinshilla, silver shaded, point, smoke) (Belarus)
British Shorthair Cattery Moon River - british shorthair cats, kittens for sale, koty brytyjskie, kot brytyjski, kociaki sprzedaz (Poland)
British Shorthair Cattery Muezzi - british shorthair cats, kittens for sale, koty brytyjskie, kot brytyjski, kociaki sprzedaz (Poland)
Britland Cattery - Britland is a relatively small, home based T.I.C.A registered cattery. The goal Our Britland Cattery (Maryland)
ByDesignBSH - Producing healthy, conformationally correct blue British shorthairs with great personalities (Canada - New Brunswick)
ByMySide British Shorthair cats of Australia - Healthy British Shorthairs in blue/lilac/chocolate/black/red/cream in solid/tortie/bi-colour/tabby. (Australia)
Cancion de Cuna - Familiar cattery with lovely and healthy cats PKD, HCM, FeLV & FIV tested. Self and bicolor coats. (Spain)
Casajai Cats - Registered Breeder od quality British Shorthai and Scottish Fold Cats (Australia)
Cattery "van LIESBRIT" - Small breeder of the British Shorthaired and Longhaired cat, located in the Netherlands. (Netherlands)
Cattery Cinn's Cin's - We are specialisted in the colors cinnamon ,fawn,chocolate,bicors britisch shorthair & selkirk rex (Belgium)
Cattery de Bellissimo (N) - Small cattery in Norway, breeding British Shorthair and Selkirk Rex. (Norway)
cattery delissimo - Brits korthaar cattery in de kleuren blauw, crème en black shaded silver (Belgium)
Cattery du Hovali - British Shorthair & Selkirk Rex cattery (Netherlands)
Cattery First Volex - Breeders of blue, lilac, black and cream BSH show/breed/pet type available (Estonia)
Cattery Folds of Jem - Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs/ British Longhairs (Singapore)
Cattery Rinacci - British Shorthair cats in Cinnamon , blue , Lilac & Chocolate (Belgium)
Cattery von Blumental - Cattery von Blumental. British Shorthair & Bengal cats (Germany)
Celtic Folds Cattery - Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs - Champion bloodlines, adorable kittens, award winning website! (Louisiana)
Chatterie des british de noel - Elevag familial de british shorthair proche de Paris (France)
Chatterie Empire of Glamour Cattery - Breeder of British Shorthair Blue & Cream. Grand European & World Champion lines. Located in CANADA (Canada - Quebec)
Chatterie of British Harmony - We breed british short and longhair in the following colours: Colorpoint, Silver and Golden (France) - We are a small cattery located in Seattle area.We are TICA members and specialize on classic blue and lilac colors. (Washington)
Chinchillacats - Available kittens in chinchilla ,silver shaded (black tipped ) withor without colourpoint factor (Austria)
Crazy blue*CZZ - We specialized in Breeding SILVER, GOLD, SHADED, TABBY COLOURPOINT. Learn more at our website. (Czech Republic)
DandyBlue British Shorthair - Our cats come from Great Britain, US and European Grand Champions and National Winners lines. (New Jersey)
De Logronyo Catterie - Breeding family of British Shorthair, Longhair, Scottish Fold and Highland fold (Spain)
De Noble - Helthy and happy BSH, famous breed lines.Small breeding,specialising in silver tabby's.(Riga-Latvia) (Latvia)
DEVINORE*UA :: British Shorthair - We breed British Shorthair cats in tabby devision (spotted & blotched, silver & brown) (Ukraine)
Divine Design British Shorthairs - Breeding for type & temperament. Specializing in bi-colors, calicoes & creams, CFA & TICA registered (Texas)
Du Soleil - Shorthair and Longhair British Rare Colours Colourpoint Cattery offers wonderful kittens right now!! (Russia)
Emeraldy - Cattery in Motreal, Canada. Very good European bloodlines and excellent health. (Canada - Quebec)
Esmaraldus cattery in Ariel, Israel (Israel)
FaBriCat Brisith shorthair cattery - kitten (Poland)
FeliLand Cattery - We breed plush British Shorthair in a rare Silver Shaded and Chinchilla colors. (Florida)
Glamour Eyes - British Shorthairs and Scottish Fold in colors cinnamon, fawn, self, tabby, colourpoints. (Hungary)
Griselian - small breeder of british shorthairs in self and spotties (United Kingdom)
Gryffindors BSH - Smal but fine(owner is vet) cattery of BSH specialiced in silver tabby and silver/golden shaded. (Germany)
Honour Cattery - Colourpoint, Solid and Golden-Silver colors (Turkey)
Hromádková - Specialising in British Shorthairs in colours: (Czech Republic)
Iberis cattery - munchkins cattery in Russia (Russia)
IL' de MARY - Brittish Shorthair "Silver shaded" and "Chinchilla cats"! Welcome to our site! (Russia)
Jentoria (United Kingdom)
Jewel Cattery - I specialize in the breeding of Persian, Exotic, Scottish-fold, British SH, Donskoy Sphynx, Peterbald (Russia)
Katareece Cattery - Katareece breeder of quality British Shorthair cats. Specialize in Silver Tabby & Blue colors. (Arkansas)
Katrin's - British shorthair, longhair and selkirk rex. (Russia)
Kittirose from Berlin - Kittirose from Berlin (Germany) , charming Cats with Type and sweet Look in bico, solid and tabby (Germany)
Kitty Hawk Cattery - Small home breeder of British Shorthair kittens in Atlanta, GA (Georgia)
La Chatterie de Gaël - We breed registered British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats. Over 15 years experience as a breeder. (Canada - Quebec)
LAZIBLUES Cattery - We are a small cattery located in New York, USA. We specialize in breeding lilac and blue British Shrorthair kittens. (New York)
Lazy Town*PL - British Shorthair and Longhair Cattery (Poland)
MacGilli - Bucklebury Cattery-Beautiful cobby British Shorthair kittens, blue only. Health guarantee. (California)
Male Flamepoint Kitten - Scottish Fold & Himalayan kittens with the Best Personalities & looks! (Ohio) - Home raised british shorthair kittens, family based no-cage cattery, child friendly (New York)
Marshallpark British Shorthairs - British Shorthairs in Blue, Black, White, Cream, Chocolate, Lilac and Bi-Colours [Sydney Australia] (Australia)
Nashanna Cattery - Breeding British Shorthair & Selkirk Rex (Australia)
Oakham British Shorthairs - Small hobby breeder specializing in Blue British Shorthairs (United Kingdom)
Owhl Scottish Folds,Brits and Cornish Rex - Homeraised beautiful personable kittens for pet or show out of NW, IW, RW lines. All colors/coat (Michigan)
Plush Palace - Beautiful Ragdolls & Doll Face Persians. British Shorthairs. (Alabama)
Poshpets British Shorthair (United Kingdom)
Purrceptive British Shorthair Kittens & Cats - British Shorthairs in lilac, silver or white, for pet and show. (California)
Remporter Scottish and British Cattery - A small bt successful show and breeding cattery located near Adelaide in South Australia. (Australia)
Reyes De Selva - Maine Coon. British Shorthair , Chinchilla Persian :) (Ireland)
Royal Plush Brits Cattery (New York)
S* Hannahleaīs - A small cattery Spec. in colors CHOCOLATE and CINNAMON (Sweden)
S*Litho's British shorthair in silver & golden - Small family breed of British shorthair in golden and silver. Tested PKD & HCM (Sweden)
selkirk rex - selkirk-rex&selkirk-straight shorthair and longhair bicolour, colour-point, ticked tabby, BRI (Russia)
Sezmoi Cattery - We are a small cattery of British Shorthairs striving to produce show quality cats! (Tennessee)
Sharad Cattery (Australia)
Shikobee Cattery - Beautiful British Shorthair Cats (Australia)
Showbrits - Shorthair and Longhair British Rare Colours Colourpoint Cattery offers wonderful kittens right now!! (Russia)
SilverBrook British Shorthair Cattery - SilverBrook Cattery - British Shorthair cat breeder located in Seattle, Washington. (Washington)
SilverCharm British Shorthairs - Beautiful healthy kittens raised underfoot & registered with TICA (Pennsylvania)
Six Ribbons Cattery - We breed healthy, happy kittens & they come in a wonderfull variety of colours. (Australia)
So Perfect - Petit Élevage familial de British Shorthair proche de Paris en France. Couleurs : bleu,lilac,crème (France)
SuperFold - Scottish Fold Cattery.ñolors: tabby,ticked,silver,color-point,gold,bi-color,cinnamon. (Russia)
Surreptitious British Shorthairs and Maine Coons - We are friendly Hobby Breedes of British Shorthair and Maine Coons. All brought up in the house. (United Kingdom)
Tay's Cherry Moon British Shorthairs and Scottish - Please note that we do not breed anymore! This site is merely a 'looking back' on our years of breeding. There are no cats nor kittens available. (Belgium)
The Cats of Maou - Dedicated breeder of British Shorthairs for over 40 years, located NW of San Antonio, Texas. (Texas)
Tigerblues British Shorthairs - Specialising in british black silver spotties & tabbies, blue & lilac selfs, (United Kingdom)
Tishkabar British Shorthair and Selkirk Rex (United Kingdom)
Vabank*PL - British Cats from Poland - British Cats Vabank*PL - red, creme, blue and other colors (Poland)
Wildcoon - Hobby breeder of beautiful cats of excellent type and temperament since 1989. (United Kingdom)
Zimtsternchen - Cinnamonstars - Cats and kittens British shorthairs cuddly kittens Graphics all colours bred specialising in red (Germany)



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