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Bes Cattery (Oregon)
Catsland Cattery - First burmilla breeder in Quebec Canada. We are register with CFA and CCA. All cats live with us (Canada - Quebec)
Felis City*LT - We are small hobby Burmilla cattery in Lithuania, EU (Lithuania)
Fujicats Cattery - We strive to breed the highest quality kittens with emphasis on good health and friendly disposition (Arizona)
Manderleys Tonkinesen - Asiancats of Vienna - Lucky and tender kittens, grown up in the middle of a big family, many colours and variants. (Austria)
S*CallaMej - We breed beautiful Burmillas! Our kittens are used to children and lives as familymembers. (Sweden)
S*Kustens Burmilla & Singapura - We breed Burmilla & Singapura (Sweden)
Sacred Spirit - We are a TICA, CFA registered Cattery located in Idaho (USA). (Idaho)
Silverpause (Washington)
Starr Persians - Specializing in Doll-Face Bi-Color, Party Color, Shaded and Himalayan Persians (Tennessee)