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Purrznpauz Exotics & Himalayans
Purrznpauz Exotics & Himalayans

Deluxe listings are in order of their start date to reward loyalty - especially those that have been with us for many years! If you are looking for a specific deluxe listing, click the name below to jump directly to that deluxe listing. Please look below the deluxe listings for our free listings in alphabetical order.

[A Love4paws] [Artistique Cattery] [Ashlin Zots] [Bella Mia Cattery] [CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic] [Ciders Haven] [Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics] [Dreamquete] [Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics] [Kenloch Cattery] [Marvonack Exotics] [Mr. Whiskers Cattery] [Mt. Baker Exotics] [Olsen Kit Katz] [Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics] [Purrznpauz Exotics & Himalayans] [SG Persians & Exotics] [Shiningcats Cattery] [ShortNaps Cattery] [Springstails Cattery] [Starship & Starbourne Exotics] [Vannies Paws Cattery] [ZIAKATZ of New Mexico]

Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics

Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics Rare & Beautiful Chinchilla and Shaded Silver & Golden Persians and Exotics. All kittens live in a completly CAGE-LESS environment which allows them to develope their very playful and social personalities. Health is guaranteed, all shots and vet checked. Spay/neuter contract. Please visit our website to view our beloved kittens and cats.

Ardell Sims
Dazzle M Persians & Exotics
916 991-6530
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/8/2004]

Ashlin Zots

Ashlin Zots Exotic Shorthair and Persian Furkids. Located in the Seattle area. Raised as part of the family and socially ready to join your family. Pet, show, breeder.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/3/2004]

Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics

Canada - British Columbia
Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics Breeding healthy top quality persians with exceptional purrsonalities & outstanding pedigree's for showing, breeding or loving Pets .

Raised lovingly underfoot . With special love & attention to each and every kitten

Our Persians are
*CFA . TICA. Registered
* PKD Negative
* Felv,Fiv Negative
* come with a Written health Cert
* Vaccines,deworming given by Vet

We actively show our persians throughout the year .

Persian & exotic kittens in a variety of colours now available for sale !!

Verna Bulled
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/2/2005]

CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic

South Carolina
CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic At CatzR4me, our Cats are King (or Queen)!

Our kittens are handled and kissed everyday to ensure them to be loving & well-adjusted. CH & GC bloodlines such as Pussini, Magic Sunrise, Lion House & Grandaries adorn our kitten's pedigrees.

Although we specialize in Chocolate and Lilac (solid and pointed), we have several colors to choose from.

PKD1 negative (via DNA) cattery

Feel free to call 803-414-1607 before 7 PM
Feel free to e-mail me regarding availability and upcoming litters.
Email is checked hourly during the week and daily on weekends.
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/5/2005]

Mt. Baker Exotics

Mt. Baker Exotics Pet, Breeder, Show. PKD Negative. Small cageless cattery located in Bellingham, WA. Kittens are raised underfoot with children and dogs.

We breed for health and quality, not quantity.

Colors, All colors of Tabbies and Bi-colors.

Email or call 360/393-2668.
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/4/2007]

Marvonack Exotics

Canada - British Columbia
Marvonack Exotics A proven name in top exotics. Tabbies, bi-colors, solids. International winners. TICA, CFA reg'd.We guarantee health and wonderful temperaments.

Yvonne Patrick
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/8/2008]


Dreamquete Small, in home cattery, located in Northwest,IN devoted to excellence. Babies are raised in my home, underfoot, for maximum socialization. Home of TICA 2010 International Winner, Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, Sunsoar Jollymon of Dreamquete--named Best Cat 41 times in 10 shows! Show and breeder kittens available to approved programs. Kittens available to excellent pet homes as well. We do ship in the Continental U.S. PKD negative, fungus-free cattery.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2009]

ShortNaps Cattery

ShortNaps Cattery We are a CFA and TICA Registered Cattery. We are located in Alabama near Auburn and are 2 hours S of Atlanta,GA.

Our kittens are healthy! We raise Munchkins and Exotics. The breed type of each or our kittens equals or surpasses the standard that is written for each breed. Our cats have gorgeous classic faces with big expressionate eyes. Many are rug huggers and we have several tiny (3 pound) cats that we breed.

Gloria Owens
Smiths, AL 36877
334 297 3081
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/15/2009]

Kenloch Cattery

Exotics and persian in Solid,bi-colours,vans,Tabby brown and silver top imported lines, our kittens have lovely natures,and all breeding cats are PKD/DNA tested

Lesley at 0412 172494 or 07 5494 3320
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/15/2010]

Artistique Cattery

Artistique Cattery CFA Exotic Shorthair kittens available. All PKD negative and health guaranteed. Colors are Bi-Color, Solids and Tabbies in Red, Cream, Torties, Calicos, Blue Creams, Black, Brown Tabby and Blue. Kittens are raised underfoot as soon as they are using the litter boxes. We are located in Marysville North of Seattle.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/1/2010]

Purrznpauz Exotics & Himalayans

Purrznpauz Exotics & Himalayans GC Laureden Hi Handsome CFA registered, specializing in pointed, all tabby patterns, and solids including chocolate and lilac. Grand Champion, Regional winning lines. Healthy socialized kittens usually available in both short and long coat, companion pets as well as show, breeder quality. Often offer retired show cats to forever loving homes for nominal fee to cover spay/neuter. Shipping is available to most U.S. locations, for kittens, human transporters are also available. Happy to answer questions via email..

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/6/2011]

SG Persians & Exotics

SG Persians & Exotics We are a CFA registered cattery located in Singapore. We breed show quality persians & exotics from winning lines with the aim to improve health, temperament beauty & as close as to the CFA breed standard. SG Persians is a PKD, FELV/FIV negative cattery.

Ebel Lu: +65 97126637
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/5/2011]

Bella Mia Cattery

Bella Mia Cattery We are a small, in-home cattery specializing in bicolor Exotics and Persians. We breed for beauty and personality. Our kittens are raised at home with our children. We are CFA, TICA, and ACFA registered. Our cats are FeLV, FIV, and PKD negative.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/13/2011]

A Love4paws

A Love4paws Small in home cattery specializing in colorpoints, all colors, including chocolates and lilacs. Our cats and kittens are bred from Grand Champion lines. Our kittens have the run of our home and are raised with lots of love. PKD negative.

Margaret Lombardi
(949) 233-9853
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/8/2011]

ZIAKATZ of New Mexico

New Mexico
ZIAKATZ of New Mexico CFA and TICA registered cattery. Featuring Exotic Shorthaired and longhaired kittens. PKD negative and guaranteed to steal your heart. Your kitten will come to you happy, healthy and very social. They are kissed and hugged daily and used to kids and dogs and other cats. Breeding/Show rights can be purchased on those breed/show quality kittens. Reserve your amazing baby now.

Email your requests for that purfect kitten. You can also call or Text 706-258-8555
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/14/2011]

Vannies Paws Cattery

Vannies Paws Cattery Vannies Paws is a CFA/TICA registered show cattery located in SE Wisconsin. Breeding for CFA/TICA standard of the breed. PKD/DNA and FIV/FELV tested negative. All our cats and kittens are fully socialized in a loving non caged home. They come with two sets of vaccinations, licensed vet exam, and wormed twice. They are sold with a written health contract and a one year genetic guarantee. Our kittens leave home no sooner than 12 weeks.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/10/2012]

Shiningcats Cattery

Shiningcats Cattery We are a small indoor and very honest new cattery. Breeders live in a very nice, clean life environment & tested DNA, PKD, FIV, FELV Neg. Babies were growing in our hearts. Pedigree line is from: LT*LIJA. Colors: Bi- calico, vans tabbies & more. Babies all healthy for pet, show or breeder. Cattery registered in CFA & cats show in the CFA. Welcome to my website for more details.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/29/2012]

Springstails Cattery

Springstails Cattery Breeding and showing since 1998. We have a home based tiny cattery. I only have a handful of cats and have 1 to 2 litters per year as we are very selective about our babies. We bred for quality not quantity. We breed according to CFA and TICA standards. Our cats are raised in home with us and run free. They also acquire loads of TLC. Our cats are titled and have very prestigious lines. They also are PKD negative and have been so for many generations. Serious inquires only please.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/11/2013]

Ciders Haven

Ciders Haven Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and exotics as my breeders. I have a small Cattery. My Persians and exotics are raised in my home, and all of my babies are raised with a lot of love and attention. I have a huge passion for these wonderful creatures and love them dearly. They all are given a lot of love and attention right from birth, and are raised in a clean healthy environment. My goal is to produce Persian and exotic kittens kittens with a very sweet personality, and with round or tear drop eyes with a sweet open expression that I love so much.

(206) 719-1134
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2013]

Mr. Whiskers Cattery

Mr. Whiskers Cattery We are a small, Exotic Shorthair & Persian, CFA show cattery, devoted to excellence located in Salem, Oregon. Specializing in tabby & white, calico, bi-color, and white kittens. Our kittens are raised with the utmost attention to health, and emotional wellbeing. Raised in a clean, healthy, loving, environment, well-socialized by children and adults. We focus on quality, not quantity, and meeting, or exceeding breed standards. CFA Registered, award winning, beautiful kittens from European lines, with excellent pedigrees. Fungus-free, PDK, FeLV/FIV negative cattery. Health guarantee. Show, Breeder, Pet kittens available.

Tiahna Hillier
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/21/2013]

Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics

Canada - Manitoba
Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics Welcome to Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics an ACFA & CFA registered cattery. Breeder of Bi-Color, Tabby, Solid & *New - Odd Eyed program. Working with National & International bloodlines from all over the world has improved the quality of our cats over the past decade. Prism Ridge kitties can be found in both Breeder/Show homes and Pet Homes worldwide. We are a PKD DNA tested negative cattery. All kittens are sold with a contract that include a Health Guarantee and first 2 vaccinations & vet checks. Shipping availabe

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/17/2013]

Olsen Kit Katz

Olsen Kit Katz We have top American and European Exotic SH and LH cats. We are a very small family cattery. Cats and kittens are raised under foot. From PKD negative lines...CFA registered. Gorgeous plushy, baby doll big eyed kittens.

Contact Rich or Colene through our website or email. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about what you are looking for.
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/4/2015]

Starship & Starbourne Exotics

South Carolina
Starship & Starbourne Exotics GC RW Starbourne Legacy 2015 CFA Southern Region 15th Best Cat 35 years of producing National and Regional Winning Exotic Shorthairs. We are proud to be a CFA Cattery of Distinction, Tier II Cattery, awarded for producing 25 or more Grand Champions. We produce most colors including color point. Our non-color point program is kept separate from our color point program. Show and Pet Quality kittens are raised underfoot in a family environment and under the watchful eye of our Pug. From time to time we have retired breeding cats available to forever homes for the cost of neuter or spay.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/19/2015]

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A Love4paws (California)
Aequinoctium Cattery - We breed Egyptian Mau in silver and smoke. take a look to our web site. (Italy)
AISALIN cattery (Russia)
Aluna - Small cattery in Prague, Czech Republic, Breeding Exotics (Czech Republic)
Artistique Cattery (Washington)
Ashlin Zots - CFA Reg. DNA PKD Neg. Exotic Shorthairs. We are located in the Northwest Region. B-Colors, Tabbies (Washington)
Aventurine Cattery - Persian breeder from Bulgaria, CFA registered, PKD negative cattery. (Bulgaria)
Barbetta (Netherlands)
Belcherpurrs - Our commitment to Selective breedings ensure Optimal Health and Personality. (Florida)
Bella Mia Cattery (California)
BlueSavannah Cattery - Specializing in breeding bicolor cats (cooper, blue, odd eyes) Persians and Exotics sh (Brazil)
Bonne SantÉ - Persians and exotics.pkd-free. (Germany)
Brontti Persians - We are a small CFA registered hobby breeder. PKD Free lines (Maine)
Caloola Silvers - Australias Most Highly Awarded Chinchilla & Shaded Silver Exotics & Award Winning Silver Persians (Australia)
Caradon Cats - Small cattery in northern Illinois, breeding Tracylooe chocolate exotic lines & Ivycat exotic lines. (Illinois)
Carmandale Persians & Exotics - PKD, FeLV, FIV negative cattery; breeding top quality kittens from Imported lines were the cat rules (South Africa)
Cat Print Cattery - CFA and NCFA registered kittens. Come with up to date shots and a health gaurantee. (Michigan)
CatKisses Cattery - CFA registered, PKD tested, small cattery with National winning lines (Texas)
Catniss Cattery - Quality CFA Registered Exotic Shorthair and Longhair Kittens! (Texas)
cattery Joanna la Lafonteyn - exotic and persian cattery (Netherlands)
CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic - Catzr4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic - with locations in South Carolina & Florida (South Carolina)
Cayugafarm Cattery - Very small breeder working with GR CH lines .Breeding with emphasis on heatlh and personality. Now breeding Exotic Shorthair. (New Hampshire)
Ceimycat - We are a small cattery located 69 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee (Mississippi)
Chonilee - A small cageless cattery specializing in bicolor. Tested PKD NEG. Raised withlove and attention. (New Jersey)
Chriscott Exotics - Breeding exotics shorthairs since 92 in a small garden setting, chocolate/patches and smokes (Australia)
Ciders Haven - Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and (Washington)
CK-4cattery - Persian & Exotic cattery in Indonesia (Indonesia)
Colorcats - A TICA registered Persian and Exotic cattery in Helsinki, Finland. (Finland)
Comical-Catz - Specializing in chocolate bicolor Persians & exotic short hair. (Tennessee)
Coventgarden Cattery - Buenos Aires - Argentina (Argentina)
DandysESHandPersians - Welcome to Dandys Exotic Shorthairs and Persians! We are a small hobby breeder of beautiful Pure Persians as well as Exotic Shorthairs! (Arizona)
Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics - Rare & Beautiful Chinchilla and Shaded Silver and Golden Persians and Exotics. Health guarantee (California)
DiSaronno Persians - CFA Registered since 2005. Specializing in Solid and Particolor. (Florida)
Doll Face Persian Kittens - Home of the Dollfaced Persians & Himlayans since 1989. TCCI Supreme Cattery & State Licensed Cattery (Missouri)
Dore-Diamond cattery - We breed Persian, Exotic and Sphynx (Reg in CFA, FIFe and TICA) (Vietnam)
DreamKatcher Persians & Exotic Shorthair - Breeding Persians and Exotics from National Winner, Regional Winner & Grand Champion lines (Utah)
DreamKatcher Persians & Exotics - Breeding Persians and Exotics from National Winner, Regional Winner & Grand Champion lines (Utah)
Dreamquete - Dreamquete Exotics, Persians, and the occasional Himalayan (Indiana)
Excedent Cattery - CFA registered Hong Kong Cattery (Hong Kong)
Exotic Dit-Dots - Exotic Shorthair Kittens (Arizona)
Exotic Kingdom cattery - Exotic Kingdom cattery (Exotics & ELH, Persians) (Latvia)
Exotic-Gems Cattery - Registered Breeder of Exotic SH & LH Cats. Specializing in Tabbies & Bicolor. (Canada - Nova Scotia)
GorgeousPaws - CFA registered cattery . Specializing in Exotics (Pennsylvania)
Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics - Hollow Hills persians & Exotics ,Breeding exceptional persians for showing breeding or pets . (Canada - British Columbia)
Honeysky Persians & Exotics (Germany)
House of exotic - working with bloodlines from Catillak, Purfurvid, Psymis and many more (Malaysia)
Hugo-Star Cattery - A CFA registered cattery . We are working with tabby, silver tabby, solid and smoke. (Malaysia)
InstaPurr Cats - Exotic Shorthair (North Carolina)
Ivy Cat - We are CFA registered cattery. Our lines are DNA/PKD negative, we offer beautiful, healthy kittens. (Indiana)
Jasans Cattery - Exotic Shorthairs. Pet, breeder and show. Exotics with Personality Plus. (Michigan)
KaDoKits Exotics - Silver Tabby & Smoke Bi-color Exotic & Persian/ELH kittens & retired adults. PKD/FIV/FeLV neg lines. (Oregon)
KandiLand Exotics - We are a small CFA registered cattery. All of our cats are PKD negative. Solids and bicolors (Ohio)
Kenloch Cattery - I breed persians and exotics with lovely natures from top lines all PKD /DNA tested (Australia)
Kikonic Persians & Exotics - Kikonic specializes in Chocolate, Lilac and Odd Eyed kitties. Babies available soon!! (Texas)
Kinnley - Exotisc and Persians cats - solid, tabby, with white, tabby & white . (Czech Republic)
Kitty Charm Persians and Exotics - Kitty Charm Persians and Exotic Shorthairs. CFA and TICA REG.Breeding show and pets since 1974. (New Jersey)
Klickova - ALUNACATS =^..^= Exotic Kittens - Silver Tabby =^..^= (Czech Republic)
L Jolor - All pointed colors, solids, bi-colors, parti-colors, tabbies, chocolates, lilacs (Arizona)
Lady Sunset's Perser - small FIFE reg. cattery in Germany - chinchilla/silver & golden shaded Persians - PKD DNA neg. (Germany)
LavenderLace Cattery - Calicos, Bicolors, Tabbies, and some solids. Kittens are raised underfoot, not caged. Adorable! (Arizona)
Libellula Exotics - We are a small exotic shorthair cattery, we are breeding for quality of look and character (Canada - Quebec)
Lil Fox Kits - Persians, Himalayan, Exotics, Selkirk Rex rare colors such as Bi color Himalayans, Chocolate & Lilac (Montana)
Lindemere Exotics - CFA registered Exotic Shorthairs and Persians, PKD negative, located in Washington State. (Washington)
Living Color Cattery - Exotic short hair from International winning lines, Bryn Mawr, Lion House, Jovan & Yquem (Canada - British Columbia)
LovebugZots of NC - Cream exotic long hair and red shorthair kittens available! Born 4/11 4/18. taking deposits. (North Carolina)
Lovely Moon's Perser & Exotic - PERSER & EXOTIC SHORTHAIR CFA reg. and PKD free Cattery in Germany (Germany)
Loylaine Cattery - I have all CFA champion breeders. I do get an occasional pointed kitten. Pedigrees from the best catteries and breeders with grand champions. (Florida)
Marmis-Cat.Com - Persian & exotic cattery from Serbia (Serbia)
Marvonack Exotics - A proven name in top exotics. Tabbies, bi-colors, solids. International winners. (Canada - British Columbia)
Mewz Precious Persians and Exotics! - Beautiful, clean, healthy, sweet cats - it's what we do! We show w/CFA; kittens sometimes available. (Arizona)
Milbury Exotics - Contact us for your next Exotic SH/LH Show Champion, Champion producer or loving family member. (Canada - Nova Scotia)
Miniature Persian Kittens for Sale - Specializing in heart-warming Teacup Persian & Himalayan kittens (Missouri)
Missionhill Persians & Exotics - Silver, Chinchilla & Silver Tabby Persians & Exotics with outstanding temperaments (Canada - British Columbia)
Monarcha, CZ - Persian and Exotic cattery reg. by FIFe, bicolours, harlequins, vans and other colors and ex quality (Czech Republic)
Motas - Cattery of :Persian,Himalayas & Exotic , Excellent lines - Localizated in Bogotá, Colombia South Ame (Columbia)
Mr. Whiskers Cattery - Small, CFA cattery that specializes in tabby & white, white, & bi-color kittens. Health guarantee. (Oregon)
Mt. Baker Exotics - Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs (Washington)
My Exotic Furs - My Exotic Furs is a small, Cage-less, CFA Registered Cattery Specializing In Exotic Shorthairs. (Pennsylvania)
NR Felines - Quality, healthy, socialized Exotic Shorthairs with champion bloodlines. (Iowa)
Olsen Kit Katz - Plushy beautiful Exotic SH and LH Kittens (Minnesota)
Ozycats - Ozycats Exotics and Persians (Spain) Family Bred Show/Pet Solids Tabbys and Himalayans (Spain)
Pam's Persians - Bi-color longhair and exotic shorthair persians, specializing in high white and vans. (California)
Panei Persians & Exotics - Panei Persians & Exotics- specializing in show and companion cats/kittens with purrsonality plus (Oregon)
Parti Wai EX (California)
Patlen (Indiana)
Paupau Angel Persians & Exotics - Paupau Angel raises pure Persians and Exotic Shorthairs of exceptional quality. (Michigan)
Persian & Exotic cat cattery IRLINS - The cattery is engaged in cultivation of Persian and exotics, marble and bicolor colors. (Russia)
Phatkat Exotics - CFA reg.small cattery producing exotics from top quality lines.for pet or show,shipping available. (Oregon)
Pinkatz Cattery - Breeding for Quality Exotic Short Hair Persians In N H (New Hampshire)
Preciosa Persians & Exotics - CFA Persians, Himalayans & Exotics ~ Healthy, Happy kitties raised underfoot for Pet or Show. (Pennsylvania)
Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics - Breeder of Bi-Color, Tabby, Solid & *New - Odd Eyed program. Working with National & International (Canada - Manitoba)
Proventus Cattery - Exotics & Persians - We are CFA registered. We have NW & RW lines and only believe in breeding for perfection. (Malaysia)
Purrfectly Exotics - Home-Raised friendly, loving playful Exotic shorthair and Longhair kittens.100% health guarantee. (Canada - British Columbia)
PurrZen Cattery - PurrZen Cattery - Bi-Colors, Silver Tabby, Calico and the occasional solid Exotic Shorthair (Florida)
Purrznpauz Exotics & Himalayans - Adorable Little Teddybear Exotic Kittens from Show Quality Parents that meet the breed standard plus (Florida)
Purwaky Cattery - Information about Napoleon, Munchkin, Exotic Shorthair cats. About my cats, my cattery and location. (Indiana)
pussyfoot - wonderful temperaments, breed for quality not quantity absolute little treasures you will adore. (Australia)
Rosimorn Persians & Exotics - Happy healthy kittens, all colours, specializing in chocolate and lilac - solids, bicolours & tabby (New Zealand)
RusLana Exotics - A small CFA & FIFe registered cattery specializing in bicolor exotic shorthair & persian cats. (Russia)
Saint Bella Persians - outstanding show and breeder and pet persians (Wisconsin)
SG Persians & Exotics - We are a CFA registered cattery located in Singapore. (Singapore)
SherylDolls Cattery - We are a small cageless cattery in Vietnam, breed shaded silver, golden and chinchilla persian. (Vietnam)
Shiningcats Cattery - Shining, Happy, Love , Adorable, Smart and very healthy (Massachusetts)
ShortNaps Cattery - We are a CFA and TICA Registered Cattery. We are located in Alabama near Auburn and are 2 hours S of Atlanta,GA. (Alabama)
Siriuksen persians, exotics and American curls - Breeding cats since 1974, our love are silvertabby varities but we have many colours (in curls) (Finland)
Slinkypaws Persians & Exotics - Breeders of quality and loved Persians & Exotics (United Kingdom)
Springstails Cattery - CFA registered home raised Persian and Exotic shorthair kittens available to loving homes. (Florida)
StarKitty Cattery - Bi-Color Persian and Exotic (Michigan)
Starship & Starbourne Exotics - Raising top show quality Exotics underfoot in a family enviornment, most colors including colorpoint (South Carolina)
Sunrisefold - PKD negative cattery of Excellence with CFA and Outstanding Cattery with TICA (Florida)
Sweet Luck Exotic&Persians - Exotic & Persians tabby , silver tabby, bi-color ,smoke (Russia)
Sweetharmonys Persians and Exotic Shorthair - Persians and Exotic in chocolate and lilac self, tabby plus silver, smoke, Bico, high-white (Germany)
Sybarit Exotics - Tabby and solid Exotics with outstanding pedigrees (Russia)
Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale - Adorable Teacup Persian kittens for sale, wide selection of colors to choose from! (Iowa)
Templeparlor - Beautiful colors, Sweet expressions, Top Quality Parents imported from Russian lineage: Vita Nova (Washington)
Tigris Amigo - Cattery of the Persian and Exotic shorthair cats "TIGRIS AMIGO" is registered in CFA 204616. (Russia)
Tugboat Cattery - Small breeder of persian and exotic cats. (Canada - Nova Scotia)
Vannies Paws Cattery - Vannies Paws Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Shorthair (Wisconsin)
Vitas Little Cattery - Persian and Exotic Sh Cattery. Bloodlines Steeplechase, Tehy, Catillak,Purfurvid ,etc. (Russia)
Whozz Persians and Exotics - Raising big boned, wide open, pleasing expression Persians & Exotics. (Arkansas)
Wimaria's Himalayans, Persians and Exotics - Wimaria's is a small Himalayan cattery in Germany, special Exotic-points with deep blue eyes. (Germany)
ZIAKATZ of New Mexico - ZIAKATZ for your Purrfect Exotic Short or Longhaired kitten. PKD Negative, Champion Lines (New Mexico)



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