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Mckittycreek GC,NW McKittycreek T Ruxpin of Shubacoons Beautiful, healthy, award winning cats from National Winning lines.

Sue Storten
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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/5/2005]

CongoCoon Cattery

CongoCoon Cattery Congocoon Cattery offers maine coon kittens in a variety of colors, from solids in black or white to smokes and traditional tabby colors. Nice lynx tips, large cats, Champion and Grand Ch lines. Visit our website and take the jungle tour!

Mitzi H Guess
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[Deluxe Listing Started 8/1/2005]

Highlander Maine Coons

Highlander Maine Coons Grand Champion Highlander Miracle
eight month old brown tabby female
Hand Raised Beautiful Tabby Babies Bred For Health and Tempermant.

Teresa and Edwin Sweeney
(614) 801-9361
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/10/2005]

Maine Delite Cattery

Maine Delite Cattery Maine Coon Breeder - Sharing our wonderful cats with those who value their pets as family members. We work very hard to maintain the standards for which Maine Coons orginally were admired for. Health, temperment and structure.

Michele Cole 614-582-6478 or 614-764-0943
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[Deluxe Listing Started 8/31/2006]

Ray du Soleil Cattery

Ray du Soleil Cattery Ray du Soleil is a small Maine Coon Cattery located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Our inspiration for starting a cattery is purely our love for cats, especially the one of a kind Maine Coon Breed. Our goal is to raise cats that are healthy, excellent in type, and true human companions. We invite you to visit our website and take a journey through the Ray of Sun...

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[Deluxe Listing Started 7/27/2007]

Koontyme Maine Coon Cattery

Koontyme Maine Coon Cattery Koontyme specializes in kittens with color! We love reds, solids, calicos, etc. but we also have the more traditional brown tabby kittens too! Many of our lines are from GC, RW and DM ancestry! Our primary focus is on health and temperament! Kittens always sold with a sales contract and a health guarantee. We do have kittens available and ready for new homes NOW! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! Visits are allowed by appointment only!

Dawn Hunt- Breeder/Owner
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[Deluxe Listing Started 10/1/2008]

Angtini Cattery

Angtini Cattery Small in home cattery. Breeding National and regional winning cats since 1986 Kittens are raised underfoot. Brown classic tabbies with and without white are my speciality. All breeding cats are Hcm echoed and dna negative. They are also X-rayed to be sure hips are rated good.

Linda Murphy
Mentor, Ohio 44060
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[Deluxe Listing Started 12/7/2010]

Maine Lvrs Cattery

Maine Lvrs Cattery Maine Lvrs Cattery is located in Northeastern Ohio. Affectionate kittens available from national and regional winning lines. Kittens raised underfoot in our loving home. Breeding cats tested for HCM by echocardiogram and are dna negative. Breeding cats hip certified by x-ray to assure good hip rating. Kittens guaranteed to be FeLV/FIV negative and contract includes genetic health guarantee. Our successful goal has always been to improve the maine coon breed for health, temperament and structure. We thoroughly enjoy this breed and share our lovely kittens with people whom value their pets as a part of their family. Colors available include browns, silvers, reds, blues, creams, patched females and colors may be with or without white. Patterns include both classic and mackerel.

Contact Michelle at 440-221-0021
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[Deluxe Listing Started 6/26/2011]


Jaguarcoons Jaguarcoons is a small cattery located in Mobile, AL. We breed a cross of European and American lines for the "wild" look. Kittens available in a variety of colors. Kittens are raised underfoot and held daily.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 10/10/2012]

Wildchild Maine Coons

Wildchild Maine Coons Home raised family members. Health, personality and size are our goals in raising these wonderful cats for 24 years now. All kittens go to their forever homes with health record, Royal Canin booklet and food, pedigree, and healthy kitten exam performed by Fieldstone Veterinary immediately before leaving. Kittens are guaranteed healthy and genetically healthy. Shipping is available. Specializing in smokes and silvers, but have other colors as well.

Kat and Mike Greeman Phone # : 269-986-3369
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/28/2013]

MTNest Maine Coons

MTNest Maine Coons Large, lovable, "gentle giants" with wonderful personalities. Home of many internationally winning kittens and cats. Specializing in solids and tabbies. MCBFA cattery of excellence. TICA and CFA registered.

Judy and David Bernbaum
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/30/2013]

Mainevu Maine Coons

New York
Mainevu Maine Coons IW, RW, SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu TICA Outstanding Cattery and CFA Cattery of Excellence.
International and Regional Winner lines. Supreme Grand Champion lines. Fabulous kittens and cats with amazing personalities, bred to TICA and CFA breed standards. Pet cats/kittens altered prior to placement. Written sales contract. Written health guarantee with genetic health guarantee. Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. FeLV and FIV negative. Screen for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Ringworm free, FIP Free. Red, Red-Silver, Cream, Cream-Silver, Silver, Blue, Blue-Silver and Brown Classic Tabbys and Ticked Tabbys. Solid Black, Blue, Red, Cream Smokes. All with or without White. We do NOT ship and we are a small home/cattery hobbyist.

Marjorie and Philip Berger
No calls after 9 pm
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/7/2013]

Bounty Maine Coons

North Carolina
Bounty Maine Coons We are a small hobby cattery specializing in healthy, extra-large Maine Coons with superior conformation and breed type, as well as outstanding personalities. Our cattery, cats, and kittens are registered with both CFA and TICA and we compete regularly at shows sponsored by both organizations. Our breeding stock is DNA cleared for HCM and SMA, University of California-Davis, with regular screening echocardiograms at NC State Veterinary School, Raleigh. We have combined breeding stock from top breeding and show catteries in the US and around the world to achieve the size, health, temperament, and the "wild look" that we prize.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 1/15/2014]

TheYankeeCat Maine Coon Cattery

TheYankeeCat Maine Coon Cattery The Yankee Cat is a small Maine Coon Cattery located in the West Suburbs of Chicago IL. We are registered with TICA. We breed for health,type and temperament. Our kittens are raised underfoot and socjalized with our dog - GSD. Our cattery is FELV.FIV,SMA and HCM negative. We invite you to visit our website and our distinctive"Gentle Giants"

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/27/2014]

Maine Lions Cattery

Maine Lions Cattery We are a small cattery located in Philadelphia, PA. Our main goal is to produce beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized Maine Coon kittens. Maine coons are large cats that are very sweet and affectionate, thus earning the nickname of the "gentle giants." All of our pedigreed cats are exclusively registered and shown in The Cat Fancier Association (CFA). Champion, Grand Champion, Regional Lines. We work with brown and brown and white colors at the moment, however will be expanding to other various colors

267-939-0746 Gail Kasy
Philadelphia, PA
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/11/2014]


Enchantacats Maine Coon & Ragdolls of superior quality in looks, temperament and health. We're a certified Cattery Of Excellence with CFA, and all kittens come with a two year genetic guarantee against hereditary problems. We've been breeding cats since 1996 and offer our full experience to back up the quality of our pet placement.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 7/8/2014]

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"...from the Satyr " (Germany)
(N) Lilletun`s - We are a small Maine Coon breeder near Oslo (Norway)
(N) Sacred Spirit's - We are a small cattery in norway. (Norway)
*NL Coonflakes Maine Coon - Breeding quality Maine Coon kittens since 2003. Well socialized and raised with a lot of TLC. (Netherlands)
*SHEDOROS* Maine Coon Cattery (Germany)
2BarW Coons Maine Coon Cattery - We are a small in-home CFA/ACFA registered Maine Coon Cattery selling Maine Coon kittens. (Arkansas)
a KOTY THOMASA*PL - Pedigree cats cattery of Poznan - Poland Poznanska Hodowla kotow Maine Coon i Brytyjskich Dlugowlosy (Poland)
A*ChristomaS MC Cattery - Exclusive Maine Coon Cattery with special aim on big-size, very typey wildlook and health (Austria)
Abesh - Small cattery, with Social and lovely maine coons, we are breeding all colours (Belgium)
About Maine Coons von der Steinfurter Burg - Come and visit us, you are welcome to our cattery in germany for maine coons. (Germany)
About Savincoon Maine Coons (Germany)
Absolut Coon´s - S*Absolut Coons Maine Coon Cattery. A small cattery in the north of Sweden. (Sweden)
Acadiacoons Maine Coon Cats - Beautiful, healthy and loving Maine Coon Cats and kittens (Missouri)
Acanit - We are engaged professionally in cultivation of cats of breed a Maine Coon, carefully we care about (Russia)
Afonya Coon*RU (Russia)
AglowCoons Cattery (Hungary)
Ailuro's Maine Coons (Denmark)
Airish Coon*RU - Russia (Russia)
Aislinn (Netherlands)
Alcaro - we're a small cattrey, with lovely and healthy cats. Our Maine Coon are members of our family (France)
Aldaker*PL - Maine Coon Cattery in Poland, near the Sopot (Poland)
All about It's Me Cattery - We are a small, in-home cattery raising beautiful, healthy and loving kittens, specialised in silver (Germany)
All about maine coons from Indianearth (Germany)
Allegiance Love Maine Coon cattery - We are a small home cattery from Russia, Moskow. (Russia)
Allpurrs and UpperValley - Small specialty cageless cattery emphsizing personality and home environment. Southern VT near I91 (Vermont)
Almira Maine Coon Cats - We wish you a great time with our purring friends :) (Poland)
Amibial - !!! We have new kittens !!! (Poland)
Angel Star,SK - Maine coon cats cattery from Slovakia (Slovakia)
Angtini Cattery - Small in home cattery. Breeding since 1986 brown tabbies with and without white. (Ohio)
Apple Pie - Maine Coon - Italian Maine Coon cattery. HCM & PKD tested cats. (Italy)
Arbor Vitae - Maine coon cattery in the Czech Republic. More info on our web site. (Czech Republic)
Aricoone-cats - We are a small Maine Coon Cattery in Belgium near Brussels (Belgium)
Arkiza*PL - Maine Coon Cattery (Poland)
Ashabelle*Pl - Welcome to Ashabelle, small cattery of peaceful giants from the Maine state. (Poland)
Atticus Maine Coons - Breeding happy healthy Maine Coon Kittens, In West Sussex (United Kingdom)
Axis Star*CZ (Czech Republic)
Backwoods Kennel & Cattery - We breed Maine Coons for pets/show. Visit our web site for more info. (Alabama)
Barncat Classic Maine Coons - We are a hobby Maine Coon breeder located in Southeastern, MA. (Massachusetts)
Battle Creek maine Coon Cattery - Battle Creek has been breeding Maine Coon Cats since the Millennium Year 2000. We breed only few lit
Battle Creek' Maine Coon Cattery - Our location is Germany. We breed in most colours. For more informationw atch our website. (Germany)
Beaverscove Maine Coon - Small cattery with interesting lines. Nearly all colors are possible, specials are red tabby girls. (Germany)
Bellamoondo - The cattery was start with passion and love. Please invite us website (Poland)
Belmicoon * PL Maine Coon Cattery (Poland)
Berkano Maine Coons - Small cattery in Spain. (Spain)
Best Coon - We are a small cattery in Russia, Moscow (FIFe). Welcome! (Russia)
Big Kitty Maine Coons - Maine Coon Cattery in the westcoast of Norway (Norway)
BigSinclairs Maine Coon Cattery (Germany)
Black Smoker's Maine Coon (Germany)
Blue Forest Maine Coon Cattery - Our philosophy is to grow our cats with us custom them to people to obtain quiet and sweety cats (Italy)
BlueLaKoonz - Hobby Breeder of Beautiful Maine Coons in the United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
Bonneamie Maine Coon Cattery - CFA, TICA & FIFE registered cattery located near Helsinki,Finland. (Finland)
Boromir Maine Coon - Small serius breeder.We breed strong and healthy Maine coon cats, with a good temper. (Denmark)
Bounty Maine Coons - Small, family-focused cattery located near Wilmington, North Carolina. (North Carolina)
Braekitz Maine Coons - We are a small cattery in Scotland breeding for health & temperament. Kittens sometimes available. (United Kingdom)
Brats Kats Cattery - Maine coon cats , we have most colors (California)
Bright Lunar Cattery - The first Mainecoon breeder in Indonesia, (Indonesia)
Brind Amours Maine Coon Cattery - We are a small cattery in germany and sometimes we have typical sweet maine coon kittens (Germany)
Bystra*PL - Very friendly Home cattery based in Warsaw POLAND (Poland)
Cabincoon Maine Coon Cattery - We are a small family home based cattery, breeding CFA Champion, Grand Champion, Regional, Breed and (Pennsylvania)
Caleycoon - We are a small cattery in the Kingdom of Fife, breeding Maine Coons for type and temperament. (United Kingdom)
Camaroon Maine Coon Cattery - Beautiful and healthy Maine Coons from Hungary (Hungary)
Cameo One Maine Coons - Breeding quality kittens, CFA & TICA registered, written health guarantee, shipping available. (Montana)
Cancion de Cuna - Familiar cattery with lovely and healthy cats PKD, HCM, FeLV & FIV tested. Self and tabby coats. (Spain)
Carinthian Coons - We breed healthy and beautiful Maine Coons with a nice Character in Austria. (Austria)
Carolinameows - Breeder of Grand Champion Persians and Himalayans located in northern North Carolina. Kittens are CfA and TICA registered. (North Carolina)
Cassiba - We are small maine coon cattery. For more informations, please, visit our website. (Czech Republic)
Castillacoon - Maine Coon cattery (Spain)
Catgo - CFA Registered, National and Regional winning lines, raised under foot - (Pennsylvania)
CATROAD Maine Coon Cattery - A small Maine Coon cattery from Poland. (Poland)
Cattery "Charoit" - We are a small home cattery of Siberian and Maine coon cats. We are located in Russia. (Russia)
cattery basilicus (Netherlands)
Cattery Chamorain - a litlle cattery in Doetinchem the netherlands were the coons can walk free in and out of the house. (Netherlands)
cattery Coons polissons - Small cattery in the south of France.We love maine coons with wild expression and strong . (France)
Cattery GiBoBriKi-Joy - We are a small cattery and we breed litters every now and then. (Netherlands)
Cattery Joysa Cats - Cattery Joysa Cats is a small Cattery specialesed in Orientals and Maine Coons! (Belgium)
Cattery Littles Gargamel - French breeder of Maine Coon & Munchkin cat. Quality not quantity, for pet or serious cattery only! (France)
Cattery pedigree Maine Coon - Cattery pedigree Maine Coon. Enjoy the little kittens. (Poland)
Cattery Tabula Rasa - Our goal is to breed loving and naughty kittens with outcross pedigrees from tested parents (Netherlands)
Cattery Tempus Fugit - Small cattery with 1 or 2 times a year sweet Maine Coon-kittens out of HCM & PKD scanned parents. (Netherlands)
Celebrity Maine Coon and Persians - Small family run cattery raising happy, healthy kittens. Located in mid-Michigan . (Michigan)
Chafervalley - Small cattery ,breeding in all colors with in the nature balanced healthy Maine Coons. (Germany)
Chamanie maine coon - breeding quality kittens,CFA and TICA registered,written health guarantee, shipping available (Canada - Quebec)
Chamberlain Maine Coon's - Maine Coon Cattery from Finland (Finland)
Chat BottÉ - A Cattery of Ragdoll - and Maine Coon - Cats (Germany)
Chat'Rabia Maine Coons - Majestic, sweet temperament, health guaranteed (Canada - Quebec)
Chatterie de la Combe d'Aubagnac - Maine Coon Breeder, south of France. Big boys and beautiful female, with very nice temper. (France)
Chatterie de Red Land - We are a small family cattery in south of France visit our website and email us if you have question (France)
Chatterie du Trou aux Loups - Elevage de maine coon en France (France)
Chatterie Maincloon - Élevage familial de Maine Coon (Canada - Quebec)
Chemicoons, Maine Coon Cats - We raise, show and breed healthy, happy and beautiful Maine Coon Cats. Winning and tested lines. (Nevada)
Chenango (Netherlands)
ClassicCool Maine Coons - ClassicCool Maine Coons est. in 96. NJ breeder-emphasis on healthly well socialized kittens-pet/show (New Jersey)
Clevercoon - Maine Coon Cattery - We breed for personality-not only for size and coat. Polys are our special cats for special families (Germany)
Codycats Maine Coon Cats - 20 years of producing Stunning, Loving & Large Maine Coons from selectively health screened lines. (Massachusetts)
Cold Creek Maine Coons - TICA Reg CAA Champion Maine Coon Cats clear of HCM, family raised kitties available (Pennsylvania)
Colleins Maine Coon Cats (Germany)
CongoCoon Cattery - CongoCoon Cattery of Alabama offers large, friendly kittens in a variety of colors. (Alabama)
Coogan´s Maine Coon - Breeding the Gentle Giant with love and affection. This is our hobby and lifestyle. (Denmark)
Coon Casa Maine Coons - A Maine Coon cattery from The Netherlands, which emphasis excellent type, health and temper. (Netherlands)
Coonalley Maine Coon - Registered cattery since 1991 producing & exhibiting beautiful, healthy kittens for show and pet (New Jersey)
Coonation - Small Maine Coon cattery (Denmark)
Coonattack Maine Coon Cats - We are a small, but fine Cattery in Hessen, and breed Maine Coons in the small framework. We put large value on a character a (Germany)
Coonceit Maine Coons - Award Winning Bloodlines, Health Guaranteed. Specializing in most colors. (Illinois)
Cooncreek - breeder of maine coons and polydactyl coons with outcross and foundation lines (Netherlands)
Coonflakes - A small cattery breeding quality kittens, for show/pet from champion, and UK grand champion lines. (United Kingdom)
Coonhaven Maine Coons - Maine Coons in Australia. (Australia)
Coonity Maine Coons - Coonity Maine Coons is focusing on breeding these gorgious giants from outcross-, foundation- and showlines. Our breeding goals are health, great temp (Austria)
Coonomagic - CFA/TICA. Located at the border of New York City. Kittens available. Raised underfoot. U.S. and European award winning blood lines. Health guarantee. (New York)
Coonpals Maine Coons - already there (Florida)
Coonplay Maine Coon Cats of Colorado (Colorado)
Coonsphere Maine Coon Cattery - Breed Maine Coon cats since 2008, and working with wonderful famous lines. We ship all over da world (Malaysia)
Coonwirthy - We are a small home CFA registered cattery. All kittens are raised under foot as part of the family. (Texas)
Cosy Corner - - Small Cattery in the South of Germany. We breed with Outcross and Showlines. (Germany)
Crane Coon - A small maine coon cattry located in the western part of Denmark. (Denmark)
Cream of Cream * PL Maine Coon Cattery (Poland)
CuddlyType Maine Coon Cats - Germany (Germany)
CUMBRESCOONS Maine Coon Cats - Socialized Kittens! *CFA & TICA * FeLV, FIV Negative , Testing for HCM & HD, "Loving Maine Coons" (Colorado)
Curious Coons - We are a small Maine Coon Cattery near Frankfurt /Main in Germany! (Germany)
Dances with Wolves - homepage for maincoonlovers (Netherlands)
Dante's Paradise Maine Coon Cattery - Helth and quality (Hungary)
Dark Cocoon - Small Cattery located in Wiesbaden, Germany. Please visit our new website to view our beautiful Cats (Germany)
Darkcrystal - Welcome to Darkcrystal registered breeder of Maine Coons with TICA &GCCF,kittens sometimes available (United Kingdom)
Daybreak`s Maine Coons - Small cattery in Finland, where cats are raised with a lot of love and attention. (Finland)
Dazzlecats - Hobby breeder of pedigree Maine Coons and British Shorthairs (United Kingdom)
De la Ville aux Loups - Maine Coon de la Ville aux Loups (France)
de Poezenweide - lovely, happy & healty ragdoll kittens (Netherlands)
Deauville Maine Coon Cats - Some times maine coon kittens, silver,brown, red,blue. w/wo white. (Netherlands) (Oklahoma)
Diamantina Maine Coons - Small Maine Coon cattery located in Sydney, Australia (Australia)
Dinkidi Maine Coons - Where purrsonality, type & health are important -Tasmania,Australia. (Australia)
DK Krammekatten Maine Coons & Poly Maine Coons - A small cattery located in Denmark, raising healthy, beautiful and well socialized cats. (Denmark)
DK Sollok's Norwegian Forest cats - Breed of strong build Norwegian Forest cats with a great temperament (Denmark)
DK Sparhawk - A little exclusive cattery in Danmark (Denmark)
DraCoon - In our MCo cattery we´ve kittens available. Contact us, Loving n´carin´rehoming interested (Finland)
Dracoonfly Maine Coons (Connecticut)
Dreamccon Maine Coon Cattery*Hu (Hungary)
DreamCoon - Welcome to the cattery maine coon DreamCoon in Russia. We always have white and black kittens. (Russia)
Dzcoonz Maine Coon Cattery - Striving for excellence in health, temperament, and type, CFA Cattery Of Excellence- visit our site! (Wisconsin)
Ecliptic Maine Coons - Ecliptic Maine Coons (Croatia)
Elmcoon Maine Coons - maine coon breeders. (United Kingdom)
EMBRUJADOS Maine Coon - Beautiful, loving, affectionate, unique bonding personality. Visit my web. (Spain)
Emilitacoon*LT - Maine coon cats cattery EMILITACOON*LT (Lithuania)
Emilitacoon*LT - Maine coon cats cattery EMILITACOON*LT (Lithuania)
Emilitacoon*LT - Maine coon cats cattery EMILITACOON*LT (Lithuania)
Enchantacats - Maine Coon & Ragdolls of superior quality in looks, temperament and health. (California)
Enchantacoon Maine Coons - Small cattery dedicated to healthy, happy kittens. Reputable breeder. (Texas)
Eriksson - My goal is to breed healthy and big Maine Coons with excellt type. (Sweden)
Escape's Cattery - Quality Maine Coons from Finland (Finland)
Etnika cattery. Maine Coon & Selkirk Rex. - Being a small cattery we strive to produce kittens of exceptional quality in both type and health (Russia)
EuskadiCoon Maine Coon Cattery - We are a small and family cattery in the north of Spain (Spain)
FÉline-Franck Maine Coon Cattery - Small cattery in the centre of Jutland. Please visit our website for more information and pictures! (Denmark)
F1 Savannah Cats - Learn the truth about the Savannah Cat. Follow our new blog! (Kentucky)
Fantasy Valley Maine Coon Album - From here happy Maine Coons are coming . (Germany)
Fayola cattery - Maine Coon Cattery from Finland (Finland)
Feline Paradise *CZ - Feline Paradise*CZ is a small cattery in the west of the Czech Republic. We are FIFe registered. (Czech Republic)
FelinoCoons Maine Coon - A small hobby breeder located in beautiful Dumbarton,close to Glasgow, Scotland. TICA registered (United Kingdom)
Felis Majesty Maine Coon Resort - Maine coon cats cattery - healthy and typefull maine coon kittens (Slovakia)
Five Islands (Netherlands)
Forsterhome - We are breeding Maine Coons since 1989 to see as many silver varieties as possible. (Germany)
Foxy-Style - Maine Coon cattery from Moscow (Russia) (Russia)
Funny Coons Maine Coon Cattery - A small Cattery in NRW, near Dortmund. All my Cats are testet HCM, PKD and HD. (Germany)
Gatta*PL - Maine Coon & Norwegian cattery from Warsaw, You're welcome on our webpage. (Poland)
Gatt'Opera - Breeding Maine Coon cats Gatt'Opera situated in Siena Italy. (Italy)
Gaylton Maine Coons - All our kittens are raised underfoot with children and a dog for well socialized, loving, playful pets! (Ohio)
Ger.Macavity Maine Coons - Small cattery with interesting lines. Member of CFA and TICA. (Germany)
Gigant's Maine Coon - Medium Maine Coon breed located in Slagelse in Denmark. Look at our homepage for more information. =^.^= (Denmark)
Godfather's Cattery (Finland)
Graro Maine Coons - Our cats are raised underfoot annd their health is our top priority. (New York)
Greygables Maine Coons - We are a German cattery screening for HCM, PKD and HD and testing all traits and diseases. Kittens come with a health certificate. (Germany)
Gugger - Location nearly Copenhagen in Denmark (Denmark)
Handaros Maine Coons - Maine Coon kittens lovingly reared in the home (United Kingdom)
Hawkmoon Maine Coons - Home raised, healthy, affectionate Maine Coon kittens in Moscow region (Russia)
Highlander Maine Coons - Hand Raised Beautiful Tabby Babies Bred For Health and Tempermant. (Ohio)
Hollycoon - We are a small Maine Coon cattery located in Genoa (ITALY). Our cats live in the house with us (Italy)
HoneyBee (Italy)
HowLyn Cattery - Grand Champion lines. Regional Winner lines. Supreme Grand Champion lines. Pet cats/kittens sold with altering agreement. (New Jersey)
Hunkpapas Maine Coon Cats - We are a small cattery located in Germany. My goals are to breed large and typful Cats with a nice temper - specialized in Smokes, Silvers, Shadeds an (Germany)
Hunter's Enigma cattery - We are smalll cattery near capital of Croatia, trying to breed healthy and typfull Maine Coons (Croatia)
Icooncats - A small cattery located in France, raising healthy, beautiful and well socialized cats. (France)
ICOONS Maine Coon Cats - Icoons Maine Coons is a Maine Coon Cattery located in Youngstown, Florida. (Florida)
Jacawaca Maine Coons - Breeding quality Maine Coons in Tabby, Smoke and Solid for pet, show and breeding. (United Kingdom)
Jaguarcoons - Jaguarcoons is a small cattery located in Mobile, AL. We breed a cross of European and American lines for the "wild" look. (Alabama)
Jarnac Cattery - Breeding Maine Coon cats and Pixie-Bob cats in France (France)
KARANTANIAS Maine Coon - Little Maine Coon Cattery in Carinthia/Austria. (Austria)
Katjan's Dream Corner - We are a small Maine Coon Cattery from Belgium (Belgium)
Kilaueakoons - Hawaii breeder of CFA certified Maine Coon cats. Largest domestic breed. Very social and lovable. (Hawaii)
King of Bohemia - We have heatlh, beautiful and lovely kittens. For more information on our website. (Czech Republic)
Kinneycoons Mainecoon Cats - We are a family run cattery.We raise our kittens underfoot. (Michigan)
Kittery's Paw - Maine Coon Cattery near Antwerp - All our breeding cats are tested before mating - HCM,PKD,HD,PL
Kitty Kat Coon - Main Coon Breeder Champion blood line (Canada - Quebec)
Kitty-Up Cattery - We breed Maine Coon kittens in a variety of colors and have beautiful well socialized kittens. (New York)
KjempeCoons - We are a small cattery , breeding healthy, lovely natured and show quality Maine Coons. (New Zealand)
Kokuakats - We are now located in Maui! All you Maine Coon Lovers will be able to pick your Maine Coon Kitten! (Hawaii)
koonikats - maine coon cats (Utah)
Koontucky Maine Coons - Established in 1984. Home raised kittens with exceptional health, temperament and breed type. (Michigan)
Koontyme Maine Coon Cattery - Healthy babies with great temperaments is our primary focus! (Indiana)
Koty Rasowe - We're cat cattery located in Poland works with MCO, NFO and PER (Poland)
kwanita - We breed maine coon cats in all colours and with different lines, also poly cats (Denmark)
Lacocoon Maine Coons - Award winning cats, throughout the World. Size, health and temperament. (Canada - Quebec)
Leaena - We breed with love and attention for look and health. (all colours, also solid white) (Italy)
Liberty Valley (France)
Lilicoon Cattery / Chatterie Lilicoon Maine Coon - Our Maine Coons are raised under foot. Our priority is size, health and temperament. Welcome! (Canada - Quebec)
Lincetta - A small but fine maine coon cattery from north-western Bohemia:-)) (Czech Republic)
Lirayen Maine Coon - Maine coon cats cattery (Spain)
Little Pearl`s Maine Coon - We are a neat little cattery in Germany. (Germany)
LittleBigPets - Small family based cattery, we breed with passion for health, superior exterior, and temperament. (Sweden)
Lordcoon*LT - Luxury maine coons from award winning cattery located in Lithuania. We are international. (Lithuania)
Lřve Hulen - Breeder of Maine Coon since 1983, info and pictures at our homepage (Denmark)
LoyalCoon - Breeder located in Budapest, Hungary. Photos, cattery information, kitten availability information. (Hungary)
Lucina Maine Coon Cattery - Small Maine Coon Cattery in North Germany. Showlines and Outcross, also New Foundation. (Germany)
Lynx Place cattery - Maine coon kittens for sale curious, gentle, clever with extreme big ears long tail. Photos pedigree (Russia)
Macawi Mosi - We are a small and responsable cattery in Holland in between Amsterdam / Den Haag (Netherlands)
Magic Coonie - We are a small maine coon cattery in Belgium. Sometimes we have babies. (Belgium)
Magic Craft Maine Coons & Poly Maine Coon (Netherlands)
Maine - Redi Cats, SK - small MCO cattery in Slovakia. (Slovakia)
Maine Coon - We have kittens
Maine Coon & Nebelung Cattery Frotka*PL (Poland)
Maine Coon and Siamese of Moonlight Cats (Germany)
Maine Coon Breeders Link Database - International Database with Maine Coon Breeders from around the world (Netherlands)
Maine Coon Cats Apasabo*PL - Maine Coon Cats from Poland. Beatiful and healthy kittens. (Poland)
Maine Coon Cats of Dantes Peak - Maine Coon Cats of Dantes Peak
Maine Coon Cats of Loveliness (Germany)
Maine Coon Cats of Tala-Minowis - A small excellent Cattery with very interesting lines. Sometimes there are kittens. Have a look. (Germany)
Maine Coon Cattery Aiyana - Small dutch Maine Coon cattery, from time to time kitten. Stud available fot mating! (Netherlands)
Maine coon cattery Bloomingcoons - We breed also polydactyl Maine Coons/ (Netherlands)
Maine Coon Cattery in Poland - Maine Coon Cattery in Poland (Poland)
Maine Coon Cattery Lucky Lions - We are a small Birman Cattery in Germany.Please come and visit our Homepage. (Germany)
Maine Coon Cattery of Lantean Dreams - Small Maine Coon Cattery in Ridderkerk. (Netherlands)
Maine Coon of Duskwood - Small Cattery in NRW and breed cute, typful and healthy Maine Coons. We are a FIFe registered. (Germany)
Maine Coon UK Breeder - Maine Coon cats and kittens (United Kingdom)
Maine Coon Vanco*PL (Poland)
Maine Coon vom Wundersee - Our kittens are looking for a loving home. Kittens are dewormed, vaccinated. (Germany)
Maine Coon Züchter-Map - Eine private Auflistung von Züchtern aus Deutschland, österreich und der Schweiz. (Germany)
Maine Coons of Penobscot - Welcome to our little world of gentle giants. (Austria)
Maine Coons vom Overberger Rosengarten - We are a small cattery in Germany and breed cute, typful and healthy Maine Coons in different colour (Germany)
Maine Delite Cattery - We are proud to share our amazing Maine Coon Cats with those who are willing to treasure them as valued family members. (Ohio)
Maine Delite Cattery - Indiana - We are a small Maine Coon Breeder located in Indianapolis, Indiana that takes great pride in developing home raised Maine Coon Cats (Indiana)
Maine Lions Cattery - We are a small cattery located in Philadelphia, PA. Our main goal is to produce beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized Maine Coon kittens. (Pennsylvania)
Maine Lvrs Cattery - Affectionate kittens available from national and regional winning lines. (Ohio)
Maine/coons of lufre - Living in the capitol of Switzerland and breeding with Outcross, Show and Foundationlines.all colours !HCM, PKD tested.members of FIFE, CFA (Switzerland)
Mainecoon Cattery Carindy - Mainecoon Cattery breeding all colours and all cats tested on Hcm,Pkd,Fiv,FelV,Pl and Hd (Netherlands)
maine-coon cattery Shercoon - We are a small Maine-Coon cattery from Russia (Russia)
Maineflame Mainecoons - Home raised Show quality cats with exceptional personalities from quality imported lines. (New Zealand)
MaineVilla (Ohio)
Mainevu Maine Coons - International and Regional Winner lines. Supreme Grand Champion lines. (New York)
MainzCoon's Maine Coon Cattery - A German Maine Coon Cattery . (Germany)
Majestic-Maineangel's (Germany)
Make it Maine Coons - Registered Maine Coon Breeder in Tasmania Australia.Our bloodlines are chosen for health & strength. (Australia)
Manubi's Maine Coons - *Simply beautyful, healthy Maine Coons in Lower Austria!* (Austria)
Mapache´s Coon - Pequeño criadero familiar en España, cerca de Barcelona. (Spain)
Marikoons - Marikoons Maine Coons (Connecticut)
Marjolein Maine Coon - serious maine coon breeders (Denmark)
Masada - Maine Coon Cattery and Tonkinese from central of Poland (Poland)
Maxi coon´s Manie coon - We have a small home-breed of big Maine Coon, Our cats will be testet , breed all colours. (Denmark)
Mayfunny's - We are a small Cattery whit Silver Maine Coons. All Breeding Cats are HCM and PKD tested. (Switzerland)
MC vom 3-Linden-Brunnen - We breed typeful MC cats, with american and danish ancestors. (Germany)
MCattraction - CFA Maine Coon. Championed sired, happy, healthy, family raised kittens of various colors and patterns. (Missouri)
McDenzinger Maine Coons - We are a small Cattery located in Austria (Austria)
Mckittycreek - Beautiful, healthy, award winning cats from National Winning lines. (Pennsylvania)
Meekocoons Maine Coon - Maine Coon cattery since 2002. (Denmark)
Meino Kates - Maine Coon cattery in Lithuania (Lithuania)
Migatobonito Maine Coons - Welcome to Migatobonito *UK a registered cattery /hobby breeder with the GCCF and TICA. (United Kingdom)
Mira's Home (Netherlands)
Miriquidi Coons - We breed giant MCO´s in different color since 2007. Our cattery is located in Saxony near CZ/PL (Germany)
MisB´Cat - Serious, loving and healthy breeding of Maine Coon. Visit our website and see our wonderful cats. (Denmark)
Monteblanco Maine Coons - Small cattery located in Spain. We breeding self and tabby coats, with or without silver and white. (Spain)
Moon And Sun - Maine Coon - We breed with passion and love a Maine Coon to a friend. (Italy)
Mount Desert's - Health, character, beauty: are the aims we set ourselves, they are not simple to reach if you really (Italy)
Mountain Fork Maine Coon Kittens - CFA big kittens avilable in a variety of colors. E-mail for Breeder pricing. Health Guarantee. (Oklahoma)
Mountain Spirits - We are a small cattery in north Germany. More information you can get on our Homepage. (Germany)
Mountainside's Maine Coon Cats - Maine Coon Cats (Germany)
Moxiecat Cattery - We raise our kittens underfoot. We test for HCM. (New Hampshire)
MTNest Maine Coons - Large, lovable, "gentle giants" with wonderful personalities. Home of many internationally winning kittens and cats. (Pennsylvania)
Muskogee Cattery*BR - Passion for Maine Coon Cats! (Brazil)
Mydele`s - The home to WW04SW04 Ec My Maine av Persicum DSM /a small cattery and Kennel (Norway)
Mylancoon Mainecoonusa - Breeder of Maine Coon kittens in most colors (Pennsylvania)
Nascat - Small cattery in the Houston area. Large cats with big personalities. Nat. & Reg. Winning Lines (Texas)
Naughty Coon - Our aim is to breed healthy and strong Maine Coon cats with a good temper. (Denmark)
Nelly Ness*CZ - family maine coon cattery - We are small cattery from Prague North - for more info please visit our web (Czech Republic)
NO*glamcat - A small homebreed of Maine coon (Norway)
NO*glamcat`s Maine Coon - Glamcat is a small cattery of Maine Coon . (Norway)
Of Nayeli - Kleine aber feine Maine-Coon Hobbyzucht (Germany)
of Chiarandy - Maine Coon Cattery bei Schweinfurt / Bayern (bavaria) (Germany)
Of Mistery Angel - small cattery breeding all colours , all cats are hcm n/n (Belgium)
Okeepa Maine Coons - Maine Coons in Ohio with "Excellent" Pedigrees. (Ohio)
Oldestage Maine Coons - Oldestage Maine Coons is a small home based and family run cattery. (Massachusetts)
Olimpian*RU - We are a small Maine-Coon cattery from St-Petersburg, Russia! (Russia)
olirose maine coons - small cattery we sometimes have kittens available to loving homes (United Kingdom)
Oticami Maine Coon Cattery - OtiCami the first Maine Coon Cattery in China (China)
Paleeni Maine Coons - Small cattery located in central Pennsylvania, raising beautiful healthy and loving Maine Coons. (Pennsylvania)
Pantahduc - Devon Rex and Maine Coons (Netherlands)
PaulRobert's - we are a small italian cattery specialized in blue silver and black silver -We are also canadian lin (Italy)
Perfect Cat*UA - Professional cattery of maine coon and polydactyl cats. Please visit our homepage :) (Ukraine)
Perfect*PL (Poland)
Perla Annaru*PL Maine Coon Cattery - Beautiful cats and kittens from excellent lines. Cats are tested for HCM, SMA, FeLV, FIV, FIP, PKD. (Poland)
Petteycats Maine Coons - Grand CH lines, screened for HCM and SMA, well socialized kittens, genetic health guarantee. (Massachusetts)
PoppyField Coon - Lovely Maine Coon kittens! (Netherlands)
Prince of Maine - The best American and European maine coon lines.Strong cats with fantastic characters! (Italy)
Proprius Maine Coon - Small Maine Coon Cattery near Copenhagen. We only breed with HCM ect. tested cats.Hope You will enjoy our homepage! (Denmark)
Proud Danish - We are breeding Maine Coon in, silver, red, black tabby and tortie colors.
Psycatics - Lovable, friendly Maine Coon cats, raised "underfoot" (Iowa)
Puddleduck Maine Coons - Family raised Maine Coon kittens (Canada - Ontario)
PurRydeRoc Maine Coons - TICA registered, beautiful Maine Coons from Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion lines. (Canada - Alberta)
Pusakarimbakl - Mainecoon Breeder (Malaysia)
Rainbow Lake Maine Coon Cattery - A small but serious Maine Coon Cattery in, Rome, Italy, registered in FIFE (Italy)
Raincoast Cats - A small cattery dedicated to raising healthy happy Maine Coon kitties in a loving home environment. (Canada - British Columbia)
Ranchcats Cattery - Home of Top Quality Cats and Kittens (Texas)
Rascal Maine Coons - Maine Coons have been part of our lives for the past 13 years, we are proud to be registered breeders with the F.C.C.Q. (Australia)
Ray du Soleil Cattery - Ray du Soleil is a small Maine Coon Cattery located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. (Illinois)
Red Line Maine Coon - Breeding MCO since 1991 - for more info see my homepage (Denmark)
Regalcoons - Breeding quality Maine coon kittens since 1994. We lovingly raise beautiful healthy kittens with loving sweet personalities. (Florida)
Rehbach Maine Coon Cattery - HCM gene negative breeding program, raised underfoot for people friendly personalities (Indiana)
ReMaine's MaineCoon - A small cattery in my home with 1-2 litters annually. (Sweden)
Reyes De Selva - Maine Coon. British Shorthair , Chinchilla Persian :) (Ireland)
Rickoons - Small Northern Ohio Cattery, CFA Registered, raised under foot. Temperament, health are foremost (Ohio)
RiverCats Maine Coons - Healthy and affectionate hand raised show and pet Maine Coon kittens. (Florida)
RizcoonSphynx - Home of Hairless Babies. (Malaysia)
Rock Meadows Maine Coon Cats - Small Cattery located in Texas. Member of TICA and CFA. (Texas)
Rockoon Maine Coons - We are a small cattery situated in the heart of the Cumbrian fells.We specialise in brown,red and tortie tabbies with and without white (United Kingdom)
RockStarCats - Grand Champion sired Maine Coon Kittens. Most colors available. Family raised w/ kids and dogs. (Wisconsin)
Rosa Fria - We are a really small, family-type cattery from Prague. (Czech Republic)
Rydalmaine Maine Coons - We are small hobby breeders of Maine Coon cats and we occasionally have Maine Coon Kittens available (United Kingdom)
Sätra Brunns Maine Coon - Small cattery along with children and dogs, work for BIG, healthy and good looking Maine Coons (Sweden)
Saharacoon - Maine coon breeder from Malaysia working with Champion and Grand Champion lines. (Malaysia)
Saharacoon Maine Coon - Maine Coon breeder working with Grand Champion and Champion Lines (Malaysia)
SaraJen Maine Coon Cats - SaraJen Maine Coon Cats (est. 1989) produces healthy, typey, affectionate Maine Coons for pet companions and for the show rin (Virginia)
Secret Shadow (Poland)
Senoja Birmans & Maine Coons - We have a small cattery Birmans & Maine Coons 40 km from Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Sevencorners Maine Coon Cats (Germany)
Shamanshag Kunst und Maine Coon - Shamanshag is a small,exquisite Cattery with danish lines and the colours red,white,black torbie. (Germany)
Shedoros Maine Coon - We have kitten (Germany)
Showbiz - Welome to our Maine coon cattery. We have our hearts set on silver and smoke variants. (Sweden)
Silverbastis*PL - We are small but serious cattery and we come to our cats with hearts. Cats are a part of our family (Poland)
Snow Shy - A very serious breeding of Europe and Maine Coon in Denmark, contact by mail for detailed procedures (Denmark)
Snuglcoons Cattery - Maines with PURRsonality! Located in NRH, TX - Registered with CFA & TICA (Texas)
SokolPark Maine Coon cattery - A small cordial cattery of cute Maine Coons. (Russia)
Sparrow's Nightmare - We work partly with outcross / foundationlines. Our cats are tested HCM, HD, PKD, PL, FIV and FeLV. (Germany)
Special Agent *PL - The most beautifull cats in the world. Now straight from Poland. See you on our web site! (Poland)
Spellbounds Maine Coon - We are a small cattery located outside Oslo. Our goal is to breed healthy maine coons with excellent type, size and temper. (Norway)
Spirritz Maine Coons - A small breeder located in the beautiful Lammermuir Hills, close to Edinburgh, Scotland. (United Kingdom)
SRcoons - Dedicated to breed healthy, large, with sweet temperament maine coons. (Canada - Ontario)
STORMSHELTER Maine Coons - We are a small Maine Coon Breeder located in Southern Indiana raising healthy and beatiful MCkittens (Indiana)
Stout-hearted Maine Coon Cattery (Finland)
Sunexotics Maine Coons - We are a TICA registered cattery and lovingly raise these gentle giants as part of the family. (Canada - Alberta)
Sunwaters Maine Coon (Germany)
Super Maines - Cattery in New Zealand - polydactyl Maine Coons and new Bengal Hybrids: Cheetoh, Cougarin, Renegade (New Zealand)
SuperCoon Maine Coon Cattery - We are a small cattery who breed big, healthy, well-socialized maine coons with excellent type. (Singapore)
Supernova Maine Coon (Italy)
Surreptitious British Shorthairs and Maine Coons - We are friendly Hobby Breedes of British Shorthair and Maine Coons. All brought up in the house. (United Kingdom)
Sweet Predator Maine Coon Cattery - Maine Coon cats in high quality. General Best, Best of Best, Best in Show and Best of Breed cats. (Hungary)
Sweetlove - Breeder of sphynx and maine coon (Netherlands)
Talkingcats maine coon cattery - TalkingCats is a small cattery located in Samara (Russia). We are proud of our cats! (Russia)
Tatankaska - all cats are with us and we live in a chalet in the Mountains (Switzerland)
The Dorsai - Dorsai kittens come mostly in silver and smoke, with the occasional red. (Belgium)
The Haecoon - We are a small cattery who breed cuddly coonies in all colors (Netherlands)
Thecathut . com - Maine coons ,Brown, Brown w/w, Silver, Silver, w/w ,Red, Red ,w/w. (Ohio)
TheYankeeCat Maine Coon Cattery - The Yankee Cat is a small Maine Coon Cattery located in the West Suburbs of Chicago IL. (Illinois)
Tigerstars - We are Registered Maine coon breeders and owners of this wonderful breed of cat. (United Kingdom)
TiiLi*PL - MCO TiiLi*PL (Poland)
TiiLi*PL - MCO TiiLi*PL (Poland)
TiiLi*PL - MCO TiiLi*PL (Poland)
Timaracoon - Maincoon-cattery in Holland (Netherlands)
Timita - Timita is located in Denmark. Our main aim is to produce beautiful healthy cats in show quality, (Denmark)
Tirtham Cattery - Maine Coon - Best Quality Maine Coon in Indonesia. (Indonesia)
Tirtham Cattery - Maine Coon - Indonesia - Best Quality Maine Coon in Indonesia. (Indonesia) (Indonesia)
Trappistini Maine Coons - American and Danish lines. Lovely kittens sometimes available. TICA;GCCF;FIFE registered. (United Kingdom)
Trappistini Norwegian forest cats - Breeding and showing beautiful cats of excellent type and temperament. Registered with TICA; FIFE; (United Kingdom)
Tresor Blanc - Breeding Maine Coon Cats (France)
TribalCoons - BORN 10/7/06. Kittens have 1st and 2nd shots. Our babies are raised underfoot, and are tributes to t (Kansas)
Triskel Maine Coon - Breed with love, for type and temperament. Health guaranteed. CCA and CFA registered cats. (Canada - Quebec)
Triunfo Cattery - Maine Coon Cats (Brazil)
Tropikoons Maine Coon Cattery - Maine Coon Kittens from Top Show Lines in CFA. All parents hcm echoed and dna negative. (Florida)
Tuzzys MaineCoon Cattery - Lovingly cattery with interesting lines, interesting pedigrees, Member of TICA. (Germany)
Valcoons - International Winning Lines. We specialize in the Ticked pattern. Small family cattery. (Pennsylvania)
Vaskebjorn poly and non-poly maine coons - Vaskebjorn poly and non-poly maine coons (Netherlands)
Vingilot*CZ (Czech Republic) - Small MCO cattery located in Warsaw. (Poland)
Wackymoon - We invite you to take a look at our homepage (Denmark)
Waggs Coons - Small cattery with large cats lovingly raised underfoot. (Ohio)
Warsaw - We are small cattery in Warsaw. We have a very nice cats. Please, visit us. (Poland)
Whiskers Cattery - Maine Coon Breeder and Whiskers Cattery owner (United Kingdom)
Wild Tulip Maine Coon Cattery - Small lovely cattery in Germany. have a look at our website! (Germany)
Wildchild Maine Coons - Maine Coons of Wildchild, Breeders of Breathtaking Maine Coons ! (Michigan)
Wildcoon - Hobby breeder of beautiful cats of excellent type and temperament since 1989. (United Kingdom)
Wildwilliwaws Maine Coon Cats - We are a small TICA registered cattery in Austria. For pictures and informations visit our website. (Austria)
Willabelle Cattery - Ohio Breeder Of Quality Maine Coons For Twenty-Four Years (Ohio)
Witchbreeds (Germany)
Yaheska Maine Coons - We are a small cattery in Cornwall, breeding Maine Coons imported from fine German and Danish lines of most colours, with and (United Kingdom)
Yankee Cats Maine Coon - I am a small breeder of these Gentle Giants, the main goal of my breeding is health and character, but also size and type are (Germany)
Yoon Coon - Maine Coon cattery located in Denmark, there are a lot of pictures and info at the homepage ! (Denmark)
Yovimba Maine Coon Cats - Small cattery located in the south of Germany. Fine show- and foundationlines. We test for HCM / HD. (Germany)
z domu violi*pl (Poland)
Zeitgeist Maine Coon Cattery (Croatia)
Zikhafri Maine Coons - Breeding/showing from CFA American National Winning, Regional Winning and Distinguished Merits' pedigrees. (Malaysia)
Zioncoon (Denmark)



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