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Doll Face Persian Kittens
Doll Face Persian Kittens

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Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics

Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics Rare & Beautiful Chinchilla and Shaded Silver & Golden Persians and Exotics. All kittens live in a completly CAGE-LESS environment which allows them to develope their very playful and social personalities. Health is guaranteed, all shots and vet checked. Spay/neuter contract. Please visit our website to view our beloved kittens and cats.

Ardell Sims
Dazzle M Persians & Exotics
916 991-6530
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[Deluxe Listing Started 9/8/2004]

Pelaqita Persians

Pelaqita Persians CFA registered show cattery, specializing in bi-color Persian cats. Our pedigrees include Grand Champion, NW, and DM titled show cats from pure Persian lines. Kittens are properly socialized, healthy and have incredible, loving personalities. Every year a veterinarian inspects our home/cattery for adherence to the CFA Cattery Environment program. We are proud to have earned CFAís highest designation Cattery of Excellence every year since 2005.

Breeding cats are tested, and are negative for, FIV & FeLV and PKD1 (negative DNA test). We now scan our breeding cats for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy). Five year written contract/health-genetic guarantee, plus a six year HCM guarantee. Our website offers over 200 pages of educational and Persian-related information.

Susan MacArthur
Pelaqita Persians
Pleasantville, OH 43148
(740) 467-3096
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[Deluxe Listing Started 3/2/2005]

Oceanpurrls BiColor & Solid White Persians

Canada - Alberta
Oceanpurrls BiColor & Solid White Persians OceanPurrls Pig Pig - Solid White Show Persian EXCEPTIONAL TOP QUALITY BEAUTIFUL LUXURIOUS , HEALTHY , Pedigreed pure Persian kittens from prestigious show lines. Available exclusivley and only found here at OceanPurrls Persians , Professional registered breeder since 1989 .

We our known worldwide for the Sweetest looks & Dispositions on our Persians.

All our Persians at this time are CFA Grand Champion sired, all are raised underfoot in our home , not in cages, All prespoiled and pampered . Specializing in SHOW quality Persians, show ,breeder & Pet persian kittens available

Karen Pratt
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[Deluxe Listing Started 3/4/2005]

Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics

Canada - British Columbia
Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics Breeding healthy top quality persians with exceptional purrsonalities & outstanding pedigree's for showing, breeding or loving Pets .

Raised lovingly underfoot . With special love & attention to each and every kitten

Our Persians are
*CFA . TICA. Registered
* PKD Negative
* Felv,Fiv Negative
* come with a Written health Cert
* Vaccines,deworming given by Vet

We actively show our persians throughout the year .

Persian & exotic kittens in a variety of colours now available for sale !!

Verna Bulled
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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/2/2005]

CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic

South Carolina
CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic At CatzR4me, our Cats are King (or Queen)!

Our kittens are handled and kissed everyday to ensure them to be loving & well-adjusted. CH & GC bloodlines such as Pussini, Magic Sunrise, Lion House & Grandaries adorn our kitten's pedigrees.

Although we specialize in Chocolate and Lilac (solid and pointed), we have several colors to choose from.

PKD1 negative (via DNA) cattery

Feel free to call 803-414-1607 before 7 PM
Feel free to e-mail me regarding availability and upcoming litters.
Email is checked hourly during the week and daily on weekends.
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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/5/2005]

Gems of the South Persians & Himalayans

Gems of the South Persians & Himalayans Located in Orange Park, FL which is just outside of Jacksonville. We are a small cattery with only a few litters every year. Each kitten is nurtured and cared for everyday to enhance their social skills and sweet personalities. All kittens are kept in the house & are never let outside.

Each kitten comes with a blue CFA registration paper, a veterinarian's health certificate, a negative feline leukemia test, first shots, de-wormed, & are litter box trained. All of our adult cats have been tested by the University of California at Davis for PKD and are Negative.

Amy Green
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[Deluxe Listing Started 6/21/2005]

BooKats Cattery

BooKats Cattery BooKats is a CFA registered cattery and located in Central FL. We specialize in Silver,Golden and Blue Golden kittens from Champion/Grand Champion Pedigrees. Now offering solid colors, bi-color, calico and tabby. All of my cats are a part of the family and are lovingly raised under foot. The kittens are well socialized, come with a written health guarantee and a FL Health Certificate from my vet. PKD (UC Davis tested), FIV, FeLuk negative, mite, flea and fungus free guaranteed. Please stop by my website for a visit!

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[Deluxe Listing Started 9/6/2005]

Paupau Angel Persians & Exotics

Paupau Angel Persians & Exotics Paupau Angel raises pure Persians and Exotic Shorthairs of exceptional quality. We offer our kittens to selective homes, for pet, and occasionally show/breeders. We are a PKD DNA tested Cattery. Please stop by and vistit our website for more info.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 11/28/2005]

Carismatic Persians

Carismatic Persians Carismatic Persians is a PKD DNA tested cattery located in central Indiana. I've been breeding and showing since 1989 when I fell in love with these sweet little kitties. Occasionally breeding Bi-color and solid Persians only and having a few retired breeder and show kitties available to forever loving homes. Please take a tour of my website and contact me if interested in any of my kitties.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 2/19/2006]

Picturesque Persians

Picturesque Persians I raise and show bi-color Persians. I breed for show quality kittens, but have pets available also.

Feel free to e-mail me or call 785-246-2507.
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[Deluxe Listing Started 6/18/2007]


Chelcecats Home of Current CFA Grand Champion and Regional Winning Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians. DNA PKD negative Cattery. NO caged animals, come and visit. 100% guaranteed health and Condition. CFA registered.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 9/4/2007]


Shensilvers We are a CFA certified Cattery. All of our cats are PKD neg. tested and never caged. Our mission is to raise Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian kittens that are very well socialized and have them adopted by a caring and loving family. Your kitten will come with a certificate of health by a licensed Vet and a carrier, food and care instructions to get you and your kitten off to a great start.

Call Bob @ 540-660-2603
Call Brenda @ 407-312-0795
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[Deluxe Listing Started 2/28/2008]

Precious Poms N Persians

Precious Poms N Persians We breed Quality extreme flat faced persians, short compact & full of coat. We have a variety of colors like Red, Black, Smokes, Blue Creams, Calicos, Creams, Whites and more. Great Champion lines and several Champions in our Breeding programs. Wonderfull temperments, loving cuties to cherrish. All or our cats come with a health guarantee, kitten photos of them growing up, kitten pack. All will have had their exam, fecal, dewormer, and current vaccines. If you truly want a persian to love, you can be blessed by one of god little treatures. Please visit our website to see our little squishy's. Thank you for considering one of our little persians.

602 276-9178
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[Deluxe Listing Started 10/1/2008]


Dreamquete Small, in home cattery, located in Northwest,IN devoted to excellence. Babies are raised in my home, underfoot, for maximum socialization. Home of TICA 2010 International Winner, Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, Sunsoar Jollymon of Dreamquete--named Best Cat 41 times in 10 shows! Show and breeder kittens available to approved programs. Kittens available to excellent pet homes as well. We do ship in the Continental U.S. PKD negative, fungus-free cattery.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2009]

Lionzden Cattery

Lionzden Cattery GORGEOUS PERSIAN/HIMALAYAN FLUFFBALL LOVEBUGS ..Beautiful Coat & Blue Lapis Eye Color...Lionzden Cattery is a CFA Registered Cageless Cattery Specializing in Healthy Dollfaced Purr babies; We include Vet check, 1st - 2'nd baby vaccines, plus 1 Intranasal vaccine,3 dewormings, health record, genetic health guarantee, & fecal check. Our babies are socialized in a private loving setting, just waiting for their forever home. DNA PKD tested NEG as well as, FIV FeLV Negative. Plus, Ringworm free. Additionally, All Kittens are Micro-chipped before leaving Cattery.

Call Sandra @ 781.286.0952 or 617.605.0595
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[Deluxe Listing Started 8/17/2009]

Cherishabuls Himalayans

Cherishabuls Himalayans Cherishabuls is a small CFA registered cattery in NW suburban Chicago breeding to the CFA standard and for the current himalayan of today. The himalayan should have a round head, small ears and short nose. We produce most colors including lynx points with the exception of chocolate and lilac. We do not breed miniature cats, or colors not accepted by CFA! We are a PKD tested cattery. Our kittens never leave home before 12 weeks of age, have two - three shots and are vet checked and have a one year genetic health guarantee. Visit our website.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 8/27/2009]

Bijoux-Rouge Persians

Bijoux-Rouge Persians Bijou-Rouge is a small cattery located in Spring,Texas. Our love and admiration for our Persian babies result in quality health, personality and beauty. All my cats are raised in a loving and animal friendly, home environment. Our cats and kittens receive love and the best care possible.

Tess Keel 337-370-7399 Cell
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[Deluxe Listing Started 4/26/2010]

Shiningcats Cattery

Shiningcats Cattery We are a small indoor and very honest new cattery. Breeders live in a very nice, clean life environment & tested DNA, PKD, FIV, FELV Neg. Babies were growing in our hearts. Pedigree line is from: LT*LIJA. Colors: Bi- calico, vans tabbies & more. Babies all healthy for pet, show or breeder. Cattery registered in CFA & cats show in the CFA. Welcome to my website for more details.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 9/17/2010]

Moppetland Persians

Canada - Ontario
Moppetland Persians Home to Stunning Quality White and Bi-Color Persians for Both the Show Ring and the Discerning Pet Owner. Moppetland is a small CFA/CCA-registered cattery located in Niagara Falls, ON. Working with such top pedigrees as Kissables, Rhamjoge, Wishstar, and Steeplechase allows us to produce exceptional kitties with incredible temperaments, and our babies are raised in a cageless environment so that they are well-socialized and loving individuals. Our lines are DNA-tested PKD negative, and kittens are sold with a one-year health guarantee. We are dedicated to our cats and it shows.

Contact Nancy at 289-296-6049
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[Deluxe Listing Started 10/18/2010]

Adorable Pawpetals Christian Cattery

Adorable Pawpetals Christian Cattery Welcome to , a CFA Christian Cattery offering the finest little blossoms to cherish and love for a lifetime. We have been Doll Faced Persian Kitten breeders for over 3 years. Our White and Silver Doll Faced kittens are the best of the best, boasting Grand Champion Lineage with healthy, unsurpassed beauty and wonderful temperaments. We have the kitten for those who want the very best the World has to offer! Our Cattery breeds from the finest lines in the country, feel free to browse our pedigrees. Our parent Cats are complimented all over by Veterinarians and other breeders!

Call Brandi at 407-709-3464
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[Deluxe Listing Started 12/19/2010]

Shadowoak Persians

Shadowoak Persians We have been raising Persians for over 25 years. We love raising and showing this special breed of cats. The Persians make wonderful pets and will become a special member of your family. All kittens are health checked and shots are given before leaving for their new homes. We run all the tests on the parents before they are used in our breeding program.

We specialize in Vans, BiColors and Whites.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/17/2011]

SG Persians & Exotics

SG Persians & Exotics We are a CFA registered cattery located in Singapore. We breed show quality persians & exotics from winning lines with the aim to improve health, temperament beauty & as close as to the CFA breed standard. SG Persians is a PKD, FELV/FIV negative cattery.

Ebel Lu: +65 97126637
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/5/2011]

Sterlingpaws Cattery

New York
Sterlingpaws Cattery CFA registered Sterlingpaws chinchilla silver persians are of health certified guarantee.Most loving clean precious babies.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/10/2011]

Love Persians Cattery Long Island

New York
Love Persians Cattery Long Island Love Persians is a small in home CFA registered cattery located in Long Island. Love Persians kittens have a uniquely loving purrsonality that will warm your heart. Our genetically sound, healthy kittens are raised as part of our family and have the run of the house.

Love Persians kittens are prized for their elegant full coats, expressive faces, and gorgeous bright round green eyes. This ancient and regal breed is well-known as the most popular breed in the country. It is our hope that one of our kittens will become a loving addition to your home.

Mona Naeem
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/20/2011]

Winnplace Cattery

Winnplace Cattery Winnplace Cattery is registered with TICA and CFA. It specializes in Show, Breeder and Pet quality Persians from top show lines. The kittens are bred for good health, beauty and pleasing personalities. Colors include dominants, dlutes, solids and bicolors. All Winnplace cats are PKD negtive and come with a health guarantee.

Please check the web site for available kittens or email or call 239-810-0066.
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[Deluxe Listing Started 10/6/2011]

Extasse Persians

Extasse Persians Extasse Persians is CFA Registered. We specialize in Shaded and Chinchilla Silver purr-babies. Kittens are raised underfoot with daily huggs and kisses. Health guarantee.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/7/2011]

Angels And Dreams Persian Cats

Angels And Dreams Persian Cats At Angels And Dreams we raise beautiful, healthy,happy home raised CFA persian babies. Our little angels are showed lots of love and care and come pre-spoiled. A rainbow of colors to choose from. We make getting a kitten a experience your family will treasure for a lifetime.

call Elizabeth at 7135535954
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[Deluxe Listing Started 11/17/2011]

Silver Estate Silver Persians

Silver Estate Silver Persians Breeding Chinchilla Silver Persians since 1986 with CFA Grand Champion & National Winnings. My cats are my family & not caged. I take pride at having kittens that go home to you with great loving personalities and used of being hugged and kissed daily. Health Guaranteed & PKD DNA Negative. Kittens as spay/neuter only and updated shots. Please visit my website and see my family.

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[Deluxe Listing Started 11/21/2011]

Heaven Sent It

Heaven Sent It Doll face white, cream, golden, chinchilla silver persian kittens for sale. Using Grand Champion Bloodlines. CFA registered Cattery of Excellence, Florida States Healt Certificate. Raised in small cage less Cattery with love and care. Very friendly, playful, Breeze System trained. We have a kitten for those who want a best.

Call Margaret at 954 806-5079
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[Deluxe Listing Started 2/8/2012]


Shensilvers Our Mission is to raise CFA certified, PKD Negative, well socialized Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Perian kittens to be adopted by a loving and caring family. Our Cats are never caged and live with us. Your kitten comes with their own carrier, food, comfort blanket and instructions to get your kitten off to the best possible start. You have a health guarantee by a certified Vet and 24/7 access to us on any matter concerning the kitten. Now located in the Orlando Florida area. Call Brenda 407-312-0795 or Bob 540-660-2603

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/19/2012]

Sullivanblu Cattery

Sullivanblu Cattery We are a small cattery near Gonzales, Texas on the Guadalupe River. This cattery is home to CFA registered Persians and Himalayans that come from champion bloodlines. The kittens are raised in a cage less environment with both Queen and Tom in the home. We are animal lovers first who believe in providing a warm and loving "first" home for our kitties. If you have ever had a Persian before, you know you cannot resist their sweet gentle nature. Visit our website to check on Available Kittens.

Phone: 512.508.8477
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/2/2012]

Vannies Paws Cattery

Vannies Paws Cattery Vannies Paws is a CFA/TICA registered show cattery located in SE Wisconsin. Breeding for CFA/TICA standard of the breed. PKD/DNA and FIV/FELV tested negative. All our cats and kittens are fully socialized in a loving non caged home. They come with two sets of vaccinations, licensed vet exam, and wormed twice. They are sold with a written health contract and a one year genetic guarantee. Our kittens leave home no sooner than 12 weeks.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/10/2012]

AgapePersian Cattery

AgapePersian Cattery Luxurious, Beautiful, Healthy, Pedigreed Persian's Available!! My name is Nina Papageorge's, I run a small closed Cattery. My specilties are Silver's & Golden's, and Bi-colors & Calico's. I also breed, THE BLUES: Dilute Calico's, Blue Goldens, & Blue Silvers. We occassionally have Smokes. Our kittens are loving, trusting, and very cuddly; raised by our hands and with our hearts. Persians are the most loving if breeds. Quiet and calm, with HUGE ROUND EYES, my cats follow me, and will follow YOU around the house! Persians are the breed to get if you want a VERY LOVING & STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL PET!!

Nina Papageorge's
Owner/Breeder & Crazy Cat Lady
Cell Phone: 562-760-2006
Dana Point, CA
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/13/2012]

Pure Royalty Persians

Pure Royalty Persians Persians that are truly Pure Royalty. Home of the most angelic and precious Chinchilla Silvers, Shaded Silvers and Himalayan's you will ever lay your eyes upon. My kittens are featured on American Greeting Cards! PKD tested Negative Cattery. CFA Registered Breeding Grand Champion, and Champion Blood Lines. Show and Pet quality. Never Caged. Comes with Health guarantee, and first set of Vaccinations. Can ship within USA. Please visit our website to see our beautiful angels.

Contact Trixxe McCowin Phone 330-701-0618
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/13/2013]

Springstails Cattery

Springstails Cattery Breeding and showing since 1998. We have a home based tiny cattery. I only have a handful of cats and have 1 to 2 litters per year as we are very selective about our babies. We bred for quality not quantity. We breed according to CFA and TICA standards. Our cats are raised in home with us and run free. They also acquire loads of TLC. Our cats are titled and have very prestigious lines. They also are PKD negative and have been so for many generations. Serious inquires only please.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/11/2013]

Ciders Haven

Ciders Haven Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and exotics as my breeders. I have a small Cattery. My Persians and exotics are raised in my home, and all of my babies are raised with a lot of love and attention. I have a huge passion for these wonderful creatures and love them dearly. They all are given a lot of love and attention right from birth, and are raised in a clean healthy environment. My goal is to produce Persian and exotic kittens kittens with a very sweet personality, and with round or tear drop eyes with a sweet open expression that I love so much.

(206) 719-1134
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[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2013]

Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics

Canada - Manitoba
Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics Welcome to Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics an ACFA & CFA registered cattery. Breeder of Bi-Color, Tabby, Solid & *New - Odd Eyed program. Working with National & International bloodlines from all over the world has improved the quality of our cats over the past decade. Prism Ridge kitties can be found in both Breeder/Show homes and Pet Homes worldwide. We are a PKD DNA tested negative cattery. All kittens are sold with a contract that include a Health Guarantee and first 2 vaccinations & vet checks. Shipping availabe

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/17/2013]

Precious Gems Persians

Precious Gems Persians Precious Gems Persians is located in Port Charlotte, Florida. Our PKD, FIV/FELV NEG cattery specializes in doll face Persians. Our kittens are white, silver shaded, golden shaded, silver chinchilla, and chocolate. We often have white odd-eyed kittens. Our kittens are raised in our home and have daily love and attention which is so important to adjusting to their future new homes. We try to give them the best start in their lives by feeding them grain-free food, using only special safe disinfecting cleaner in our home, and make sure that they are groomed regularly. Before our kittens leave our care, they will be health checked by a licensed veterinarian and will have an official health certificate.

For more info, please email at or call 941-249-4119 and ask for Brenda.
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/9/2013]

Kaeceas Persians

Kaeceas Persians We are a small cattery located in Middle Tennesseee specializing in high white bi-color and smoke persians. Our females have only one to two litters a year. We are PKD DNA Negative. Our babies are raised with lots of love and attention. We have been showing cats since 1995.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/16/2013]

Purr Darlings

North Carolina
Purr Darlings CFA registered ,Persians & Himalayans small cattery , we work with national and international champion bloodlines. Parents are PKD DNA, Felv /Fiv Neg. Our Delightful kittens have Wonderful personalities and such Sweet faces. They are raised in our home underfoot with lots of loving and lap time. From our home in North Carolina to yours.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/20/2013]

Snobelle Chinchilla Silver Persians

Canada - British Columbia
Snobelle Chinchilla Silver Persians Located in VANCOUVER BC CANADA, CFA registered Chinchilla Silver Persian Kittens! Exclusively specializing in Chinchilla Silver Persians, our cats come from Regional, National and Grand Champion blood lines! Our silver persian kittens have fluffy white coats, gorgeous blue-green eyes and the sweetest purr-sonalities! Written health guarantee.

Contact Jasmine (604) 306-7517
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/8/2014]

VN Persians

VN Persians Welcome to our site!!! Located in this site is where we would like to present our beautiful Persian kittens for sale. We owned Persians for many years and fell in love with their beautiful appearance and wonderfully kind character. We have learned how to care for Persian cats to the point where we would consider them family. We breed my cats to produce eloquent, exquisite kittens that are of excellent quality. We wouldn't sell a kitten if we didn't believe that it wasn't of the equipped quality needed to go to a new home.

Contact Vladimir (916)997-9061
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/18/2014]


TinyPersians Silver, Silver Shaded, Chinchilla, White Persian Kittens for sale. CFA registered Cattery in Texas, USA, Health guarantee / Health Certificate - Texas Veterinarian Certified. Cage free, small cattery /raised underfoot, socialized, playful, healthy, adorable, long-silky coats, large eyed Persian kittens for sale. Accept cashier's check, certified check, personal check, PayPal. Ship Internationally by reputable airline transportation service. We welcome your inquiries.

Contact Deborah: 214 960-0267
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/9/2014]


North Carolina
Riverbin I am a member and show in both TICA and CFA. Kittens come from Regional Winners and Grand Champions and are Extremely loving.

Ruth 919-477-4221
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/10/2014]

Pure Eleganz Persians

Pure Eleganz Persians Pure Eleganz Persians & Himalayans is a small cattery located in Macomb, MI. I show and breed within CFA. Grand Champion bloodlines. Our cats and kittens are well socialized, they're used to being around children, noise, held and of course played with. I breed for quality not quantity. Come check us out you will be very happy you did!

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/1/2014]

angelspur persians

Canada - Ontario
angelspur persians Breeding for the show standard we specialize in dazzling reds and elegant whites mostly with copper eyes but very occasionally blue eyes and odd eyes. Written health and genetic guarantees provided.Quality kittens from an experienced breeder.CFA registered and we are a Cattery of Distinction tier II. Shipping available.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/1/2014]


Teacupdolls I have doll face and very flat face silver Chinchilia Persian kitten. Ch line

Please text Sandra for info on kitten 951-310-1936
Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/18/2014]


purrfectkeeperz Traditional Doll face CFA Persian, Himalayan & Ragamuffin kittens in unusual color combinations. Our kittens are raised w/children & dogs. Never Caged! Ultimate Companion lap cats! PKD & Feline Leukemia tested negative. Big Attention Hogs!! Just the way we like them! Kittens come to you with wonderful loving traits, very healthy. We feed food only found at specialty pet stores, adding vitamins & digestive enzymes to ensure your getting a healthy companion also available is a 1 to 3 year guarantee on your kitten. Shipping is available. Call or text with any questions

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/25/2015]


Jobezsilverpersians Adorable Silver Persians (Shaded, Chinchilla and Goldens) GC lines PKD neg.

I have been breeding and showing for over 25 years as a small hobby breeder with CFA. My kitty's are bred for health, personality, and of course they are beautiful. They are free to run and play. No caging in my home. Always looking for wonderful loving homes like mine.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/8/2015]

Jewells Persians

Jewells Persians We are a very small CFA and TICA cattery. We breed only a few litters a year and provide some of the most healthy, beautiful and well socialized babies you can buy. PURE PERSIAN TOP SHOW LINES. Call anytime,215-630-5502.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/8/2015]

Elagans Persians

Elagans Persians Elagans Persians is a small, CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in show quality, pure bi-color Persians--no CPCs or dollface kitties here! We are currently accepting deposits on our new litter of Blue and White and Dilute Calico babies.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 3/26/2015]

Hankypankys Persians

Hankypankys Persians We are a small cattery breeding and showing pure Persians. Cats kittens are raised underfoot and come prespoiled. FeLuke/FIV/PKD neg. Bi-colors/tabbies.

Englewood, Ohio
Website: Click Here!

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TNRPersians We sell quality Persian kittens to wonderful, loving homes, both doll-faced and flat-faced kittens of beautiful colors and temperaments. These fluffy, adorable kittens, when ready to leave home, are litter box trained, veterinarian checked, given first shots, and de-wormed, and especially socialized. We are a PKD and FELV/FIV negative cattery. They live under foot and are loved and treated as pets. We are reasonable to work with and want someone to have a quality loving pet added to their home. Give us a call now and/or visit our website for more information! We'll answer any questions you have.

Rita Bybee, 480-270-1152, 480-559-7807
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Purr-ivity Persians and Exotics, LLC.

Purr-ivity Persians and Exotics, LLC. Purr-ivity Persians and Exotics, LLC. is a CFA registered cattery owned by Rachel and Cindy Pilliod. We run a small closed cattery in Salem, Oregon. Our cats are free from fleas, mites, fungus, and parasites, and our cats are PKD, FELV and FIP negative. We are proud to say that we comply with the new USDA Animal Welfare Act and Regulations. Our animals have always been members of our family first and we chose to breed our cats for the sake of furthering quality in the individuals. We take great pride in the health, personality and appearance of our cats.

Purr-ivity Persians and Exotics Rachel and Cindy Pilliod
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TuffyTails Cattery

North Carolina
TuffyTails Cattery Sir Cooper Hershey's Kiss TuffyTails Cattery is a CFA registered cattery located in NW North Carolina. We enjoy raising beautiful, chubby cheeked, doll faced beauties. We are a small, hobby cattery and all kitties are raised in our home. We are a closed cattery (no stud service). We have CFA champion lines of Persians and Himalayans. We do not sell breeding rights except for special circumstances outside of our region. We sell with contract with expectation of spay/neutering by 6 months of age. The kittens and their mommies enjoy their own nursery and the cats run the house and have their own playroom with lots of toys.

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Kitten Candy Persians

Kitten Candy Persians Kitten Candy Persians is a small cattery in our home. We are members of CFA. We raise both Peke and doll faced Persians. Our cats are allowed to roam freely in their specially designed room. They are groomed and played with daily to develop great socialization skills. Although we have a variety of colors, including reds and black, we are focusing mainly on Whites, Chocolates, Blue and Lilac.

Text for information at 713-478-5045
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A Kit Kat Haven - Himalayan and Tabby Persians (California)
Adorable Lilac Persians and Himmies - Lilac and chocolate color is the specialty of Lucas'Love, a small cattery located in Copacabana, Rio (Brazil)
Adorable Pawpetals Christian Cattery - Persian Kittens for Sale (Florida)
Aequinoctium Cattery - We breed Egyptian Mau in silver and smoke. take a look to our web site. (Italy)
AFluffyDream - Health himalayan and persian kittens CCA and CFA registared first shots vet checked PKD DNA NEG (Canada - Ontario)
Ahmischi Persians & Himalayans - Persians in most colors - bi-colors, solids, tabbies, & himalayans, including whites. CFA Reg. (New York)
Alfenloch Himalayan-Persians - Gorgeous chocolates, lilacs, lynx and traditional colors, top champion bloodlines, CFA/CCA Reg'd (Canada - Ontario) - Super Cute Persians, raised as part of a family with dogs and kids, come visit! (New Hampshire)
Allevato Himalayan~Persian Color Points - Allevato Himalayan~Persian Color Points CH Sired CFA Kittens Available (PKD & Feline Leukemia Neg) (Georgia)
Amadiyah Persians (Finland)
Angel Eyes Cattery - This is a cageless cattery where kittens are raised "underfoot" with loving care and affection. (Canada - Alberta)
Angelana Persians - We are a tiny cattery nestled in the country with a lovely view of the foothill's in beautiful Colorado. (Colorado)
Angelical Paw Cattery - I specialize in producing Blue, Odd Eyed whites. Including most colors. With very sweet faces, and very extreme. Health Guara (Virginia)
Angels And Dreams Persian Cats - We raise beautiful, healthy,happy home raised CFA persian babies (Texas)
angelspur persians - solid colours including whites.also a few tabby colours (Canada - Ontario)
Arctic Light Persians - CFA registered solid and particolor quality pure Persians raised in home from top bloodlines (Montana)
Arrow Lakes Persians - Smoke and solid persians with character! Health and quality high priority. (Canada - British Columbia)
Ashlin Zots - CFA Reg. DNA PKD Neg. Exotic Shorthairs. We are located in the Northwest Region. B-Colors, Tabbies (Washington)
Autumn-Purrs Persians - Specializing in Bi-Colors and Bi-Color Smokes. (Michigan)
Aventurine Cattery - Persian breeder from Bulgaria, CFA registered, PKD negative cattery. (Bulgaria)
Ayn Castle Cats Cattery - CFA Persian's and Himalayans- Rare Chocolate Colors, outstanding personalities! (Ohio)
BabyKatPersains4utoo - Persains kittens (Georgia)
Basskat - Working towards Purr-fection for over 2 decades (Missouri)
Beaubell Persians - Beaubell Persians. CFA National Award Winning Cattery (Florida)
Belcherpurrs - Our commitment to Selective breedings ensure Optimal Health and Personality. (Florida)
Belgiangulch Persians - Cageless Cattery raising awesome Bi-Color, Calico, Solids and Tabbies (Montana)
BigPurrs Persians - BigPurrs Cattery specializes in White and Bi-color Persians since 1998 (Israel)
Bijoux-Rouge Persians - Bijou-Rouge is a small cattery located in Spring,Texas. (Texas)
Biscaynecat Cattery - Himalayan kittens to be family member,not just a cat. Adorable,sweet and lovely,spoiled and passion. (Pennsylvania)
BlueIce's Persians - Solid and tabbies with fine bloodlines (Finland)
BlueSavannah Cattery - Specializing in breeding bicolor cats (cooper, blue, odd eyes) Persians and Exotics sh (Brazil)
Bonne SantÉ - Persians and exotics.pkd-free. (Germany)
BooKats Cattery - Persian kittens specializing in Silver and Gold. Now offering solids, bi-color, calico and tabby (Florida)
Boutique Kittens - Our Persian & Himalayan kittens for sale are an exquisite representation of their breed. (Colorado)
Bradpurr Cattery - I have a small cattery in Tn where I have been breeding and showing cats for over 25yrs. (Tennessee)
BreezyBrook Cattery (New Jersey)
Brettachtal Cattery - Located in Germany and is a CFA registered cattery with the certification "Cattery of excellence" (Germany)
Brontti Persians - We are a small CFA registered hobby breeder. PKD Free lines (Maine)
Burton's Persians and Himalayans - "Raised in our hearts"."Kittens with purr-sonality!" (Texas)
CALLISTO persians - Start breeding in 1985. PKD tested cattery. (Netherlands)
Caloola Silvers - Australias Most Highly Awarded Chinchilla & Shaded Silver Exotics & Award Winning Silver Persians (Australia)
Candy Doll - Lovely Persian kittens (Hungary)
Carismatic Persians - Bi-color & solid Persian cats and kittens (Indiana)
Carmandale Persians & Exotics - PKD, FeLV, FIV negative cattery; breeding top quality kittens from Imported lines were the cat rules (South Africa)
Carolinakatz Cattery - Breeder of quality CFA registered Himalayan & Persian Kittens (North Carolina)
Castlegate Persians - Castlegate breeds national winning silver and golden persians in New Jersey. (New Jersey)
Castleglen - CFA Tabby and Solid Persians. PKD DNA Neg. Vet Checked, Health Guarantee (Georgia)
Caszan Persians - Chinchillas/Goldens& Blue Goldens, Solid Persians, Colourpoints and Exotics (United Kingdom)
CatKisses Cattery - CFA registered, PKD tested, small cattery with National winning lines (Texas)
Catley Crue Cattery Himalayans & Persians - Catley Crue is a breeder of quality Himalayans and Persians located in South Dakota (South Dakota)
Catniss Cattery - Quality CFA Registered Exotic Shorthair and Longhair Kittens! (Texas)
Cats W'Class Persians - Breeder of the 2012 Royale kittens. (Canada - Ontario)
CatsCreation - Persian Kittens for sale , Persian Breeders using Grand Champion Bloodlines, CFA registered Cattery of excellence Florida state health certificates. (Florida)
Catsland Cattery - First burmilla breeder in Quebec Canada. We are register with CFA and CCA. All cats live with us (Canada - Quebec)
Cattery Celandine - Breeder in SELKIRK REX in the colours Chocolate, Cinnamon , Golden and Silver in odd eyed (Netherlands)
Cattery Chenet - I have a small cattery in the north of holland. I breed shaded-silver,chinchilla, shaded goldens and hymalians (Netherlands)
cattery Joanna la Lafonteyn - exotic and persian cattery (Netherlands)
CatzR4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic - Catzr4me Persian, Himalayan & Exotic - with locations in South Carolina & Florida (South Carolina)
Catztuff - Daily cat (and his owner) adventures (Portugal)
Cayugafarm Cattery - Very small breeder working with GR CH lines .Breeding with emphasis on heatlh and personality. Now breeding Exotic Shorthair. (New Hampshire)
Ceimycat - We are a small cattery located 69 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee (Mississippi)
Celebrity Maine Coon and Persians - Small family run cattery raising happy, healthy kittens. Located in mid-Michigan . (Michigan)
Charrewood Persians - We are a CFA registered cattery since 2001 breeding solid and bi-color Persians. (Pennsylvania)
Chelcecats - Exclusive home of current award winning silver persians. CFA registered, DNA PKD negative only. (Michigan) - Cheravels Persians (Missouri)
Cherishabuls Himalayans - Cherishabuls is a small CFA registered cattery in NW suburban Chicago breeding to the CFA standard and for the current himalayan of today. (Illinois)
ChiChiKatz - ChiChiKatz is a CFA registered, small in-home cattery specializing in Chinchilla Silver, Golden and Blue Gold Doll Faced Persians. (Florida)
Chonilee - A small cageless cattery specializing in bicolor. Tested PKD NEG. Raised withlove and attention. (New Jersey)
Christypaw Persians - Gorgeous, spoiled rotten babies persian babies for sale (Missouri)
Ciders Haven - Ciders Haven is a Bi-Color Persian and Exotic shorthair Cattery with beautiful bicolor Persians and (Washington)
CK-4cattery - Persian & Exotic cattery in Indonesia (Indonesia)
Clara Bella Cats - Chocolate and Lilac Persians
Cleokat Persians - Specializing in CFA tabby, solod and bi-colors-bred for beauty and sweetness (California)
Colorcats - A TICA registered Persian and Exotic cattery in Helsinki, Finland. (Finland)
Comical-Catz - Specializing in chocolate bicolor Persians & exotic short hair. (Tennessee)
Connaught Persians - Quality CFA Persians since 1971. FeLV/FIV negative. We are committed to maintaining a PKD-negative cattery. (Maryland)
Coppurrhills Persians - CFA cattery. We breed for extreme faces and to CFA standards. Bi-color, smoke, calico, tabbies. (Wyoming)
Coventgarden Cattery - Buenos Aires - Argentina (Argentina)
Crystal Ice Persian Kittens - Persian Kittens Doll Faced White and Silvers CFA Breeder Health Certified Cagless Cattery (Florida)
Crystal Pond ( Holistic/Natural ) - Small Breeder of CFA Persians in Bicolor & Calico, European & Imported lines, PKD free. (Massachusetts)
Dakota Catz Cattery - Himalayan & Persian Kittens (North Dakota)
DandysESHandPersians - Welcome to Dandys Exotic Shorthairs and Persians! We are a small hobby breeder of beautiful Pure Persians as well as Exotic Shorthairs! (Arizona)
Daphne's Dolls - Doll Faced Persians and Himalayans - CFA Reg. Specializing in Silvers and Goldens. Health Guarantee (Missouri)
Dazzle-M Persians & Exotics - Rare & Beautiful Chinchilla and Shaded Silver and Golden Persians and Exotics. Health guarantee (California)
Deltadolls Ragdolls - Ragdoll Kittens For Sale (Australia)
Devine Paws Cattery - CFA & TICA Registered Cattery of top show quality Siberians and Himalayans/Persians (Canada - Manitoba)
DiSaronno Persians - CFA Registered since 2005. Specializing in Solid and Particolor. (Florida)
Divine Flame Persians - Extremely affectionate lap persian kitties for children and adults (South Africa)
Divine Katz Persians - CFA registered sweet and sociable bicolor persian kittens and cats seeking loving forever homes. (Arizona)
DjaVuPurrs - Dedicated breeding healthy and quality Persian and Exotic Shorthair of Golden and Bi-color OE/BE. (Kentucky)
DjaVuPurrs Cattery - Persian & Exotic Shorthair from GCH/NW and PKD neg lines. Focus on health and personality. (Kentucky)
Doll Face Persian Kittens - Home of the Dollfaced Persians & Himlayans since 1989. TCCI Supreme Cattery & State Licensed Cattery (Missouri)
Donegal Cattery - CFA registered Bicolors, Solids, Tabbies, & Himalayans; Chocolate & Lilac carriers for breeding. (North Carolina)
Dore-Diamond cattery - We breed Persian, Exotic and Sphynx (Reg in CFA, FIFe and TICA) (Vietnam)
Dream Heart Persians - I take great pride in breeding the exquisite Dearheart Silver Persian Bloodline used in the newest Fancy Feast commercials. (Indiana)
DreamKatcher Persians & Exotic Shorthair - Breeding Persians and Exotics from National Winner, Regional Winner & Grand Champion lines (Utah)
Dreamquete - Dreamquete Exotics, Persians, and the occasional Himalayan (Indiana)
Dreamz - Himalayan and Persian cattery, that specialize in the rare color range, such as Chocolate Tabbies, and Chocolate Lynx points. (Canada - Ontario)
East Coast Persians and Himalayans - Mother-son cattery located just minutes from Boston (Massachusetts)
Eigenauers Persians - Persian Kittens--Specializing in Golden, Silver & Exotic--CFA--PKD (Wisconsin)
El Shetlajas Persians (Germany)
Elagans Persians - Elagans Persians is a small, CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside San Antonio, Texas. (Texas)
Emgems Persians - Persians Kittens - Specializing in Chocolate, Solids & Torties--Healthy/Wonderful Temperaments (Oregon)
Endures 4ever Cattery - I am a small CFA Registered in home cattery located in Manchester, NH. Persians and Himalayns. (New Hampshire)
Excedent Cattery - CFA registered Hong Kong Cattery (Hong Kong)
Exotic Kingdom cattery - Exotic Kingdom cattery (Exotics & ELH, Persians) (Latvia)
Exotic-Gems Cattery - Registered Breeder of Exotic SH & LH Cats. Specializing in Tabbies & Bicolor. (Canada - Nova Scotia)
Exquisitcats - We specialize in silver and smoke persians Our kitties are raised lovingly underfoot . (Colorado)
Extasse Persians - Extasse Persians is CFA Registered. We specialize in Shaded and Chinchilla Silver purr-babies. (Wisconsin)
Fancy Fluff Cattery - We are in central Kentucky. We specialize in bi-color Persians. Pet/breeder/show. (Kentucky)
Firebrand Cattery - Himalayans and Persians. All color points including chocolate & lilac. Solid. bi's, tabby & silvers (Michigan)
Fluffies R Us - We raise our kittens under our feet and on our shoulders (Missouri)
Fluffy Farm Cattery - Beautiful Himalayan kittens available with bright blue eyes. Please contact Issie +15129094807 (Texas)
Furry Critters - Himalayan & Distinctive Blue Eyed White Persians in Michigan (Michigan)
Furry Dream - Persian, Himalayan, Chinchilla Kittens for Sale. (New York)
Furry Tale Land - Furry Tale Land is also an excellent boarding cattery. (Cyprus)
Fursace Persians - CFA registered Persians from national winning lines raised underfoot. PKD negative, health guarantee (Michigan)
Galla Cattery - Himalayan and Persian, PKD and FLVE negative cattery. (Canada - Ontario)
Gatti Persiani - Persian Cats breeder (Italy)
Gems of the South Persians & Himalayans (Florida) - We specialize in Goldens and Silver Persians. Health certificates. Adorable doll faced. (Florida)
GorgeousPaws - CFA registered cattery . Specializing in Exotics (Pennsylvania)
Granny Bells Custom Stud & Princess Pants - Goldens, Silvers, Blue Goldens & Silvers; San Francisco Bay Area. CFA, cageless, health guarantee (California)
Hankypankys Persians - Hankypankys Persians (Ohio)
Harvest Hill Himalayans and Persians - Beautiful and sweet Himalayan & Persian kittens, family raised, CFA registered. PKD negative. (Kansas)
Heart Song Cats - We are a small CFA registered hobby breeder. PKD Free lines and wonderful temperments! (Maine)
Heart'nsoul Persians - Heart'nsoul is a small CCA and CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside of Tillsonburg, ON Canada. (Canada - Ontario)
Heart'nsoul Persians & Himalayans - CFA/CCA reg. cattery breeding quality chocolate & lilac Persians and Himalayans. Pet/Breeder/Show. (Canada - Ontario)
Heaven Sent It - Doll face white, chinchilla silver, golden, cream CFA registered, Miami Fl,, 954 806-5079 (Florida)
Hellowien Persians - Hellowien Persians - Small cattery, CFA-reg., specializing in Bicolors & Tabbies, only US-lines (Austria) (Austria)
Hobbit Tail Persian Cattery - Hobbit Tails is a small family owned cattery specializing in black smokes, blue smokes, cameo's and white kittens. (Texas)
Hollow Hillls Persians & Exotics - Hollow Hills persians & Exotics ,Breeding exceptional persians for showing breeding or pets . (Canada - British Columbia)
Honeysky Persians & Exotics (Germany)
In The Pink - Beautiful Male and Female Persians - Cage Free - Great Prices (Florida)
Ivy Cat - We are CFA registered cattery. Our lines are DNA/PKD negative, we offer beautiful, healthy kittens. (Indiana)
Jasans Cattery - Exotic Shorthairs. Pet, breeder and show. Exotics with Personality Plus. (Michigan)
Jessieleigh German Shepherds and Himalayan Persian (Florida)
Jewel Cattery - I specialize in the breeding of Persian, Exotic, Scottish-fold, British SH, Donskoy Sphynx, Peterbald (Russia)
Jewells Persians - Specializing in Tabby, Solid and Parti-Color Persians (Pennsylvania)
Jobezsilverpersians - Adorable Silver Persians (Shaded, Chinchilla and Goldens) GC lines PKD neg. (California)
KaDoKits Exotics - Silver Tabby & Smoke Bi-color Exotic & Persian/ELH kittens & retired adults. PKD/FIV/FeLV neg lines. (Oregon)
Kaeceas Persians - We are a small cattery. We specialize in bi-color and smoke Persians. (Tennessee)
Kallylace Cattery - Breeding Beautiful Bi-Color Persians for 40 years. (Michigan)
KaristaKats Cattery - KaristaKats is a CFA Cattery of Excellence breeding beautiful doll face Himalayans with no cages. (New Jersey)
Karkens Cattery - Beautiful doll face Himalayan & Persian kittens available, most colors , CFA Registered (Pennsylvania)
Kat's Kastle - Bi-Color Persian (Rhode Island)
Katzenfur Persians - Small cattery working wih bicolors and whites. (Iowa)
Katzeye Persians - Quality Persians with health guarantee. Show, breeder and pet quality year round. (Florida)
Kaydekatz Himalayans& Persians - A small cageless CFA registered environment for our kitties. (Alabama)
Kelameg's Kittens - Small cageless cattery in St. Louis, Mo. CFA, registration and pedigree included. (Missouri)
Kelskits Silver & Golden Cattery - Kelskits Silver & Golden Cattery focusing on health, personality and beauty. (California)
Kernel Persians - CFA and TICA registered.Various colors and patterns. Located near Beaumont, TX (Texas)
Kikonic Persians & Exotics - Kikonic specializes in Chocolate, Lilac and Odd Eyed kitties. Babies available soon!! (Texas)
KingdomKatz Persians and Himalayans - Small CFA Registered DNA PKD tested, FIV, FELV Negative Show Cattery whose primary focus is on raising Happy, Healthy, Quality Kittens (Illinois)
Kinnley - Exotisc and Persians cats - solid, tabby, with white, tabby & white . (Czech Republic)
Kitten Candy Persians - Kitten Candy Persians is a small cattery in our home. We are members of CFA. We raise both Peke and doll faced Persians. (Texas)
Kittikamir Silver & Golden Persians - Specializing in CFA Silver & Golden Persians since 1989. (Texas)
Kitty Charm Persians and Exotics - Kitty Charm Persians and Exotic Shorthairs. CFA and TICA REG.Breeding show and pets since 1974. (New Jersey)
Kittycove Persian Kittens - Persian CFA Breeder in Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex (Texas)
Koty Rasowe - We're cat cattery located in Poland works with MCO, NFO and PER (Poland)
La Yen Cattery - Breeder of Persians in all colours as well as Himalayans. (South Africa)
Lady Sunset's Perser - small FIFE reg. cattery in Germany - chinchilla/silver & golden shaded Persians - PKD DNA neg. (Germany)
LadyDi - Breeder of Chinchilla Persian Cats, from award winning cfa registered lines (Illinois)
lalazpearlzcattery - I am a small Breeder located in Trussville, Alabama (Alabama)
LavenderLace Cattery - Calicos, Bicolors, Tabbies, and some solids. Kittens are raised underfoot, not caged. Adorable! (Arizona)
Le Val de Coton - The Val de Coton is a small cattery of chinchilla, silver and golden shaded persians. (France)
Les Edenrocs - Small Cattery of persian chinchilla silver and golden. Our cats are tested PKD (ADN) negative. (France)
Lil Fox Kits - Persians, Himalayan, Exotics, Selkirk Rex rare colors such as Bi color Himalayans, Chocolate & Lilac (Montana)
Lil persians - located in Omaha Nebraska area. CFA health certificate provided champion lines (Nebraska)
Linrenay Persians - We have adorable C.F.A. registered Persian and Himalayan kittens for sale. Healthy, playful, loving! (Ohio)
Lionzden Cattery - Lionzden Cattery- Lapis Blue Eyed Himalayans Specializing in Chocolate & Flames CFA Reg (Massachusetts)
Lionzden Cattery - CFA Reg small cageless cattery breeding Himmys,Smokes, Chocolates, Flames, with Champion lines. (Florida)
Little Angel Cats - CFA registered. Pet/show quality. Adorable, healthy kittens socialized w/TLC; beautiful eye color! (California)
Lockesnest persian cats - Persian cats kittens, raised in our home, PKD neg. (Maine)
Lorishakatz - Small closed cattery with Beaubell, Pajean, Steeplechase, Tehy, Joleigh, Candirand lines. Will ship. (Maine)
Love Persians Cattery Long Island - Love Persians is a small, selective in home CFA reg. cattery specializing in top quality Persians (New York)
Lovely Moon's Perser & Exotic - PERSER & EXOTIC SHORTHAIR CFA reg. and PKD free Cattery in Germany (Germany)
Loylaine Cattery - I have all CFA champion breeders. I do get an occasional pointed kitten. Pedigrees from the best catteries and breeders with grand champions. (Florida)
Lucas'Love Cattery - Solid lilacs and Himmis.Soon I'll have chocolate and lilac bicolors. FIV,FELV and PKD free (Brazil)
Luv Snowoaks Persians - Gc, Rw bloodlines. solids and bi-color. Small closed cattery. (Tennessee)
Luvely Persians - We are a small, CFA registered cattery breeding show quality tabby and smoke persians. (Oregon)
Luvmycats Persians - North Texas Persian breeder. (Texas)
Magnolia Persians - Located in Blount Springs, AL - 40 miles north of Birmingham off I-65 (Alabama)
Marclay Himalayans and Persians - Marclay is a PKD tested cattery. Available show and breeder quality cats/kittens. (Indiana)
Marmis-Cat.Com - Persian & exotic cattery from Serbia (Serbia)
Masabeli Persians (Ohio)
Memnon Himalayans - A small cage-less and DNA PKD Negative tested Himalayan-Persian cattery in Nashville, TN (Tennessee)
Meow House Kittens - Welcome to Meow House! We specialize in chocolate, but will have most colors: doll-faced to show quality. (Texas) - Persians and Napoleon Kittens (Florida)
Mewz Precious Persians and Exotics! - Beautiful, clean, healthy, sweet cats - it's what we do! We show w/CFA; kittens sometimes available. (Arizona)
Mia Kira - Breeder of Chinchilla Persian & Siberian cats including Neva Masquerades (United Kingdom)
MICABLISS Persians - We specialize in smoke bicolours and now branching off into tabbies and whites. (Malta)
Mikkatpersians - CFA registered specializing in Solid & Tabby. Breeds for optimum health and temperment. Top Lines (New Jersey)
Milbury Exotics - Contact us for your next Exotic SH/LH Show Champion, Champion producer or loving family member. (Canada - Nova Scotia)
Miniature Persian Kittens for Sale - Specializing in heart-warming Teacup Persian & Himalayan kittens (Missouri)
Misipiqncatz of Brandon, MS - We have persian kittens available from time to time! Check our website for great deals! (Mississippi)
Missionhill Persians & Exotics - Silver, Chinchilla & Silver Tabby Persians & Exotics with outstanding temperaments (Canada - British Columbia)
MisteeRiver Persians - Bi-color and tabby Persians. Small CFA reg. cattery. Beautiful sweet kittens for pet/breeding/show (Illinois)
mitzybelle - Persians kittens in dilute solids and hi-white bi-colours. (United Kingdom)
Monarcha, CZ - Persian and Exotic cattery reg. by FIFe, bicolours, harlequins, vans and other colors and ex quality (Czech Republic)
Moonstrukpersians - I strive for quality kittens and brred only heathy cats that are free roaming. (Wisconsin)
Moppetland Persians - Home to Stunning Quality White and Bi-Color Persians (Canada - Ontario)
Motas - Cattery of :Persian,Himalayas & Exotic , Excellent lines - Localizated in Bogotá, Colombia South Ame (Columbia)
Mount Vista Persians - Himalayan and Persian Kittens (Arkansas)
Mr. Whiskers Cattery - Small, CFA cattery that specializes in tabby & white, white, & bi-color kittens. Health guarantee. (Oregon) - Persians and Himalayan kittens for sale Champ.Parents Guaranteed (California)
Mystic Rose Persians - CFA Registered Persian Cattery specializing in Show Quality Bi Colors and Tabbies, Visit us now!! (Oregon)
Mysticalkatz - CFA registered Persians and Himalayans PKD ,DNA negative raised in our home Flat faces (Maine)
MysticKatz - Specialize in whites including dilutes and solids working with national winning lines (North Carolina)
Mystimitts Persians - At Mystimitts we breed Bi-color & Solid Persians using only PKD/DNA negative pure Persian lineage. (Canada - British Columbia)
Oak Village Persians - Specializing in Solid, Bi-color and Tabbie Persians (Colorado)
Oceanpurrls BiColor & Solid White Persians - Oceanpurrls CFA since 1989, Breeder of Van,High White Bi Color Persians & Solid whites & Himalayans (Canada - Alberta)
Old Castle Persians and Himalayans - Gorgeous & lovable quality Persians & Himalayans,rainbow of colors, felv,fiv pkd neg. Very clean!!! (Massachusetts)
O'Neills Twilight Persians - Bred for Quality Persians in Toy,Teacups and Micro Teacups ,Sometimes Standard size Family Raised (Florida)
OpalAnnies - OpalAnnies is a CFA registered cattery located in Phoenix, Arizona with over 15 years experience. (Arizona)
Orbis Persians - Specialist site (United Kingdom)
Over The Top Gems - Exclusively Silver Persians (Tennessee)
Ozycats - Ozycats Exotics and Persians (Spain) Family Bred Show/Pet Solids Tabbys and Himalayans (Spain)
Palmetto Cattery - smoke Persians (Georgia)
Pam's Persians - Bi-color longhair and exotic shorthair persians, specializing in high white and vans. (California)
Panei Persians & Exotics - Panei Persians & Exotics- specializing in show and companion cats/kittens with purrsonality plus (Oregon)
Parmel Persians - PKD negative cattery, with blues, creams and blue/cream with 3/5/13 pedigrees and solid pedigrees (United Kingdom)
Patlen (Indiana)
Paupau Angel Persians & Exotics - Paupau Angel raises pure Persians and Exotic Shorthairs of exceptional quality. (Michigan)
Pelaqita Persians - Persian Kittens of Distinction For Sale (Ohio)
Penobscot European Burmese - Cats and kittens from CFA award-winning Grand Champion and National Winning lines. (Ohio)
Perizms Persians - I breed solid, particolor and bicolor persians. We now have kittens available for adoption. (Washington)
Persas Chinchilla La Reina - Family Friendly Silver Shaded, Golden and Chinchilla Persian Cattery (Spain)
Persian & Exotic cat cattery IRLINS - The cattery is engaged in cultivation of Persian and exotics, marble and bicolor colors. (Russia)
Persian Kittens Delight Devotion Cattery - Persian Kittens, CFA Registed Cattery, Sweet & Loving personalities. (Oregon)
Persian Kittens For Sale - We have teacup Persian kittens for sale as well as Himalayan kittens. (Missouri)
PersiansAZ - We are a CFA-registered cattery and sell beautiful CFA-registered, purebred Persian kittens. (Arizona)
Picturebook Persians - Persian breeder with pkd negative lines. (United Kingdom)
Picturesque Persians - Bi-color Persians (Kansas)
Plush Palace - Beautiful Ragdolls & Doll Face Persians. British Shorthairs. (Alabama)
Plush Persians - Doll Face and Extreme Face Persian Cats and Kittens Ohio (Ohio)
Posh Persian - Posh Persian is a small, family owned cattery, CFA award winning Persians, PKD Tested Negative, (Colorado)
Preciosa Persians & Exotics - CFA Persians, Himalayans & Exotics ~ Healthy, Happy kitties raised underfoot for Pet or Show. (Pennsylvania)
Precious Gems Persians - Precious Gems Persians is located in Port Charlotte, Florida. Our PKD, FIV/FELV NEG cattery specializes in doll face Persians. (Florida)
Precious Poms N Persians - Extreme flat faced persians , quality that counts at a reasonable price from our family to yours. (Arizona)
Precioushearts - Chinchilla, Silver and Golden green eyed Persians. (Malta)
Prints of Peace Persians & Himalayans - Specializing in Persians & Himalayans in a variety of colors. CFA reg. Contract/health guarantee. (New York)
Prism Ridge Persians & Exotics - Breeder of Bi-Color, Tabby, Solid & *New - Odd Eyed program. Working with National & International (Canada - Manitoba)
Proventus Cattery - Exotics & Persians - We are CFA registered. We have NW & RW lines and only believe in breeding for perfection. (Malaysia)
Pure Eleganz Persians - If you're looking for the purrfect Persian/Himalayan look no further. (Michigan)
Pure Royalty Persians - Home of the most angelic and precious Chinchilla Silvers, Shaded Silvers and Himalayan's you will ever lay your eyes upon. (Ohio)
Purr Darlings - CFA registered ,Persians & Himalayans small cattery , we work with national and international champion bloodlines. (North Carolina)
Purrden Me Persians - We have the most wonderful purrsonalities in the world! Beautiful bicolor and solid persian kittens available to new homes n (Virginia)
Purrfect Kitties - We take pride in raising CFA kittens that are well socialized and are a compliment to the breed. (Pennsylvania)
purrfectkeeperz - Traditional Doll face CFA Persian, Himalayan & Ragamuffin kittens in unusual color combinations. (Washington)
Purrfectly Exotics - Home-Raised friendly, loving playful Exotic shorthair and Longhair kittens.100% health guarantee. (Canada - British Columbia)
Purr-ivity Persians and Exotics, LLC. - Purr-ivity Persians and Exotics, LLC. is a CFA registered cattery owned by Rachel and Cindy Pilliod. (Oregon)
Purrkeepers Cattery - "Keep a purr close to your heart" (Canada - New Brunswick)
Purrsephone Cattery - We breed Persians for quality, love, socialization. We are CFA registered and FELV/FIV and PKD neg. (Alabama)
Purr-T-Paws Persians - Loving family-raised CFA Persian kittens. Colors include shaded silvers and goldens, blue silvers and blue goldens, smokes, tabbies, and shaded bicolo (Pennsylvania)
Pur-Snickity Cattery - Bi-Color Persians; PKD negative; Excellent pedigrees and dispositions. (Florida)
pussyfoot - wonderful temperaments, breed for quality not quantity absolute little treasures you will adore. (Australia)
Rado Cattery - Rado is a small CFA cattery located in east Europe, Bulgaria. (Bulgaria)
Rainbow Meow Persians - Small private, in-home cattery breeding show quality solid and bi-color persians from champion line. (Virginia)
Rare Earth Cattery - Specializing in Dilute Smokes and Solid Persians. (Texas)
RB Cat House-Persians by Rhonda - Home raised registered persian kittens. (Arkansas)
Riverbin - Beautiful Persians, Regional Winners and Grand Champion Lines. Healthy and loving Persians. (North Carolina)
Rosimorn Persians & Exotics - Happy healthy kittens, all colours, specializing in chocolate and lilac - solids, bicolours & tabby (New Zealand)
Royal Rascals Persians - CFA Registered Persian Kittens available. (Pennsylvania)
Sachabreen Persians - Small GCCF reg PKD neg cattery breeding solid bi & tri colours - all babies lovingly raised indoors (United Kingdom)
Saint Bella Persians - outstanding show and breeder and pet persians (Wisconsin)
Sandylions Cattery - We offer quality kittens that are raised underfoot with lots of love and attention from birth. (Utah) - 2 CFA female shaded silver kittens,health cert. & guarantee included,socialized, 2mo.old, readyto go (Florida)
Serafinaz Persians - Breeding for health, type and temperment. All PKD tested, and FELV-FIV negative. Raised lovingly underfoot. Pet, breeder, (New Jersey)
SG Persians & Exotics - We are a CFA registered cattery located in Singapore. (Singapore)
Shadedbeach Silver Persians - Doll Faced Persians - CFA Reg. Specializing in Silvers (Illinois)
Shadowoak Persians - Shadowoak Persians (California)
Shensilvers - We are a CFA Cerfified Catery of Excellence and members of the CFA Breed Council for Silver Persians (Florida)
Shensilvers - We are a CFA certified Cattery. All of our cats are PKD neg. tested and never caged. (Virginia)
SherylDolls Cattery - We are a small cageless cattery in Vietnam, breed shaded silver, golden and chinchilla persian. (Vietnam)
Shiningcats Cattery - Shining, Happy, Love , Adorable, Smart and very healthy (Massachusetts)
Shonedek Persians - Breeder of Bi-Tri colors with tabby also and solid whites in all 3 eye colors..PKD negative (United Kingdom)
Silver Claws - Welcome to SILVER CLAWS "le royaume de doll" my CFA registered cattery, tested PKD negative, located in France. (France)
Silver Estate Silver Persians - Breeding Chinchilla Silver Persians for "25" Years! (California)
Siriuksen persians, exotics and American curls - Breeding cats since 1974, our love are silvertabby varities but we have many colours (in curls) (Finland)
Slinkypaws Persians & Exotics - Breeders of quality and loved Persians & Exotics (United Kingdom)
Snobelle Chinchilla Silver Persians - Gorgeous Doll Face Chinchilla Silver Persian Kittens! (Canada - British Columbia)
Snopeke Persians & Exotics - CFA Show Quality Silvers / Golden Persians & Exotics (Michigan)
So Lovely Baby's - La passion du chinchilla & golden, pour leurs yeux vert Émeraude, leur fourrure argent & or. (France)
Sophanise Persians - Showing and Breeding Top Quality PKD Negative Cats in Solid, Bi/Tri and Tabby Patterns (United Kingdom)
Springstails Cattery - CFA registered home raised Persian and Exotic shorthair kittens available to loving homes. (Florida)
Stardazl Persians - Specializing in Silvers, Goldens, & Blue Goldens (Texas)
StarKitty Cattery - Bi-Color Persian and Exotic (Michigan)
Starr Persians - Specializing in Doll-Face Bi-Color, Party Color, Shaded and Himalayan Persians (Tennessee)
Starseekers Himalayan Kittens - Blue-Eyed White/BEW & Point colors: lilac, lilaccream, blue, bluecream, cream (Massachusetts)
Sterlingpaws Cattery - CFA registered Sterlingpaws chinchilla silver persians are of health certified guarantee.Most loving clean precious babies. (New York)
Sugar Paws - Sugar Paws is a very small home-based cattery. We have all colors including the exquisite colors of Chocolate and lilac. (California)
Sujari's Persians - Small Cattery breeding Persians in solid and bicolour, partically with tabby. (Germany)
Sullivanblu Cattery (Texas)
Sweet Luck Exotic&Persians - Exotic & Persians tabby , silver tabby, bi-color ,smoke (Russia)
Sweetharmonys Persians and Exotic Shorthair - Persians and Exotic in chocolate and lilac self, tabby plus silver, smoke, Bico, high-white (Germany)
Sweetmist Persians - CFA cattery in Charlotte breeding healthy, happy solids, bi-colors, parti-colors for pet or show. (North Carolina) - Cfa reg.Bi-colors,parti-color,silvers,and the occasional solid (Pennsylvania)
Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale - Adorable Teacup Persian kittens for sale, wide selection of colors to choose from! (Iowa)
Teacupdolls - $800 pet price and $1600 up for breeders right (California)
Templeparlor - Beautiful colors, Sweet expressions, Top Quality Parents imported from Russian lineage: Vita Nova (Washington)
Thundapurr Cattery (Wisconsin)
TinyPersians - Silver - Chinchilla - White Persian Kittens For Sale (Texas)
TNRPersians - We sell quality Persian kittens to wonderful, loving homes, both doll-faced and flat-faced kittens of beautiful colors and temperaments. (Arizona)
Toscaninni's Persians - Breeder of Persians in Bi-color, Bi-color-tabby and Van. (Belgium)
TouchingPersian - Hobby breeder for bi-colour Persian in London (United Kingdom)
Treasured Kittens - We are a small in home cattery located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. (Colorado)
TuffyTails Cattery - TuffyTails Cattery! Living Dolls of Fluff to Love. (North Carolina)
Tugboat Cattery - Small breeder of persian and exotic cats. (Canada - Nova Scotia)
Validian Persian Cats - Validian Persians located in Southern California. Solids-Particolors-Bicolors-Vans. (California)
Vanleigh Persians - Silver Persians, and Smoke Persians, Located East Coast of Florida (Florida)
Vannies Paws Cattery - Vannies Paws Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Shorthair (Wisconsin)
Victorian Gardens Cattery - We are a CFA registered cage-free cattery specializing in PKD negative Himalayan & Persian kittens. (North Carolina)
Visions International Feline Supplies and Persians - Persians Of Lark Hill and Visions International Feline Supplies (Oregon)
Vitas Little Cattery - Persian and Exotic Sh Cattery. Bloodlines Steeplechase, Tehy, Catillak,Purfurvid ,etc. (Russia)
VN Persians - Exquisite Persian Kittens (California)
Voyabliss Cattery - CFA,TICA Registered, PKD DNA Negative Cattery.Specializing in Bi-Colours, Calico's,Vans &Tabby (Malta)
Wallycats Persians - Simply the best in health,socialization and quality! PKD negative, In home visitation welcomed. (Canada - British Columbia)
Whisker Oaks Cattery - Persian Cattery raising kittens underfoot since 1998. DNA PKD negative, all kittens checked by vet. (Wisconsin)
Whiskers of Flair Cattery - CFA reg. Persians, CH+ lines, FeLV,FIV, PKD negative, vaccines included, health guarantee (contract) (North Carolina)
Whispurrpaws Persians & Himalayans - Specializing in bi-colors, calicos, vans, chocolates, lilacs & bi-color Himalayans- DNA PKD Negative (Illinois)
Whitmans Persians - CFA cattery specializing in bicolor persians including silver using national and regional lines (Virginia)
Whozz Persians and Exotics - Raising big boned, wide open, pleasing expression Persians & Exotics. (Arkansas)
Willowbree - CFA Registered Shaded Silver and Shaded Golden Persian Kittens. (Alabama)
Wimaria's Himalayans, Persians and Exotics - Wimaria's is a small Himalayan cattery in Germany, special Exotic-points with deep blue eyes. (Germany)
Windy Valley Persians - Located in Murrieta California specializing in solids, bi-colors,tabbies and smokes (California)
Winnplace Cattery - Winnplace Cattery is registered with CFA and TICA. It specializes in Show, Breeder and Pet quality Himalayans that come from top show lines. (Florida)
Wonderfluf Persians & Himalayans - Dollfaced babies. Chocolates, Lilacs, Whites and most colors in Persian & Himalayan (Nebraska)
Wyndcreste Silver Persian - Exquisite Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians available for adoption - Napa, California (California)
Zafiro Persians & Himalayans - Specializing in Himalayans. CFA Registered. Grandchampion and Champion Lines (New Mexico)
Zippurrs Catz - Pure line Bi-Color Persians TICA/CFA reg. PKD negative cats Strive health/quality Non Caged (Canada - British Columbia)



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