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Siberuss Cattery

Siberuss Cattery

We are a family-run cattery with a focus on health, low allergen, friendliness, and breed integrity. Our adults are all from carefully chosen champion lines and brought in from Russia and Ukraine. We boast many colour points; from Seal to the rare Flame,

E-mail: siberusscattery@gmail.com
Website: http://www.siberuss.ca/

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/5/2016]

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Balinese (1)
Bengal (4)
Birman (1)
British Shorthair (1)
Cornish Rex (1)
Egyptian Mau (1)
Himalayan (4)
Maine Coon (3)
Oriental Shorthair (2)

Persian (8)
RagaMuffin (1)
Ragdoll (8)
Russian Blue (1)
Siamese (3)
Siberian Cat (7)
Sphynx (2)

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