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Shiningcats Cattery

Shiningcats Cattery

We have a indoor and bred Exotic shorthair small cattery. Breeder cats live in a very nice clean live environment. They are tested PKD1, FIV/FELV is negative. Pedigree lines is very nice and from Europe and American. The colors have Bi-color, Tabbies, sil


[Deluxe Listing Started 1/25/2017] [Deluxe Listing Updated 1/26/2017]

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Bambino (1)
Bengal (5)
British Shorthair (2)
Devon Rex (1)
Elfcat (1)
Exotic Shorthair (1)
Himalayan (4)
Maine Coon (1)
Norwegian Forest Cat (1)

Persian (5)
Peterbald (1)
Ragdoll (6)
Scottish Fold (1)
Siamese (4)
Siberian Cat (9)
Sphynx (2)
Traditional Siamese (1)

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