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Alexy Abyssinians

North Carolina

Alexy Abyssinians

Since 1986 we have been breeding CFA National and TICA International Winning Abyssinians in ruddy, red, blue and fawn colors in our CFA Cattery Of Excellence. We are TICA Abyssinian Breed Council members and we have excellent veterinary care. We select for beauty, health and temperament from our pedigreed Abyssinian lines. Our cats are bred to the Abyssinian standard and produce beautiful, adoring pets resembling their show quality parents. Kittens may begin going to homes at 12 weeks of age with two FVRCP vaccinations. They must be indoors only, not declawed and neuter/spay agreement. We will ship within the USA.

Please, contact Bruce via email.

[Deluxe Listing Started 4/8/2011]

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Abyssinian (1)
Bengal (3)
Birman (2)
Cornish Rex (1)
Desert Lynx (2)
Egyptian Mau (1)
Exotic Shorthair (2)
Geoffroy’s Cat (1)
Highland Lynx (1)
Highlander (1)
Himalayan (3)

Maine Coon (1)
Oriental Shorthair (1)
Persian (9)
Ragdoll (11)
Russian Blue (2)
Safari (1)
Savannah (1)
Siamese (3)
Sphynx (2)
Tonkinese (1)

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