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We breed TICA registered Scottish Folds, long and short hair. Our kittens are raised without cages and handled and loved each day. We are a small cattery and are very proud of our cats.Our Scottish Folds and the British Shorthair are from a Canada and Russia. We Breed only fold to straight and guarantee our kittens health.

E-mail: nn@scottishfold-bestears.com
Website: http://www.scottishfold-bestears.com/

[Deluxe Listing Started 11/3/2010]

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Washington Breeders By Breed:

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Balinese (1)
Bengal (5)
British Shorthair (6)
Burmilla (1)
Exotic Shorthair (8)
Himalayan (1)
Manx (1)
Minuet / Napoleon (1)
Munchkin (2)

Oriental Shorthair (1)
Persian (5)
Pixie-Bob (1)
Ragdoll (3)
Scottish Fold (5)
Siberian Cat (9)
Sphynx (1)

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