4 Simple Steps for Preparing and Caring for Your First Pet

Adding a pet to your life is a surefire way to add some happiness and joy! If you’ve never owned a dog or cat — or any other animal — before, getting used to the responsibilities of pet ownership can take some time and patience. So, if you’re unsure where to start when it comes to getting a new pet or caring for that animal, here are a few essential steps to take.

Invest in Some Helpful Petcare Products

Before you bring your new friend home, consider picking up a few pet supplies that will make providing basic care to your companion less of a hassle. If you plan on adopting a new cat, that could mean buying a self-sifting litter box. These litter boxes are perfect for novice cat owners who may get frustrated or overwhelmed by having to scoop a litter box every day. What’s more, according to Cat Life Today, it could even save you money on litter.

For new dog owners, a handy dog door can be a perfect solution for preventing accidents inside the house, and you can even find smart dog doors that will let your pup out without letting unwelcome critters into your home. Finally, one of the best products any new pet owner can purchase is a pet-friendly water fountain to keep cats and dogs hydrated.

 Start Searching for Reliable Pet Sitters ASAP

 Getting a new pet can be exciting, and you will likely want to spend a lot of time snuggling with your new family member. However, at some point, you may need to leave your pet for work, social activities, or travel. Before those moments catch you off guard, begin looking online for local pet sitters to provide care for your pet while you are away. You can check out reviews online or get recommendations from fellow pet parents, but it’s a good idea to do an interview and even conduct a trial run with your sitter. That way, you won’t have to worry about coming home to any surprises or incidents, and you can ensure that your new pet is always safe. If you plan on adopting a dog, you can also look into dog walkers to help out while you are at work.

Schedule a Wellness Exam With a Local Vet

Finding a veterinarian is another important step in taking care of your new pet, and you can find a good one using online reviews and recommendations from friends. Then, you can schedule an initial wellness exam and take care of any recommended vaccinations or preventative care. For puppies and dogs, that usually means testing for diseases like heartworms, examining for signs of conditions like arthritis, and vaccinating against canine illnesses like parvo and distemper. Dogs and cats should receive heartworm and flea preventatives on a regular basis as well, so talk to your vet about these medications. If you are concerned about costs, know that you may be able to save money on meds for your pet by buying them online or using coupons.

Create a Comfortable Home Environment for Pets

By now, you have hopefully figured which type of pet is best for both you and your home. If you live in a larger house with a fenced yard, for example, you could go with a large breed dog, but you may prefer a smaller dog that requires less exercise. Regardless of size or breed, all pets need playtime and training, so keep this in mind as well when you start shopping for your first pet. You will want to make sure your home is prepared for any pet you bring home, so that means stocking up on toys, scratching posts, beds, bowls, and any other essentials. Also, take some time to remove and put away any potential hazards or triggers for your new pet.

Bringing an animal into your home is a long-term commitment, and like any major event, it can help to be fully prepared. So, use this pet parent guide to make sure you have everything you need to keep your new pet content and healthy.

Written for KittySites.Com and submitted by Penny Martin of fureverfriend.info

Photo Credit: Rawpixel