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Bare Kitties Cattery


Bare Kitties Cattery

Kittens available


[Deluxe Listing Started 9/24/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/4/2019]

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Bare Kitties Cattery – Kittens available (Illinois) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
BareD\'Lux Cattery – TICA Registered Donskoy kittens available. Shipping by courier available. (Kansas)
Buy peterbald kittens – This cat breed is very uncommon,and yet it is a highly sought after breed.The unusual thing about the Peterbald kitten is that the nearly hairless gen
DonEden Cattery – Breeder of Donskoy cats with emphasis on health and standard. TICA and CFF registered kittens. (Rhode Island)
Glam Pride – Don Sphynx Cattery. We breed incredible hairless Donskoy Sphynx (Ukraine)
Home of the Hairless – I am a small registered cattery of the new and amazing Donskoy /Russia Hairless /Don Sphynx and Ukrainian Levkoy. (Saskatchewan)
Little Purr Balds Cattery – Russian Donskoy Hairless Cats. Nothing like your regular domestic kitty!!! (Manitoba)
Little PurrBalds Cattery – Breeding Don Sphynx in Canada. Beautiful bald TICA registered kittens available. (Manitoba)
PixySphynx Cattery – First donsphynx cattery in Hungary with high quality cats. Kittens available. (Hungary)