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Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins


Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins

Born out of my love for the LaPerm breed, is my home cattery. My LaPerms are also my pets, and they are loved, prayed for, and blessed from the day they are born. LaPerms are amazingly adaptable to your lifestyle, and they will adore you and seek your praise. They are easy to train, easy to care for. They bond with their owners and will join you for just about anything! They barely shed, and they are a joy to have in your life! My cattery is registered with TICA and all kittens are eligible for TICA or CFA registration.


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Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins – Breeding curly LaPerms and Munchkins / Skookums in the Seattle / Tacoma area. They are loved, prayed for, and blessed from the day they are born. (Washington) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
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