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Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins


Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins

I breed and raise short-legged cats and kittens in my home, producing both curly and straight-coated shorties. They are loved, prayed for, and blessed from the day they are born. Good natured, well mannered, quiet kitties. My cattery is registered with TICA, and my Munchkins are non-standard Skookums by pedigree. Kittens are sold as pets only, and strictly indoor only. They are ready for new homes no sooner than 12 wks of age. Most are small, under 10 lbs when mature, females are smaller, and can be 5-6 lbs. These kitties are healthy, happy, and a delight to own!


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Blest by God LaPerms & Munchkins – Breeding curly LaPerms and Munchkins / Skookums in the Seattle / Tacoma area. They are loved, prayed for, and blessed from the day they are born. ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
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