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Aden Ragdolls

Aden Ragdolls

Top Ragdoll cats breeder in Ontario offering you the opportunity to own these remarkable creatures.
TICA registered Ragdoll breeder Ontario. We believe in raising healthy, warm and vibrant Ragdoll kittens that fit perfectly inside your heart forever.
All our Ragdoll cats are tested for Felv & F.I.V and DNA tested for HCM & PKD.

E-mail: adenragdollbreeder@hotmail.com
Website: https://ontarioragdollcats.ca

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/23/2010] [Deluxe Listing Updated 9/8/2022]

Jewels Nile Cattery

Jewels Nile Cattery

We are a small Egyptian Mau family home cattery located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Registered with CFA and TICA. We specialize in silver spotted kittens, however we do get smoke and bronze kittens in some litters. Kittens are Vet checked by a licensed Veterinarian, vaccinated according to age, de-wormed, and litterbox trained.
Upon kitten pick or shipping they will also have a Royal Canin starter kit and a health agreement.

Please check out our website for more information.
E-mail: jewelsnile@live.com
Website: http://www.jewelsnile.net

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/2/2011] [Deluxe Listing Updated 4/26/2022]

Ragtown Ragdolls

Ragtown Ragdolls

We are a small CFA/CCA/Tica Registered In Home Cattery Located in Southwestern Ontario.The Health and Happiness of each of our kittens is number one.We raise babies in traditional colors or Blue and Seal with patterns of Pointed,Mitted,Bicolored and Lynx.Our Kittens come spayed/neutred and Vaccinated with a Health Guarantee.Our Cats are always screened and DNA Tested to provide Healthy Happy Future Family Members.

E-mail: wuerch@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.ragtownragdolls.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/22/2014] [Deluxe Listing Updated 8/24/2022]

NewChoice Cattery

NewChoice Cattery

Wellcome to come and see our kittens in OUR CATTERY!!!!!

Pure Breed British shorthair kittens looking for new family!
Their parents come from famous bloodlines.(Germany and Russia).
All our cats and kittens registered in Canadian Cat Association(CCA).
Pedigree our cats have champions titles in International Shows.
All our cats and kittens part of our family, they growing with our kids and dog.
On first,second,third pictures is a little teddy bears boys. On fourth and fifth pictures is a princess baby girls. All kittens is a curios and sweet baby’s with very nice personality!!!
This kittens will be give the new families LOVE AND HAPPINESS !!!

E-mail: ladyangel79@mail.ru
Website: http://britkittens.wix.com/britkittens

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/9/2017] [Deluxe Listing Updated 2/9/2022]

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A Senza Capelli Sphynx – Beautiful Sphynx kittens guaranteed for health and temperament from a breeder with 19 years exp. (Sphynx)
Aden Ragdolls – Top Ragdoll cats breeder in Ontario offering you the opportunity to own these remarkable creatures. (Ragdoll) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Alfenloch Himalayan-Persians – Gorgeous chocolates, lilacs, lynx and traditional colors, top champion bloodlines, CFA/CCA Reg’d (Himalayan, Persian)
Angelspur Persians – solid colours including whites.also a few tabby colours (Persian)
Archangel Mist Traditional Russian Blue Cat – Beautiful, affectionate and healthy traditional style russian blue kittens (Russian Blue)
BarePaws Cattery – After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process, we decided to do our part in preserving it, which led to the birth of our Ontario bus (Donskoy (Don Sphynx), Cornish Rex, Sphynx)
Cats W’Class Persians – Breeder of the 2012 Royale kittens. (Persian)
Darlin’lil’Dolls Ragdoll Cattery – Darlin’lil’Dolls is located in Navan, Ontario (just outside the city of Ottawa). Breeder of Ragdolls since 1998. (Ragdoll)
Dreamz – Himalayan and Persian cattery, that specialize in the rare color range, such as Chocolate Tabbies, and Chocolate Lynx points. (Himalayan, Persian)
Heart’nsoul Persians & Himalayans – Heart’nsoul is a small CCA and CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside of Tillsonburg, ON Canada. (Persian, Himalayan)
Iceforest Siberians – Breeder of Traditional Siberian Forest Cats (Siberian Cat)
Jewels Nile Cattery – We are a small family cattery located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Registered with CFA and TICA. (Egyptian Mau) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Jungle Kitten – Purebred Bengals TICA registered from best bloodlines US and Europe. Available kittens (Bengal)
LaCat Dolls Ragdolls – We are a small cattery with kittens raised underfoot with the utmost attention paid to their health and welfare. (Ragdoll)
Lions Royale Ragdolls – Quality color proven Lilac/Chocolate Ragdolls. HCM DNA/Scanned. Health guaranteed. Shipping. (Ragdoll)
Mindeelyn Siberians (Siberian Cat)
NewChoice Cattery – Purebred Maine Coon kittens available (Maine Coon)
NewChoice Cattery – Pure breed British shorthair kittens available (British Shorthair) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
O CANADA Ragdolls – Breeding beautiful Ragdolls with glowing hearts! Colourpoint and Solid Ragdoll kittens available. (Ragdoll)
Ontario Bengals – A TICA registered Toronto (Thornhill / Vaughan) based cattery specializing in Brown spotted Bengals (Bengal)
Ontario Siberians – Specialize in breeding hypo-allergenic Siberians (Siberian Cat)
PouncingPaws Cattery – We specialize i n Silver Tabbies & Smokes in all colors. We offer a written health guarantee. (Persian)
Preciouspoint – We are CCA, CFA, and TICA registered Cattery in St. Catharines, Ontario. (Oriental Shorthair)
PureAbby Cattery – Breeder of Non-Dilute Abyssinian Cats. Long line of Grand Champions (Abyssinian)
Purrfect Lynx – Our kittens receive the highest quality care throughout the stages of their development. (Highland Lynx, Bengal)
Ragtown Ragdolls – We are a small CFA/CCA/Tica Registered In Home Cattery Located in Southwestern Ontario. (Ragdoll) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Rare N Bare Canada Sphynx Cattery – Home raised, well socialized Sphynx kittens out of health tested parents. (Sphynx)
Rarefield Cattery – Located between Montreal and Ottawa (Maine Coon)
Royal Abys – Royal Abys – Premium Abyssinian Cats is a small cageless Abyssinian Cat Breeder based in Toronto, Canada (Abyssinian)
Senza Capelli Sphynx – Small, private cattery devoted to the health and temperament of the Sphynx (Sphynx)
Siberian Glory cattery – Elite siberian hypoallergenic kittens , color pointed (Siberian Cat)
Sibericat Siberians – CCA registered cattery raising beautiful colourpoint (Neva) siberians in Port Hope area. (Siberian Cat)
Silver Reign Persians – A small, cage free cattery specializing in beautiful Shaded Silver, Chinchilla, Shaded Golden and Blue Shaded Golden Persians and Exotic Shorthair. (Persian, Exotic Shorthair)
Soft Kitty Cattery – Ragamuffin breeders in Ontario Canada (RagaMuffin)
SRcoons – Dedicated to breed healthy, large, with sweet temperament maine coons. (Maine Coon)
Thaifong Siamese – Breeding for health temperament & beauty from award winning lines. Lilacs are our specialty. (Siamese)
Valentaene Siberian – We raise Traditional Siberian Forest Cats. We regularly participate in cat shows to promote the breed and to keep to the breed standard. (Siberian Cat) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
ZallyCatz Bengals – Beautiful bengals lovingly raised in our home here in Ontario, Canada. (Bengal)