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Amourichat Cattery (Oriental Shorthair)
Anouchka Cattery – Anouchka cattery is registered with TICA and CFA since 1983. Right now, I have 9 cats; three persian males and six persian females. ? Our cats are t (Persian)
Blue Eyes Siberians – Our breeding cats have been tested and they are carefully selected for their low level of allergens. (Siberian Cat)
Burmania Cattery – Burmese cattery existing since 1990, located in Montreal, Quebec. CFA National & Regional winners. (Burmese)
Chatterie Blue-Peaches Cattery – We breed registered British Shorthair and Scottish Fold cats. Over 15 years experience as a breeder. (British Shorthair, Scottish Fold)
Chiffondolls Ragdolls – Healthy kittens are born to healthy parents. Prepare to fall in love with these blue-eyed babes. (Ragdoll)
Emeraldy – Cattery in Motreal, Canada. Very good European bloodlines and excellent health. (British Shorthair)
Les Neuf Vies Bengal – We are a TICA registered cattery. We specialize in brown black rosetted Bengal cats. (Bengal)
Lilicoon Cattery / Chatterie Lilicoon Maine Coon – Our Maine Coons are raised under foot. Our priority is size, health and temperament. Welcome! (Maine Coon)
Marie Bengal – Marie Bengal breed top quality Bengals, We ship worldwide (Bengal)
Martin Siberians – Specializing in breeding the Low Allergen Fel d1 Neva Masquerade. Registered with TICA and CFA. (Siberian Cat)
Ozma Cattery – I believe in raising top quality Munchkins Traditionnel. My cattery is registered in TICA. (Munchkin)
Wild Paws Highland Lynx – This is a small at home Highland Lynx cattery (Highland Lynx)