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Eden Secret


Eden Secret

We only breed top quality+wonderful temperament with the sweetest expressions, we only breed two to three litters a year for show and joy. We carefully selected the top quality+top blood line from the Number One cat of CFA In The Nations/The Cat Of 2017 Bw 3r LH Ex16th Best Cat in the Great Lakes Region for 2017 3rd Best Long Hair Exotic in the Nation for 2016/2017, to International Grand Champion.


E-mail: birchtreellc@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.edensecretcats.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/13/2021] [Deluxe Listing Updated 2/7/2022]

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Florida Breeders By Breed:

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Appenzeller (1)
Bambino (2)
Bengal (6)
British Shorthair (1)
Devon Rex (1)
Dutch Shepherd (1)
Exotic Shorthair (5)
Highland Lynx (1)
Himalayan (8)
Japanese Bobtail (1)
Maine Coon (4)
Miniature Australian Shepherd (1)
Minuet / Napoleon (2)
Munchkin (1)

Ocicat (2)
Persian (22)
Ragdoll (5)
Russian Blue (1)
Russian Toy Terrier (1)
Savannah (4)
Scottish Fold (2)
Serval (1)
Shiba Inu (1)
Siberian Cat (9)
Sphynx (6)
Toy Australian Shepherd (1)

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