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AglowCoons Cattery (Maine Coon)
Angoraphil – The first and only registered Turkish Angora cattery in Hungary (Turkish Angora)
Camaroon Maine Coon Cattery – Beautiful and healthy Maine Coons from Hungary (Maine Coon)
Candy Doll – Lovely Persian kittens (Persian)
Cashmere Cats – We love the longhaired Bengal so much, that we decided to breed with them! (Bengal)
Gallifrey’s Norwegian Forest Cats – Meet our cats, their testing & show results, photos & videos, our litter plans. We are FIFe members. (Norwegian Forest Cat)
InieMinieCats – Lovely Munchkins growing up in the house with other cats and dogs! For breeding/showing and as pet! (Munchkin)
Little D Munchkin – We are a cattery with munchkincats in Hungary.our Studd is General Champion.Look on our website for more information about me and my Cats. (Munchkin)
LoyalCoon – Breeder located in Budapest, Hungary. Photos, cattery information, kitten availability information. (Maine Coon)
PixySphynx Cattery – First donsphynx cattery in Hungary with high quality cats. Kittens available. (Donskoy (Don Sphynx))