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ABCSavannahcats – In pursuit of excellence. Kittens available from time to time, F1 to F6. (Savannah)
All We Need Is……Ragdolls – We are a TICA registerd cattery dedicated in raising well socialized Ragdolls, HCM/PKD scanned. (Ragdoll)
Barbetta (Exotic Shorthair)
CALLISTO persians – Start breeding in 1985. PKD tested cattery. (Persian)
Cattery Alyona – Small cattery solely dedicated to breeding sweet, healthy Russian Blues. (Russian Blue)
Cattery Atropos – Small cattery for hobby near Rotterdam where cats can use every room in the house (Selkirk Rex, Highland Fold)
Cattery Berestneva – We are a small Dutch cattery with sometimes kittens (Siberian Cat)
Cattery Celandine – Breeder in SELKIRK REX in the colours Chocolate, Cinnamon , Golden and Silver in odd eyed (Selkirk Rex, Persian)
Cattery Chanta-Moni (Birman, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ragdoll)
Cattery Corderos Gatos – In-home hobby cattery, breeding SELKIRK REX ~ MUNCHKIN ~ LAMBKIN cats with passion! (Selkirk Rex, Munchkin, Lambkin)
Cattery du Hovali – British Shorthair & Selkirk Rex cattery (British Shorthair, Selkirk Rex)
Cattery FraDenJo – Hobbybreeder of sacred birmans.Cats are tested and we are famous of having very socialized kittens. (Birman)
cattery Joanna la Lafonteyn – exotic and persian cattery (Exotic Shorthair, Persian)
Cattery Kirazamber – All Orientals, including Siamese & Balinese, Oriental Shorthair & Longhair. Various colors and patterns. (Balinese, Colorpoint Shorthair, Javanese, Oriental Longhair, Oriental Shorthair, Siamese)
Cattery Koordes – Cattery Koordes is a breeder of Siberian cat and neva masquerade in the Netherlands (Siberian Cat)
Cattery Nipajergo – We breed ragdolls with great love and passion. (Ragdoll)
cattery SABBIADORE – We are a small cattery in the Netherlands with Bengal (silver ) and lovely Birman Cats (Bengal, Birman)
Cattery van de Simona’s – Breeding Birmans for 25 years with still the same passion and dedication. (Birman)
Celandine – Cattery Celandine, Breeder of the Selkirk Rex , Lambkin and Munchkin . (Lambkin, Munchkin, Selkirk Rex)
Chenango (Maine Coon)
Cooncreek – breeder of maine coons and polydactyl coons with outcross and foundation lines (Maine Coon)
Djagilevs (Russian Blue)
Dutch Blue Eyes – small ethical cattery breeding Ragdoll cats, located in the north of the Netherlands. (Ragdoll)
Macawi Mosi – Small in home hobby breeder. House of many winners. I breed for health, type and temperament. (Maine Coon)
Maine coon cattery Bloomingcoons – We breed also polydactyl Maine Coons/ (Maine Coon)
Mainesmistery (Maine Coon)
Minileo Bengals – Bengal cattery in the heart of Amsterdam (Bengal)
Queensland – Cornish Rex breeders since 1979 (Cornish Rex)
Rosevalleyrags – small breeder specilizing in lilac and chocolat ragdoll kittens. (Ragdoll)
Senoja Birmans & Maine Coons – We have a small cattery Birmans & Maine Coons 40 km from Amsterdam (Maine Coon, Birman)
Sphynx Cattery Zene Hebe – We breed healthy (e.g. HCM-tested) Sphynxes in the unique colours Cinnamon and Fawn. (Sphynx)
Tabula Rasa Maine Coons – In home cattery loving and breeding Maine Coons since 2003. (Maine Coon)
The Haecoon – We are a small cattery who breed cuddly coonies in all colors (Maine Coon)