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Berkano Maine Coons – Small cattery in Spain. (Maine Coon)
Cancion de Cuna – Familiar cattery with lovely and healthy cats PKD, HCM, FeLV & FIV tested. Self and bicolor coats. (British Shorthair)
Candela – We work in the health and improvement of morphological type of the Sphynx, our ideal is to return an original type. (Sphynx)
Coramonte Bengal – Bengal Cat Breeders in Spain. TICA registered. (Bengal)
De Logronyo Catterie – Breeding family of British Shorthair, Longhair, Scottish Fold and Highland fold (Scottish Fold, British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest Cat)
Indigo Cattery – Indigo Cattery Barcelona is a magic place where the true CHINCHILLA PERSIAN kittens with BIG EMERALD GREEN EYES are born. Welcome to our Fabulous Home (Persian)
Terciopelo Azul Chartreux – Terciopelo azul chartreux – Family breeders of chartreux cats in Spain (Chartreux)
Turkish Angora de Miraval – First Turkish Angora cattery in Madrid (Spain) since 1999, FIFe & CFA registered. We breed whites! (Turkish Angora)
Wheatshine – Breeding Beautiful Brown or Snow bengals (Bengal)