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Texas Star Bengals

Texas Star Bengals

Our kittens are for the very special feline enthusiast.

Striving for Purr-fection! Texas Star Safari is a small cattery located 30 minutes East of Dallas in Lavon, TX. We specialize in healthy, high quality F1-SBT Bengal kittens. Each kitten is given individual attention daily which makes them endearing as family companions with sweet, loving dispositions. They are home raised and socialized with 24 hour a day attention.
Proud Members of TICA and TIBCS.

Do you have a little leopard running around in your castle?

Stacy L. Hansen
E-mail: texasstarbengals@gmail.com
Website: http://www.texasstarbengals.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/7/2005] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/2/2018]

Clarkstone Bengals

Clarkstone Bengals

Tica registered,Cattery of Excellent , Peoples Choice Award , top quality, fair prices since 2002. Guaranteed, vet check. Pets or breeders. Mentoring always available.

Call David 830-629-4601
Central Texas
E-mail: dwfromtx@aol.com
Website: http://www.clarkstonebengals.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2006] [Deluxe Listing Updated 5/16/2019]

Acappella Bengals

Acappella Bengals

Acappella Bengals is a small cattery in central Texas. We are a TICA Outstanding Cattery. We strive to raise well-socialized, healthy Bengals with outstanding markings. enough. Raised in our home, we have highly-rosetted brown spotted kittens. It is our goal to place just the right kitten in just the right home.

Larry Doeppenschmidt
E-mail: Larry@acappellabengals.com
Website: http://www.acappellabengals.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/17/2007] [Deluxe Listing Updated 3/28/2019]

Windysweptt Cattery

Windysweptt Cattery

Windykitties is a small cattery located near Dallas, TX. We specialize in Napoleons and Himalayans. Using top show quality Himalayans we produce stunning, cuddly Napoleons that the entire family can enjoy. PKD and FIV tested, health guarantee. Sweet, socialized kittens just waiting to make your home complete!

E-mail: windsweptarabs@sbcglobal.net
Website: https://windykitties.com/

[Deluxe Listing Started 2/8/2010] [Deluxe Listing Updated 6/9/2019]

Sullivanblu Cattery

Sullivanblu Cattery

We are a small cattery near Gonzales, Texas on the Guadalupe River. This cattery is home to CFA registered Persians and Himalayans that come from champion bloodlines. The kittens are raised in a cage less environment with both Queen and Tom in the home. We are animal lovers first who believe in providing a warm and loving “first” home for our kitties. If you have ever had a Persian before, you know you cannot resist their sweet gentle nature. Visit our website to check on Available Kittens.

Phone: 512.508.8477
E-mail: sullyblu@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sullivanblu.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/2/2012] [Deluxe Listing Updated 4/18/2019]

Toskharags Ragdolls

Toskharags Ragdolls

We are a small Ragdoll cattery that breeds ragdolls in all colors and patterns.
We will add 100% Traditional Lines in 2012.
We are FEV/FeLV negative and we test all our breeders for DNA color and HCM. We take health and cleanliness very serious.
We are proud members of CFA and TICA. 3 year Health Guaranty given.
Please feel free to visit anytime and play with our spoiled and loved babies.”

E-mail: toskharags@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.toskharags.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/3/2012] [Deluxe Listing Updated 5/29/2019]

Celtic Folds Cattery

Celtic Folds Cattery

Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs – Champion bloodlines, adorable kittens, award winning website!

San Antonio, TX
E-mail: monettefreeman@msn.com
Website: http://www.CelticFoldsCattery.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 6/11/2014] [Deluxe Listing Updated 3/30/2019]

Tiny Persians

Tiny Persians

Top Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Silver, Shaded Golden, Golden, Golden Chinchillas, Black, White Persian Kittens for sale. CFA registered Cattery, Texas, USA, all kittens FIV, FeLV negative tested, PDK negative Cattery, Healthy Persians
Federally License Veterinarian.. Small Persian Cattery specializing in Silver Persian Cats. Kittens nurtured, loved, bathed, groomed, socialized, sweet, playful, long silky coats, turquoise, blue-green, emerald green eyes. PayPal deposit ok. Shipping available Internationally Carry on Service.

Contact Deborah: 214 960-0267
Website: https://TinyPersians.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 9/9/2014] [Deluxe Listing Updated 10/10/2018]

Blue Sapphire Sphynx

Blue Sapphire Sphynx

Blue Sapphire Sphynx is a small cattery located in North Texas. All of our cats are scanned yearly for HCM, genetically tested for blood type and PKD, and screened for FELV/FIV/parasites and ringworm. We offer a written contract and a lifetime of support. Our cats receive attention and affection from the day they’re born til the day the kittens go to their new homes. Please visit our website or email to see if Blue Sapphire Sphynx has your dream kitten!

E-mail: sapphiresphynx@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.sapphiresphynx.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 8/17/2015] [Deluxe Listing Updated 8/11/2018]

Tove Bengals

Tove Bengals

Welcome to Tove Bengals, an indoor cattery, with pedigreed, fully registered, health screened, queens and studs, producing gorgeous in appearance, exquisite in temperament, and guaranteed in health, kittens. Raised in our home with 24 hour socialization, you won’t find a cattery with more personal touch with our kittens or our clients! Fully vetted and registered kittens, the transition from our home to yours is made easy with the love flowing from our small family run cattery.

Carlie Cantrell
E-mail: carliejeancantrell@gmail.com
Website: http://tovebengals.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 10/31/2018] [Deluxe Listing Updated 11/2/2018]

Katlina Siberians

Welcome to Katlina Siberians! Visit our site to see pictures of our adorable kittens. Hypoallergenic, soft and loving, each kitten is bred for health, disposition, low allergen levels and love. Our cats are hand-raised in our home, with our children and dogs and are treated like family. We offer a generous health guaranty, including a no-questions-asked 2-week return period. Each kitten comes to you with a full health certificate, veterinarian exam, vaccination records and sterilization. We look forward to speaking with you, understanding your needs and matching you with your perfect forever companion.

(214) 989-6264

E-mail: SiberianKittens@rogers.com
Website: https://www.katlinasiberians.com/

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/30/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 1/30/2019]

Casablanca Ragdolls

We are a small in home Tica reg. Cattery. Our cats are f part of the family. We specialize in traditional and mink and coming this summer cinnamon and chocolate. Kittens come despoiled for you with a health guarantee, 1st vaccines, vet cked and wormings.

E-mail: Myrags1703@gmail.com
Website: http://Casablancaragdolls.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 5/8/2019]

Amen Bengals

Amen Bengals

Wonderful selection of the Bengal breed. Friendly folks with fair pricing , Double guaranteed. Vet checked.
Dee 830-214-4661

Call Dee at 830-214-4661 for further info.

E-mail: Dwfromtx@aol.com
Website: https://kittysites.com/deluxe-listing-amen-bengals/

[Deluxe Listing Started 5/16/2019] [Deluxe Listing Updated 5/16/2019]

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Alora Cats – Small in-house Bengal/Savannah program that produces optimal health, personality and markings. (Bengal, Savannah)
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Angels And Dreams Persian Cats – We raise beautiful, healthy,happy home raised CFA persian babies (Persian)
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Beljapur Cattery (Persian, Himalayan)
BellaLuna Persians – BellaLuna Persians is a CFA registered in-home cattery in NE Texas. PKD/DNA and FeLV/FIP negative. (Persian, Himalayan)
Bellespurr (Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan)
Bengalcatwildtales – Houston area, using Internationally ranked lines, painted in high wide open contrast- Texas style (Bengal)
Blue Sapphire Sphynx – Blue Sapphire Sphynx is a small cattery located in North Texas. (Sphynx) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
British Glory Cattery – British shorthair kittens of silver shaded and golden shaded colors. (British Shorthair)
Burton’s Persians and Himalayans – “Raised in our hearts”.”Kittens with purr-sonality!” (Persian)
Casablanca Ragdolls – We are a small in home Tica reg. Cattery. Our cats are f part of the family. (Ragdoll) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
CatKisses Cattery – CFA registered, PKD tested, small cattery with National winning lines (Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, Persian)
Celtic Folds Cattery – Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs – Champion bloodlines, adorable kittens, award winning website! (Scottish Fold, British Shorthair) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Cheetahsden Bengals California – ~ Experience the thrill of a Cheetahsden Bengal ~ (Bengal)
Clarkstone Bengals – Bengal cubs available now (Bengal) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Cougars Den – We offer wonderful TICA registered Abys babies as family companions from our family to yours (Abyssinian)
Cowboy Claws Cattery – Small hobby cattery raising 1 or 2 Peterbald litters of kittens each year (Peterbald)
Dollnouveau Ragdolls – Breeding traditional and rare solid cinnamon and chocolate Ragdolls-health & personality priority (Ragdoll)
Elagans Persians – Elagans Persians is a small, CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside San Antonio, Texas. (Persian)
Emblemystic – “Exquisite Ragdoll Companions” Our Heart to Your Home! (Ragdoll)
Fluffy Farm Cattery – Beautiful Himalayan kittens available with bright blue eyes. Please contact Issie +15129094807 (Himalayan, Persian)
Katlina Siberians – Katlina Siberians | Hypoallergenic Siberian Cat Breeder In Dallas, Texas | Sweet Kittens Here Now (Siberian Cat) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Kernel Persians – CFA registered.Various colors and patterns. Located near Beaumont, TX (Himalayan, Persian)
Kikonic Persians & Exotics – Kikonic specializes in Chocolate, Lilac and Odd Eyed kitties. Babies available soon!! (Persian, Exotic Shorthair)
Kitten Candy Persians – Kitten Candy Persians is a small cattery in our home. We are members of CFA. We raise both Peke and doll faced Persians. (Persian)
Kitty Cature Cattery – A small, ethical, and CFA registered breeder of beautiful Persian kittens located in McKinney, TX. (Persian, Himalayan)
KrystalBlue Ragdolls – Small cattery breeding Adorable, healthy, “dog-like” Ragdolls. HCM/PKD Tested Neg/Neg (Texas) (Ragdoll)
Lileopard Bengals – Lil’ Leopard cats – big Purr-sonalities (Bengal)
LoneStar Bengals – Awarded Breeder of Distinction, TICA Outstanding Cattery, dedicated to producing cutting edge quality kittens striving for the ‘wild essence’ look. (Bengal)
LunaKats – Tica registered sphynx cattery in magnolia Texas raising sphynx, elf, bambino & Dwelf. (Sphynx, Elfcat, Bambino)
Luvmycats Persians – North Texas Persian breeder. (Persian)
MunchRanch Siberians – Siberian kittens, TICA, CFA reg., we ship, visitors welcome, @siberiankittens.info (Siberian Cat)
Mystre Bengal’s – Small in home cattery. Exceptional pedigrees, amazing appearance, superior temperments (Bengal)
Nudels Sphynx – We’ve been raising these wonderful, unique cats since 2002. Please stop by and visit our site! (Sphynx, Devon Rex)
Platinum Paint Horses – We have Magnificent Manx Kittens. Boys and girls in many colors. Health guaranteed (Manx)
Qwan Yinn Traditional Burmese – Traditional Burmese, all 4 colors. Health guarantee. Family raised (Burmese)
Ragdoll Kittens – Breeder of high quality Ragdoll, Munchkin, Ragamuffin, Minuet, and Teacup Kittens. (877) 505-2562 (Ragdoll, RagaMuffin, Munchkin)
Ragdollblues – Tica Registered Cattery. State Inspected. All breeders Dna Tested for Hcm and Pkd…Neg/Neg. Health Guarantee. (Ragdoll)
Ragdolls by Jomayne – Purebred Ragdolls for Sale (Ragdoll)
Raggamops Himalayans – Small Cfa/Tica Show Cattery devoted to Excellence! Luxurious, beautiful, and healthy Himalayan kittens bred for show or for loving pets. (Himalayan)
Rare Earth Cattery – Specializing in Dilute Smokes and Solid Persians. (Persian)
Rexes R Us – Cornish Rex Kittens for sale. (Cornish Rex)
SolaceFarm Siberians – Located near Dallas, I have been breeding and showing Siberians since 1994. (Siberian Cat)
Spot O’Luck Bengals and Foundations – A Texas based breeder of Asian Leopard Cats as well as F1, F2, F3 and SBT Bengals. (Bengal)
Spotagious Bengals – We are a small cattery located near Corpus Christi, TX. We raise our kittens in our home with children and other pets. (Bengal)
Stardazl Persians – Specializing in Silvers, Goldens, & Blue Goldens (Persian)
Starlas Cats – Scottish Fold/Straight Kittens – Healthy and well socialized. TICA Registered (Scottish Fold)
Steamboat Cattery – We offer high quality Persian kittens for sale to approved, loving homes, including the rare ODD EYED/BLUE EYED bicolor and solid white Persians. (Persian) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Stonehaven Highlanders – Affectionate companions (Highlander)
Sullivanblu Cattery (Persian, Himalayan) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Taberetbsphynx.com – only breed sphynx, TICA registered w/Outstanding Cattery Certificate, HCM scan parents, North Texas (Sphynx)
Texas BlueRags Ragdolls – Mother and daughter, Breeding Blue-eyed, Pointed Ragdolls, in Dallas, TX area. Members of TICA, CFA, and RFCI. (Ragdoll)
Texas Star Bengals – Our kittens are for the very special feline enthusiast. (Bengal) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Texcoons Maine coon cattery – Sweet temperament size and health (Maine Coon)
Tiny Persians – Silver – Chinchilla – White Persian Kittens For Sale (Persian) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Toskharags Ragdolls – We are a small Ragdoll cattery that breeds ragdolls in all colors and patterns. (Ragdoll) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Tove Bengals – Offering TICA registered, health screened, exquisite temperament, & beautiful, pedigreed, Bengals. (Bengal) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Unique Prints Cattery – Located in Central Texas. I am out to improve the Bengal breed and I will do it will total devotion. (Bengal)
USA Ragdoll Kittens – Professional Pictures of our wide range of Ragdoll colors and Patterns including Chocolate and Lilac (Ragdoll)
Windysweptt Cattery – Stunning, top quality, napoleons and himalayans. Tested disease free and 1 year health guarantee. (Minuet / Napoleon, Himalayan) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **