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Abyssinian cattery SmartABY – Excellent quality, modern American lines. Awards in CFA and WCF cats show. Delivery to all country. (Abyssinian)
Crystal Love British Shorthair Cattery – The cattery is located in Cherkassy (Ukraine). Cats have always lived in our house as our pets and friends. The cattery «Crystal Love» was founded in (British Shorthair)
Curland – American Curl cats – American Curl silvertabby, point, LH and SH. Only Champion lines. Healthy, sweet and charming. (American Curl)
DEVINORE*UA :: British Shorthair – We breed British Shorthair cats in tabby devision (spotted & blotched, silver & brown) (British Shorthair)
Givani Cattery – Givani Cattery – Siamese & Oriental Cats (Siamese, Oriental Shorthair, Scottish Fold)
Glam Pride – Don Sphynx Cattery. We breed incredible hairless Donskoy Sphynx (Donskoy (Don Sphynx))
Mafdet Mint Cattery – I and my cats living in Odessa on South Ukraine at the band of Black Sea. (Scottish Fold)
Simba Iceberg cattery – Scottish cats of rare pointed colors. PKD, FeLV, FIV negative cats. Worldwide delivery. TICA & WCF. (Scottish Fold, Highland Fold)