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Calaquendi Ragdolls – Ragdoll Cattery in Belgium.
Catsheavens – Welcome to my website
Cattery Cinn’s Cin’s – We are specialisted in the colors cinnamon ,fawn,chocolate,bicors britisch shorthair & selkirk rex
cattery delissimo – Brits korthaar cattery in de kleuren blauw, crème en black shaded silver
Cattery Jewel Bengals – Small spotted/rosetted Bengal cattery near Antwerp.
Cattery Mazal-Tov – CFA registered Siamese cattery in Belgium. We breed all colours.
Cattery Rinacci – British Shorthair cats in Cinnamon , blue , Lilac & Chocolate
Catteryindira – Family sphynx cattery in speciale colours lilac/ chocolate point and mink HCM , Felv/Fiv tested
Cesar’s Place – Small Sphynx and Devon rex cattery – we test for HCM/PKD/ FIV and FELV
Katjan’s Dream Corner – We are a small Maine Coon Cattery from Belgium
Les Tsars de Foncourt – our family cattery of Siberian and Neva Masquerade
Of Mistery Angel – small cattery breeding all colours , all cats are hcm n/n
Paramountcy Dolls – Healthy, beautiful and loving pets.
Tay’s Cherry Moon British Shorthairs and Scottish – Please note that we do not breed anymore! This site is merely a ‘looking back’ on our years of breeding. There are no cats nor kittens available.
Toscaninni’s Persians – Breeder of Persians in Bi-color, Bi-color-tabby and Van.
Ury’s Legend Abyssinians – Belgian cattery breeding ruddy and red Abyssinians (Belgium)