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Breeder of over 30 years experience, Specialising in Bi-Colour & Tri-Colour and Van’s

E-mail: jemineve@btinternet.com
Website: http://www.jemineve.com

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Apatchicat – Quality British in bicolour, tricolour and self, Black, red, blue, cream, cinnamon, fawn. (British Shorthair)
AsuraCats – We are small hobby breeders of Bengal cats based near Cambridge. (Bengal)
Autari Egyptian Mau’s – Breeder of stunning Silver Egyptian Mau’s for health and temperament (Egyptian Mau)
Blancanieves Sphynx – Blancanieves are a small Sphynx cat breeder based in West Sussex. (Sphynx)
Bluebell (British Shorthair)
BlueLaKoonz – Hobby Breeder of Beautiful Maine Coons in the United Kingdom (Maine Coon)
Burnthwaites Siamese – Burnthwaites are UK breeders of Siamese and Oriental cats and kittens (Siamese, Oriental Shorthair)
Caleycoon – We are a small cattery in the Kingdom of Fife, breeding Maine Coons for type and temperament. (Maine Coon)
Caszan Persians – Chinchillas/Goldens& Blue Goldens, Solid Persians, Colourpoints and Exotics (Persian)
Catreba Siberians – A small cattery concerned with the promotion and welfare of the Siberian Cat in the UK. (Siberian Cat)
ChapaweeDreams Pixie Bobs – We are proud breeders of the outstanding Pixie Bob Cat, in Romford, Essex. (Pixie-Bob)
Chocolatedot Tonkinese – Chocolatedot Tonkinese. Based in Plymouth, England. (Tonkinese)
Elmcoon Maine Coons – maine coon breeders. (Maine Coon)
FelinoCoons Maine Coon – A small hobby breeder located in beautiful Dumbarton,close to Glasgow, Scotland. TICA registered (Maine Coon)
Forest Dreams Cattery – Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats – Small family cattery based in Devon, UK. Breeader of the purest hypoallergenic Siberian Cats. (Siberian Cat)
Goldlay Birmans, Burmese & Singapuras (Birman, Burmese, Singapura)
Griselian – small breeder of british shorthairs in self and spotties (British Shorthair)
Jemineve – Breeder of over 30 years experience, Specialising in Bi-Colour & Tri-Colour and Van’s (Persian) ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Jentoria (Bengal, British Shorthair)
Kennbury Asian & Burmese Cats – A founder breeder of the Asian cat. Established 1984. Quality lines. Health & temperament priority. (Asian, Burmese, Bombay)
Kyomi Siamese & Orientals – Breeding quality home reared kittens. Vaccinated, GCCF registered, insured, lifetime support (Havana Brown, Oriental Shorthair, Siamese)
Lunaraine Norwegian Forest Cats (Norwegian Forest Cat)
Mazpahs Siamese – Breeding quality kittens. Siamese and Oriental bi colour stud service. (Siamese, Oriental Shorthair)
Metexa Siamese & Orientals – Breeding quality Siamese and Orientals, gccf reg, innoculated, wormed and vet health checked. Execellent pedigrees, personalities plus. (Oriental Shorthair, Siamese)
Migatobonito Maine Coons – Welcome to Migatobonito *UK a registered cattery /hobby breeder with the GCCF and TICA. (Maine Coon)
Mitzybelle Persians – Persians kittens in dilute solids and hi-white bi-colours. (Persian)
Norskwood Norwegian Forest Cats – Breeders of Norwegian Forest Cats in London (Norwegian Forest Cat)
Oakham British Shorthairs – Small hobby breeder specializing in Blue British Shorthairs (British Shorthair)
Orbis Persians – Specialist site (Persian)
Otis Russian Blues – Breeder of champion Russian Blue kittens (Russian Blue)
Parmel Persians – PKD negative cattery, with blues, creams and blue/cream with 3/5/13 pedigrees and solid pedigrees (Persian)
PearlDolls – Blue-eyed Beauties…Ragdoll Cats are big fluffy affectionate pets.They’re wonderful companions. (Ragdoll)
Picturebook Persians – Persian breeder with pkd negative lines. (Persian)
Poshpets British Shorthair (British Shorthair)
Reshma Cats – NFC Breeders based in Cheshire UK Delightful kittens sometimes available to loving homes (Norwegian Forest Cat)
Rydalmaine Maine Coons – We are small hobby breeders of Maine Coon cats and we occasionally have Maine Coon Kittens available (Maine Coon)
Shonedek Persians – Breeder of Bi-Tri colors with tabby also and solid whites in all 3 eye colors..PKD negative (Persian)
Silkasiamese – Siamese/Oriental Breeders (Siamese, Oriental Shorthair)
Silverstorm Bengals – We specialize in Silver Bengal’s chosen very carefully from the best American blood-lines, concentra (Bengal)
Sophanise Persians – Showing and Breeding Top Quality PKD Negative Cats in Solid, Bi/Tri and Tabby Patterns (Persian)
Tarantela (Bengal, Savannah, Khao Manee)
Tigerblues British Shorthairs – Specialising in british black silver spotties & tabbies, blue & lilac selfs, (British Shorthair)
Tigerstarz – Registered Maine coon cat breeder of Fabulous Maine coon kittens (Maine Coon)
Tishkabar Cats – We breed gorgeous home reared and well socialized kittens in most colours. (Scottish Fold, British Shorthair)
TouchingPersian – Hobby breeder for bi-colour Persian in London (Persian)
Vintarn Burmese – Vintarn Burmese Cats and Kittens (Burmese)
Witchfyre – A small hobby cattery of the Siberian Cat including the Neva Masquerade & the British Longhair Cat. (Abyssinian, Siberian Cat)