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Brettachtal Cattery


Brettachtal Cattery

Brettachtal cattery is located in Germany and is a CFA registered cattery with the certification “Cattery of excellence”
We breed Persians in the colors: chinchilla, shaded-silver, golden (shell, shaded and tabby) blue-chinchilla, blue-silver and bluegolden since 1979!
We breed cats of excellent type and eye-color to the CFA show standard.
more information on our website: and watch videos of our cats and kittens on youtube: brettachtalcattery


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Bonne Santé – Persians and exotics.pkd-free.
Brettachtal Cattery – Located in Germany and is a CFA registered cattery with the certification “Cattery of excellence” ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Lady Sunset’s Perser – small FIFE reg. cattery in Germany – chinchilla/silver & golden shaded Persians – PKD DNA neg.
Lovely Moon’s Perser & Exotic – PERSER & EXOTIC SHORTHAIR CFA reg. and PKD free Cattery in Germany
Sujari’s Persians – Small Cattery breeding Persians in solid and bicolour, partically with tabby.
Sweetharmonys Persians and Exotic Shorthair – Persians and Exotic in chocolate and lilac self, tabby plus silver, smoke, Bico, high-white
Wimaria’s Himalayans, Persians and Exotics – Wimaria’s is a small Himalayan cattery in Germany, special Exotic-points with deep blue eyes.