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Behsiri’s – We’re a small cattery in the middle of Germany (Birman)
Birmaelfen – Hobbyzucht aus Deutschland / Berlin (Birman)
BKH Silvertabbies vom Pantoleo – Smal but fine cattery of BSH specialiced in silver tabby (Wermelskirchen-Germany) (British Shorthair)
Bonne Santé – Persians and exotics.pkd-free. (Exotic Shorthair, Persian)
Cattery of Mystery’s Dream – Small breed for the lovely Brits in silver, golden an bluegolden and point variants. (British Shorthair)
Cattery von der Loreley – We are breeding beautiful Abyssinans and Bengals with loveley character (Abyssinian, Bengal)
Coonattack Maine Coon Cats – We are a small, but fine Cattery in Hessen, and breed Maine Coons in the small framework. We put large value on a character a (Maine Coon)
de ParcOreille – We are a small cattery for more than 30 years. We live in the Pied Piper Town Hameln (near Hannover) (Birman)
Fantasy Valley Maine Coon Album – From here happy Maine Coons are coming . (Maine Coon)
Greygables Maine Coons – We are a German cattery screening for HCM, PKD and HD and testing all traits and diseases. Kittens come with a health certificate. (Maine Coon)
Gryffindors BSH – Smal but fine(owner is vet) cattery of BSH specialiced in silver tabby and silver/golden shaded. (British Shorthair)
Kajika Rags – Traditional Ragdoll in seal, blue, chocolate and lilac (Ragdoll)
Kittirose from Berlin – Kittirose from Berlin (Germany) , charming Cats with Type and sweet Look in bico, solid and tabby (British Shorthair)
Lovely Moon’s Perser & Exotic – PERSER & EXOTIC SHORTHAIR CFA reg. and PKD free Cattery in Germany (American Bobtail, Exotic Shorthair, Persian)
Maine Coons of Curious Coons – We are a smal Maine Coon cattery from Germany breeding this wonderful race since 2001 (Maine Coon)
Sacred Birmans Vom Wolkentempel – We are a small cattery in Germany, Frankfurt who breed the lovely Birman cats (Birman)
Siberian Cats ‘vom Ohlenberg‘ – Small german cattery with well socialized kittens avalible in a varity of colors. Visit our Cattery to see pictures of our be (Siberian Cat)
Siberians from Arctic Shadows – We are breeding Siberians and Points. (Siberian Cat)
Somalis of Kumasasa – We are breeding somali cats in the colours ruddy (usual), sorrel, blue and fawn. (Somali)
Sweetharmonys Persians and Exotic Shorthair – Persians and Exotic in chocolate and lilac self, tabby plus silver, smoke, Bico, high-white (Persian, Exotic Shorthair)
Tiny Legs Munchkins – Tiny Legs Munchkins is run by US military members and spouses. We’re currently located in Germany! (Munchkin)
Wild Tulip Maine Coon Cattery – Small lovely cattery in Germany. have a look at our website! (Maine Coon)
Wimaria’s Himalayans, Persians and Exotics – Wimaria’s is a small Himalayan cattery in Germany, special Exotic-points with deep blue eyes. (Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, Persian)